Looking for something different? Our Calendar now includes non-YCC events

Sat Dec 7

Our YCC website Calendar now includes a selection of Audaxes, Sportives, Reliability Trials and Charity Rides that have been organised by others in the South West. Most of these non-YCC events have been recommended by club members who have enjoyed riding them in previous years.

Rides marked in bold are confirmed as YCC attended and there will be a matching YCC Facebook Event where you can also register that you are going.

Any of the events can become confirmed as YCC attended. All you have to do is contact Mark Boxall via membership@yeovilcc.com and he will set up a matching YCC Facebook Event where you can register that you are going and request other members to join you.

Give it a go and let’s see if we can get more YCC jerseys at these events.

Mark Boxall