Evening TT series

Wed Jun 14

Finally a nice warm night! Which made it a better introduction to Time Trialling for the six riders that came and 'tried it'. We hope you all enjoyed the challenge even if it was only in hindsight! Results for 13 June

Ham Hill Road Race - From the Chairman

Well you have done it again. Congratulations and thank you to all those members of Yeovil Cycling Club who helped out in any way with our running of this year's Ham Hill Road Race. Also this year those thanks are extended to those members of TriUK who also helped us (in both our races). The race was a great success thanks to the way you all played your part, and I have pleasure in copying some particular commendations from the Chief Commissaire to us and the NEG motorcyclists which, when read together, testify to how well you did. It was a bonus that the riders treated us to an attacking race, and a double bonus that it was won by local boy, Lee Frost.

Normally I don't like to single anyone out, particularly as you were all great, but I must just repeat my thanks to Sue Chesterman who stepped in at the last minute to cover for Organiser Nick James who could not be there on race day. From the calm way she went about the job you would never have guessed that she was a first timer. With the extensive regulations and code of practice now associated with putting on a race on the UK's public highway, it has become a major undertaking requiring a lot of help from a lot of volunteers. However, this has made it safer, and done much to protect our right to promote such events. Your contribution helps secure this status. THANK YOU. Nick Armstrong

From the Chief Commissaire I have just sent an email to all the NEG and the Assistant Commissaire (see below) following the comments I received after the race yesterday. Could you please pass on my thanks to all those in your club who were involved in the running of Ham Hill RR. You did a fantastic job in putting on such a good event. Could you also pass on my thanks to all the marshals who did an excellent job and without their hard work and dedication my job would have been really tough so thank you the marshals. One final vote of thanks must go to Sue for stepping in at the last minute she did an outstanding job providing me with all the information I needed without which I could not do my job. Running a cycle race is all about team work and I would like to say that it is always a pleasure to work with such a great team which we had yesterday. Please pass on my thanks to all of the Yeovil CC members for putting on so many road events of such a high standard this season long may it last.

Hi Laurence, Ian, Andy, Andy and Didier Following the Ham Hill yesterday I had a number of riders who came and expressed their thanks for what they all felt was one of the safest races they had ridden so far this season. These were not only riders from our region but some who had travelled down for this event it was a real pleasure to get such positive feedback after such a challenging event. I would like to also add my thanks to all of you for doing such an outstanding job to make this event such a success,this is down to your professionalism and hard work to make sure that we have safe races. Thanks again for a great job Thanks, Andy Walker.

David Notley