Swift Racing for YCC

Tue Apr 28

Some of you may have seen the South and South Eastern teams have set up and are running a Zwift league for their regions. BC is rolling this out further across the other areas to help provide some motivation and more importantly a Social connection across the regions.

So, how does it work?

There will be weekly racing on Wednesday nights, the route will vary and we will publish the next race after that one has concluded. There are no entry fees beyond a Zwift membership, no prizes, no BC points, however league points will be calculated just as if it were in a normal series.

The process to race is as follows

1) Enter the race on Zwift via the link above in the correct category

2) Add their club initials to the end of their name on Zwift – e.g. Felix Young [VCW]

3) Pair up their Zwift account with Zwiftpower.com ( how to do this)

4) Join their club on Zwiftpower.com

5) Make sure they are on time for the start of the race on Wednesday!

Remember – No License Required, No Race Fees, No Field size limits, No travel Required, 4 Categories based on w/kg.

Racing starts this Wednesday with a 18.15 race First event

Its up to riders to make sure they get in the right categories, however there are lots of guides online to help them work through this.

The overall standings are pushed towards Club participation, not individual. So the more members, the higher up the rankings you climb, its an added bonus if you have more Women racing as well. Hopefully this will help to pull clubs together and get everyone encouraging others to take part.

Dave Notley