TT Results: Tuesday July 21st

Wed Jul 22

Well that was a baptism of fire for the first event under Covid rules! Forty nine riders for a club time trial, I think that is a club record!

Thank you to everyone for following the guidance and keeping apart, and for waiting patiently as the signing on process was a little slower than normal.

Please note the club you ride for must be affiliated to CTT, there are a couple on the list that do not appear to fulfil that criteria, if you come again next week then you will need proof that the club is affiliated or you will not be allowed to ride, or you will have to ride as a Yeovil CC Day Member and pay the appropriate sum.

I hope you all enjoyed the event and that we will see you again next week for the inaugural running of the new 10 course.

HQ is still the sports pavilion and hopefully we will have full access to the changing rooms and toilets next week. The start is 6:45 and you need to allow 10 minutes at least to get to the start. Signing on will shut promptly at 6:30. If we have the same volume of riders we will do our best to get everyone signed in before the timekeepers need to depart.

If any of the times are wrong please let me know,, and I will check my calculations, a bit rusty after such a long break!

A mild evening with a light wind.

Results sheet for 21st July.

PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s)
1Sam ThompsonGiant CC10:41
2Charlie RevellTeam Tor 200010:47
3James BrownTeam Tor 200011:06
4Josh GrayTeam Tor 200011:22
5Olly TaylorMendip CC11:27
6Stave SayerWest Country Tri11:31
7Ben WarmanTriUK11:42
8Steve MartinTriUK11:44
9Les ThomasTriUK11:45
10Nathan StarnesTriUK11:46
11Will SalterTriUK11:53
12Edward CollinsMendip CC11:58
13Chris MartinYeovil CC12:01
14=Nick CooperYeovil CC12:18
14=Ian WallisYeovil CC12:18
16=Steve HarveyYeovil CC12:26
16=Jacob RalphYeovil CC (Day)12:26
18Elliott WattsYeovil CC12:31
19Adele MartinYeovil CC (Day)12:37
20James GundryGlorious CC12:41
21Nick YoungYeovil CC12:42
22Giles WhiteSherwood CC12:46
23Jon WilkinsonTeam Tor 200012:50
24Andy ParsonsRapha CC12:51
25Andrew CrockerTeam Tor 200012:52
26Jody BoveyYeovil CC (Day)12:56
27James CursonTriUK12:58
28Leanne ThompsonGiant CC13:01
29Steve Noyce1st Chard Wheelers13:09
30Symon BuckleyYeovil CC (Day)13:22
31James BeechRapha CC13:24
32=Gordon McBainYeovil CC (Day)13:30
32=Ed GibbsYeovil CC (Day)13:30
34Mark FisherYeovil CC13:35
35Sophie FennellYeovil CC (Day)13:39
36Dave DriverYeovil CC13:41
37Louise WallisYeovil CC13:45
38Erin MartinSt  Piran13:47
39=Erica O’SullivanYeovil CC (Day)14:42
39=Brain JenningYeovil CC (Day)14:42
41Darren PhillipsMendip CC14:45
42Rebecca AbrahamYeovil CC15:03
43Robert GundryGlorious CC15:06
44Kevin StennerYeovil CC (Day)15:14
45Louie TraversYeovil CC (Day)15:28
46Shaun TraversYeovil CC (Day)16:02
46John FerdinandoYeovil CC16:50
48Ricky GibbsYeovil CC18:28
49Ethan MoodyTriUKDNS

Mark Edwards