Club Runs

Sat Jun 20

You have probably seen that group riding is now allowed again, in groups of up to 6 riders, observing social distancing.

We have been discussing this over the last week and at the moment the killer phrase is 'maintaining social distancing'. As long as the 2 metre rule is in effect we cannot see how we can ride as a group other than in single file with about a 1.5 metres between bikes. To ride side by side with 2 metres between riders is going to put the outer rider over the white line in most instances. It is also unclear what you do about pedestrians, should we be riding 2 metres away from anyone on the pavement? which would then definitely mean you can only ride single file. A group of 6 riders spaced that far apart would make overtaking very difficult for drivers and lead to the inevitable stupid overtake, putting riders at risk.

So until we have some clearer guidance, or the 2 metre rule is relaxed then we will not resume the formal club runs. However if you have a couple of riders that you want to ride with you can at least now get together and ride as a small group

Dave Notley