Your Club Needs You....

Wed Mar 14

We are only five weeks away from our first road race of the year, Sunday 22 April, based at the Edgar Hall in Somerton. In short, we need a total of 33 helpers to cover a variety of tasks. We already have some but below is a list and short description of what is required.

If you can help that would be fantastic, either contact Bob or Nick via email (see below) or through this link to the club website where there is a little more detail on some of the tasks and you can register your interest.

If you are willing to help, please notify Nick Armstrong or Rob Galvin by Email.

Course signage

Ideal for the early risers! There are a lot of signs to put out, and take in. The signs are quite straightforward to put in, most are on plastic poles with a metal spike, and just push into the ground are predetermined points. We need two or three drivers with a vehicle suitable to carry up to 30 signs and a volunteer to accompany them to put the signs out.

Lead car and commissaire car driving

You need to be a BC member for the driving as your vehicle will be covered by the BC Insurance. We have two practiced lead car drivers but they need someone to accompany them to use the communication radio. It would also be a good experience for anyone that is thinking of doing the task in the near future. The Commissaire drivers will be instructed what to do by the Commissaire.

Red flag marshal

These marshals are there purely to point the riders in the right direction, and to offer guidance to the public if they are unsure what to do as the race approaches (usually just wait a few moments until the race has passed). You will need to attend the briefing at the HQ prior to the race start, where you can collect your Hi-vis jacket and red flag.

Riders sign on

Making sure riders sign on, collect the correct number and have a valid BC license.

Event safety officer

Ideally this should be someone who has previously organised events themselves or has risk management experience in their workplace.

Gear Checker

To check any Junior entrants have the correct maximum gear. A straightforward task done by measuring a set distance on a flat area, and with the bike in it’s highest gear checking it does not travel farther than the specified distance with one pedal rotation.

Pre and post race refreshments

Making the drinks and serving the refreshments to the Officials and riders. The cakes normally come from the WI shop, but if anyone is keen to do some baking...

Dave Notley