Club run

Thu Aug 17

This Sunday is the annual 100 mile ride. Somerset County Council have closed River Road for about 3/4 mile before Burtle. No pedestrian access at all so we can't even push our bikes through. Martin has re-routed the course and it still works out at 100 miles but it means doubling back for three miles on Totney Drove. If you have already loaded your GPS and Garmin devices, you will have to dump what you have got and reload the route.

On Sunday morning the relaxed ride group (regular short route riders) are leaving Mudford Road Recreation Ground at 9am sharp. Not 5 past or 10 past as usual. If you want to ride in this group be there early or be left behind. Usual rules for everyone else. The BBC forecast looks OK at present. A little more of a SW breeze than we hoped for but dry. Keep an eye out and bring a coat if required.

For those who wish to accompany the riders doing the Hundred but don't want to do the whole lot, here are two shorter routes. Back after the first feed station or Back after Sweets.

AGM - Just a reminder the Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 4th September.

David Notley