Club Runs


Sunday club runs

We meet every Sunday at Yeovil Recreation Ground, Mudford Road Entrance (at the end of Chilton Grove) for a Club run.

There are two or three runs, we all meet at 9 o'clock, and the rides depart at about 9.10. The groups try to meet for a coffee stop around 10:45 and then return to Yeovil between 12:30 and 1pm.

  • The medium ride is a social run and will cover approx 50 miles, at a pace to suit the majority of the group. This group definitely stops for refreshments at the midpoint.
  • The short ride is a intended for new riders, or those wanting a leisurely ride. Run at a slower pace, it will cover about 35 to 40 miles.
  • Once a month there is a longer ride in addition to those above. This will return to Yeovil at a later time than the other runs.

The rides vary each week, they use the quieter A roads and the wealth of country lanes – if they are in a suitable condition – that abound in Somerset and Dorset. The list of destinations for the next few weeks can be seen below.

Thursday club runs

We now have a long Thursday ride (it used to run under the auspices of the now defunct Blackmore Vale and Yeo Valley CTC group). The rides are long, but not very fast by Sunday morning standards. The rides all start from Palmers Garden Centre at 9.30am. There is normally a designated leader arranged beforehand. Some riders may be there from 9am for pre-ride coffee. In the summer the rides last all day (9.30 – 5.00pm) and cover 60 miles and above. In the winter it's generally a morning ride of around 40 miles.

There is usually a coffee stop after 20 miles a lunch stop at half way and sometimes a tea stop as well, although this is not usual.

The destinations are not chosen by Martin WIlls, although some of the longer club runs do get incorporated. Regular participants submit a route to the calendar, which is circulated to the group on Garmin. These rides generally attract around 8 to 12 riders but 16 is not unknown. The norm is for those attending to ride together throughout, although occasionally it may be decided en route that a ride will separate into two groups taking different route options, each with a designated leader, re-joining at agreed locations.

Runs calendar

Below is a list of the Thursday and Sunday rides. Although the destination is predetermined, it may be changed on the morning if the weather conditions or other circumstances dictate. I suggest riders carry a bike lock (and a key - ED!) on the Thursday rides as it cannot be guaranteed that coffee/lunch will be spent with the bikes in sight. Check the club Facebook page for any updates. Note that the information on the next rides is mirrored on the home page for ease of access.

Remember, you should have the following with you when you are out and about, whether alone or on a club ride:

  • A good pump and a couple of spare tubes, plus some decent tyre levers. Don't forget you need the right tubes (valves) if you are riding deep section rims.
  • A mobile phone is a good idea. More essential is some identity and emergency contact details. You can get professional ID tags quite cheaply or simply print out the information and carry it in a plastic bag with your tubes, don't forget to include any relevant medical information. If you have the misfortune to come off then this really could be the most important thing in your pocket. Your YCC membership card now carries your Emergency contact details
Date Destination Miles Climb(ft) Pain Points Route More Info
14 Nov Westbay 56 4010 72 Route
17 Nov Mere 52 1923 37 Route
17 Nov Stalbridge 39 1618 41 Route
24 Nov East Horrington 56 2169 39 Route
24 Nov Castle Cary 37 1052 28 Route
28 Nov A Dorset tour 71 4754 67 Route
1 Dec West Bay 51 3202 63 Route
1 Dec Merriott 37 1502 41 Route
8 Dec Wincanton 39 1282 33 Route
8 Dec Wincanton 53 2697 51 Route
12 Dec TBA 50 1500 30 Route
15 Dec Christmas ride 40 1200 30 Route
22 Dec Ryme Intrinsica 54 2266 42 Route
22 Dec Sherborne 41 1423 35 Route
26 Dec Mere 52 2900 56 Route
29 Dec Glastonbury 53 1289 24 Route
29 Dec Glastonbury 40 903 23 Route