Dave Pitman

Mon Jan 2

From Martin Wills. "Dave was discovered at his home after apparently suffering a fall. We have no more information on this at present. Dave had an illustrious career in cycling, which saw him ride as a semi pro on the continent during the 1970's. He also came second in the National Hill Climb Championships on two occasions, 1975 and 1979 and closer to home, he won our John Andrews road race in the same period. He loved cycling and was still covering over 8000 miles a year. Dave suffered a fractured skull when he hit a badger on the way to work one morning, about 8 years ago. He was lucky to survive and spent several weeks in intensive care but happily he made a full recovery and was back on his bike at the first opportunity. Just a couple of years ago a group of us were climbing Bulbarrow the easy way and some of the younger members started to pull away. Then an old chap on a steel bike with a rack on it glided by them and set off into the distance. That was Dave, doing what he did best. He will be sadly missed by those who rode with him."

Details of the funeral will be published when they are available.

David Notley