Club hill Climb

Sun Oct 6

Hill Climb is go for tomorrow (Sunday) at High Ham, not to be confused with Ham Hill

Signing on will open around 10 and last rider needs to be signed on by 10:20. The start will be at 10:30. Entry fee £2.00 (just to cover the levy we have to pay to CTT).

The weather is looking dry, even a bit of sunshine if we are lucky. A bit of a breeze but the wind direction means you should have plenty of shelter from the high hedges on the way up.

The winner gets the club trophy, everyone else gets the admiration of the non-climbers and the glory of being the fastest in their group, so come on ladies, juniors and veterans!

Meet at the pub at the top of the hill in High Ham. When it’s all over you can ride on to whichever coffee stop you choose.

Dave Notley