The way ahead

Wed Mar 3

Time Trials

We cannot have access to the changing rooms and toilets until mid April at the earliest, so come prepared for no changing or toilet facilities. If you are driving out please use the lay-by style parking area just after you turn into the base. There is Covid testing in the car park.

The format will be the same as last year to minimise any chance of transmission:

An official will take your details for the signing on sheet.

You will not sign the sheet, but accepting your race number will signify you accept the Terms and Conditions you would normally agree to when you sign.

There will be one tub for entry fee money. You will drop your money into it and none will be taken from it. There will be a supply of change that has not been touched for at least a week. But bringing the correct money would be a great help. The costs are as follows: Yeovil CC juniors £2.00, Other juniors £3.50, Yeovil CC seniors £4.00. Affiliated seniors £5.00 · Non affiliated seniors £6.00

You will take your race number, which must be returned to the HQ, it will then be quarantined for the week and cleaned before the following event.

There will be no pusher off

The start time keeper may use hand signals rather than a spoken count down for the final 5 seconds

Please observe social distancing rules at all times. Ideally we would like riders to turn up, sign on, warm up, ride and then depart, rather than gathering in groups before and after the event. Not so social I know but...

Results will not be available on the night, they will be posted online.

The 10 mile events are on the new 10 course, the HQ will be RNAS Yeovilton for the first few, we are investigating a closer HQ for later in the season. Events start on Tuesday 30th March, the full listing is on the Calendar page

Club Runs by Martin Wills

From March 31st, as club riders affiliated to British Cycling, we are allowed to ride in groups of up to 15, but riders must be at least 1 metre apart. Personally, I don't think a group this large is sensible at any time, so for the moment I think we should stick to the rule of six, but it does mean two groups can join for a short time on the road without breaking any laws. Also, we can't enjoy a coffee stop in the usual sense, as it will be takeaway only until April 12th. Cafes, Garages, etc, won't be happy for you to hang about on their premises after purchasing supplies, as they could incur a £10,000 fine under the present COVID restrictions.

From April 12th we will be welcomed back to most of our usual refreshment stops but can only enjoy their fare “al fresco” (outside). Moving on five weeks to May 17th and we are almost back to how things were in 2019, except cafes will only allow groups of 6 or less to be served inside.

If all goes well and infections continue to be under control, on June 21st we should be completely back to normal.

So, here's the plan, from 31st March, Thursday rides resume under the auspices of Marius Evans and John Butler, meeting at Palmers Garden Centre at 9am. Sunday runs can resume but they won't be the usual mass meet at Mudford Rec but you are welcome to use it as a rendezvous. I would advise you sort yourselves out into groups of no more than 6 and use any of the routes on the website (club runs page) or let me know where you want to go and I will sort it out.

From Sunday April 18th, we will again meet up at Mudford Rec as usual and divide up in our usual groups of 6 or less. We will be using several routes to our usual coffee stops, so we can spread out and hopefully arrive at halfway at different times. We have to hope for good weather for the following 5 weeks, as previously mentioned, it's only outside catering.

From Sunday May 23rd, we are allowed to sit inside at cafes but again in groups of 6 or less. Other than that, we are pretty much back to normal except for masks when not seated and the usual social distancing stuff.

Sunday June 27th should see things hopefully, completely back to normal and we can look forward to enjoying the rest of the summer pedalling about the back roads and pretty bits of the local countryside.

Dave Notley and Martin Wills