Tue Mar 17

Mindful of the current advise on minimalising social contact, coupled with the MoD closing access to their sports facilities, and the sports governing bodies suspending events, we have decided to cancel all of the club activities for the time being.

This means there will be no time trials or club runs. The two day trip to Burley and the Newport Velodrome are being reviewed but it looks unlikely they will go ahead.

We hope normal activity will be resumed in the near future.

In the meantime you can still get out and ride your bike, and support the local cafes, as long as it is not in a large group. If you do get together with a few other riders may I ask that you wear something other than club clothing, just to prevent anyone outside of the club thinking we are not taking it seriously and doing our bit.

Thank you all for your understanding and we really do hope normal service will be resumed soon.

Dave Notley