Club Clothing Shop

Fri Jun 18

Yeovil CC clothing shop is now open, and will remain open for two week, closes 4th July

Password: ycc321

The lead times are still quite long, around 9 weeks, but things are improving and I will post a delivery date as soon as I have one. All clothing comes to the Club for distribution.

Update details for 2021 Range

IMPORTANT - Shorts, Tights, Jackets and Gilet are unchanged from 2020

• Short sleeve Jerseys/skinsuit the sleeves have become unform length across all the ranges/models.

• Elite short and long sleeve jerseys the front has been shortened.

• Short sleeve Elite, Pro jerseys and skinsuits all use a piece sleeve, no additional gripper bands.

• Elite and Pro long and short sleeve jersey and skinsuits all use a lower collar.

• Elite and Pro long jerseys have an external/visible elastic gripper below the pockets and side. IMPORTANT This only available in black or white

• All long sleeve Jerseys and RainMem have cuffs.

• The front of the Pro Jerseys has new flat hem.

Note sizing is unchanged accept on the men’s size 6,7,and 8 which are overall are 20mm shorter in the length (all items).

Dave Notley