Club Runs


Mystery tours

Martin Wills has kindly organised three Mystery Tours to keep up your spirits during lock-down. Here are his descriptions.

Mystery Tour 1

Just to relieve the drudgery of going out for your permitted exercise and rushing aimlessly about, why not try this Mystery Tour and Treasure Hunt. It will ruin your Strava average speed but hey ho, you can always burn it up another day. Just follow the instructions to navigate your way around and answer the 10 questions and the first correct reply will win a very meagre prize.

N.B. Prize already claimed - well done Ceri and Adrian Springett 🥇 and Catherine Fraser and Alan Brimecombe🥈.

Mystery Tour 2

It's probably not as quirky as the first one and doesn't contain the personal history the last one had. Mainly because my family has never lived east of Yeovil and if they did they never let on. Same start point as last time, Palmers Fish and Chip Shop car park and the same meagre prize, if you get all the questions right. However, there will be a bit of a change where the meagre prize is concerned. This time it won't be the first to complete the course and answer the questions. All correct entries will go in a hat and the winner drawn out after everyone who wants to has had a go. Good luck and there will be helpful photos to follow. Some of the questions you may need to Google but some you need to do the ride to find out.

Mystery Tour 3

Mystery Tour 2 is now officially over, as far as the hard fought battle for the meagre prize is concerned (though it is still worth doing for its own sake!). I know there are a couple of people who have completed it but haven't let me have their answers so I will leave drawing the winner from the hat for a few days🥳

Anyway, due to popular demand, I can now reveal that there is a Mystery Tour 3🚴‍♂️. It's local, with historical interludes, family asides and 10 more questions to be answered.

Sunday club runs

We meet every Sunday at Yeovil Recreation Ground, Mudford Road Entrance (at the end of Chilton Grove) for a Club run.

There are two or three runs, we all meet at 9 o'clock, and the rides depart at about 9.10. The groups try to meet for a coffee stop around 10:45 and then return to Yeovil between 12:30 and 1pm.

Thursday club runs

We now have a long Thursday ride (it used to run under the auspices of the now defunct Blackmore Vale and Yeo Valley CTC group). The rides are long, but not very fast by Sunday morning standards. The rides all start from Palmers Garden Centre at 9.30am. There is normally a designated leader arranged beforehand. Some riders may be there from 9am for pre-ride coffee. In the summer the rides last all day (9.30 – 5.00pm) and cover 60 miles and above. In the winter it's generally a morning ride of around 40 miles.

Runs calendar

Below is a list of the Thursday, Sunday, Breeze and Away-day rides. Although the destination is predetermined, it may be changed on the morning if the weather conditions or other circumstances dictate. I suggest riders carry a bike lock (and a key - ED!) on the Thursday rides as it cannot be guaranteed that coffee/lunch will be spent with the bikes in sight. Check the club Facebook page for any updates. Note that the information on the next rides is mirrored on the home page for ease of access.

All YCC club rides cancelled until further notice

The committee has decide to cancel all organised YCC activities in light of the Covid-19 epidemic. We have left the programmed list of rides up so that members can do them if and when they want to. A full archive of club rides is planned for the near future.

Show routes
All Runs Scheduled
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