TT results 4th June

Thu 6th June 2024

After two weeks of events being cancelled we managed to run the 10 this evening, despite the weather being overcast and windy.

Eight riders competed with YCC rider, Gary Fouracres, topping the timing sheet both on actual and age related times.

It was good to see such a strong proportion of YCC members riding tonight.

It is a 5 mile event next week, usual start time of 7pm. The following week is your only opportunity to ride the A303 10 mile course (we had to cancel the last one when it rained shortly before the start time) this year. Here’s hoping the weather co-operates this time.

Results sheet for 4th June.


PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s)Points
1Gary FouracresYeovil CC00:24:1410
2Toby WardYeovil CC (Day)00:25:31
3Mark BowditchYeovil CC00:25:389
4Jon WilkinsonTeam Tor 200000:25:52
5Chris BrownYeovil CC (Day)00:28:05
6Mark German1st Chard Wheelers00:28:08
7Gary DoyleYeovil CC00:28:308
8Jon RendallYeovil CC (Day)00:28:53

Points table

1Marc Powell46
2James Chant32
3Gary Fouracres27
4Doug Martin24
5William Salter20
6=Dave Driver17
6=Mark Bowditch17
8Ben Warman9
9Gary Doyle8
10=Richard Bevan7
10=Valentin Chatrean7
12John McNall5

Age adjusted times

PositionNameClubAllowanceAge adjusted time
1Gary FouracresYeovil CC00:01:4700:22:27
2Toby WardYeovil CC (Day)00:00:4900:24:42
3Jon WilkinsonTeam Tor 200000:01:0900:24:43
4Mark BowditchYeovil CC00:00:4900:24:49
5Mark German1st Chard Wheelers00:02:3400:25:34
6Chris BrownYeovil CC (Day)00:00:2800:27:37
7Gary DoyleYeovil CC00:00:3800:27:52
8Jon RendallYeovil CC (Day)00:00:3800:28:15

Dave Notley