Evening TT Series

Sun Aug 2

Same course, HQ and start time, 6:45, this Tuesday but hopefully not the same wind! A few issues that have arisen from the event last week...

If you come across a horse on the course travelling in the same direction as you please can you call out a warning of "bike" before you pass.

Secondly with the large number of entrants there is an overlap of riders that have finished returning to the HQ and using the same road as riders that have only just started. If you are amongst the early starters, and there are more than 25 entrants, please can you be aware that racing riders need to pass you as quickly and safely as possible. So please stay in single file and as close to the kerb as possible.

If the finish time keeper is in position please can you make it obvious that you are riding to the start when you pass him, by sitting up or slowing, or if you are finishing call out your number.

Thanks. Have a safe ride.

Dave Notley