Age related racing

Mon Nov 27

TLI Cycling is pleased to announce a new race series for 2018, sponsored by Lapierre Bikes, who currently supply the FDJ Pro-Tour team. The 7 event series will feature a season long competition of 6 road races and a time trial finale which will not only crown an overall winner, but also settle the leader in each age category. On behalf of TLI Cycling, Nigel Harrop, the National Secretary said, “We are pleased that Lapierre Bikes recognise the importance of age category racing in the UK and Graham Weigh has proposed a formula for the awarding of points to riders throughout the season that reflects the riders age category as well as the number of competitors in his/her peer group that they will be riding against. This means that at the season end, not only can we crown a single overall winner, but we can also recognise the winner of each age category.”

In a separate announcement, Lapierre Bikes also detailed that in addition to the sponsorship of the Lapierre Bike Series, they have agreed with Graham Weigh Cycles to offer a 20 to 25% discount (dependent upon model type) to all current TLI Cycling members. Members who are interested should contact Graham Weigh Cycles. TLI Cycling is a voluntary sports organisation, supporting cycling clubs in the UK, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, to organise competitive cycling events for all ages, entrants racing against others in their peer group. It is run on a not-for-profit basis entirely by unpaid volunteer members, any surplus being used to maintain, improve and develop TLI Cycling’s activities.

TLI Cycling has for over 30 years provided grass-roots cycle racing for all ages and abilities, with competition based upon age. The competitors ranging in age from 6 to over 75!

David Notley