Club Activity

Tue Jul 7

We have recommenced club runs, they are in a different format for the time being, and will only continue if riders behave in a responsible manner

If you want to join club runs please be aware that the virus is still with us. You will need to ensure you adhere to the current guidelines regarding social distancing, both when meeting at the start, and during the ride. The club will not accept responsibility for any subsequent infection.

Group riding may carry an increased risk of infection, given that you are more likely to be breathing heavily and may not always be able to keep the required distance between you and a fellow rider.

Whilst riding please refrain from spitting and/or nose clearing. Even talking or calling out increases the risk of any infection being spread into the atmosphere so please use hand signals whenever possible.

The virus can be passed on to a more vulnerable person – please be aware of this when you decide whether or not to ride.

Please ensure that your contact details are up to date in case there is a need for contact tracing and remember you participate at your own risk.

On the day

· DO NOT come on the ride, or even go to the start, if you are showing any symptoms of Covid-19.

· Groups will be limited to 6 riders

· You should form into small groups when you arrive at the Sports Ground, each clearly separated from the other

· There will be several destinations being suggested to avoid a mass gathering at the coffee stop.

· When at the coffee stop, please follow any instructions given by the cafe staff and continue to observe social distancing.

If you are coming along and have the Garmin skills to navigate your group of 6 around the route, please let Martin Wills know via the Facebook page.

Time Trials

The current plan is to resume the evening time trials on Tuesday 21st July. The HQ and exact procedures to follow.

Most of our helpers for the TTs are in the vulnerable category, so when the TTs restart we will need some ‘younger helpers’ each week.

Dave Notley