Sandra's 100

Wed Aug 7

Taken from Martin's post on YCC Facebook page...

Hi all my Facebook cycling friends, I have driven the route for Sandra's Hundred and discovered a couple of anomalies with the course, which I have edited out so if you have already downloaded it, dump what you have and download it again for the updated version. A couple of other things, there is a lot of mud on the road in the lane before Lovington Church. It might have washed away a bit before Sunday but be aware. Coxley was full of workmen today. It looks like new water main work. I spoke to one of the workmen and he said we should have access on our route through to the feed station at Mill Lane on Sunday. If it's blocked turn right to the A39 and go south to Mill lane that way. There were loads of Environment Agency people lurking about by the River Sheppy in Godney, due to someone polluting the river and killing all the fish. Access was fine and they will be finished by the weekend. Everything else looked OK. Both Cafes are expecting us and at the moment the weather looks OK. A breeze from the west so strong ones on the front across the Levels to Mark and again from Glastonbury to Hatch Beauchamp.

David Notley