Club Runs

Mon Nov 30

We can technically have club rides with up to 6 riders but they cannot use an indoor cafe whilst we are in Tier 2.

So whilst remain in Tier 2 we feel we ought to heed the message that it is not ‘what can we get away with, but more what should we do’. To ensure the minimum opportunity for transmission there will not be any YCC runs at this stage, but we will wait for the area to be moved into Tier 1, which will hopefully be in the near future.

Obviously when that happens we will then have to plan routes that do not have a stop in a Tier 2 or 3 area.

In the meantime riders can continue as they are either with their solo rides or if you wish to do a non-stop ride, or a socially distanced outdoor cafe, you can make your own arrangements for a group of up to six riders

Dave Notley