Cold and wet getting you down?

Sun Nov 17

How about a week in the sun in Majorca in April?

For the last few years a group of 6 or 8 club members have hired a villa on Majorca and spent a week riding in this cycle friendly island.

It seemed like a great idea, one which we could expand out to the club. It seems a very cost-effective way of having a week in the sun. So we are floating the idea to you all to see how many of you would be interested. Provisional proposal would be as follows:

Fly from Bristol to Palma. Flights are currently available at a cost of:

  • £86.99 outbound at 12:45 arriving 16:05
  • £25.99 outbound at 19:40 arriving 23:00
  • £71.99 return at 16:40 arriving 18:00
  • £18.99 return at 23:35 arriving 00:55

Note the earlier flights have increased in cost by £10 each way in the last two weeks.

Renting a 5 or 6 bedroom villa will cost around £1000 for the week, split between however many were going. Typically that would be 3 or 4 twin rooms and 2 double rooms (we would need to check whether the doubles are two single beds depending on the make up of those going).

Transfer to and from the airport, by private minibus works out around £35 per person, assuming everyone is on the same flight combination.

You can take your own bike, cost seems to be around £100 for the flight or hire a bike for 6 days for around £120.

Additional cost will be food and drink, which would be an individual choice on eating out or cooking. Most of the villas have a pool and barbeque.

You can choose your own routes to ride, and riding partners/groups depending on ability and desire. There are plenty of options from scenic mountain rides to quiet flat roads.

The week would have to be 18th to 25th April, as the two weeks before are school holidays and the costs more than double. The 25th is the Majorca 312, a major sportive, which might make accommodation and bike hire a little more difficult the following week.

Where do we go from here? If you are interested please register your interest by adding a comment on the Club Facebook page. Depending on how many register we can have an informal gathering to discuss exactly how things would work. But we do need to move fairly quickly as the flights and accommodation will only get more expensive the longer we leave it.

Dave Notley