Cycle Insurance Discount

Fri 13th January 2023

Eversure Insurance, a specialist insurer, has a policy created by cyclists for cyclists and they are offering Yeovil CC club members a 10% discount. Click on the ‘Get a quote’ tab below to find the cost this automatically applies your discount…

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Bike theft is the most common cause of loss and included as standard cover. On the proviso that you meet the security requirements. These vary depending on the value of the bike.


Should your bike suffer damage in an accident or fall, accidental cover is included. Based on the extent of damage, your bike will either be repaired or replaced.


If you purchased the bike brand new and it's damaged beyond economical repair or stolen, it will be replaced with a brand-new bike of similar value and specification (subject to the adequacy of the sum insured). Bikes up to the individual value of £15,000 are covered. Second-hand bikes will be covered on a market value basis, taking into account depreciation and condition.


Leisure, Commuting or Competitive?

The policy covers Leisure use as standard. Additionally, you can also include Commuting if you cycle to work or Competitive use if you participate in races, triathlons or other competitive events. Competitive use includes cover for your bicycle whilst it’s in a transition area and the reimbursement of entrance fees up to a maximum total of £500 in any 12 month period as a result of your inability to attend an organised event due to illness, injury, or unforeseen cancelation of the event.


The premium is very competitive compared to both BC and Wiggle, albeit that the cover offered does vary between insurers, so you need to be sure this particular product is what you require.

Full details of what is covered, what sort of security lock is required and plenty more information can be found on the Eversure website.

Dave Notley