Evening TT series

Tue Mar 28

Well it has started, not with quite the warm weather we were hoping for but most riders got round in the dry. This is where we discover who has done their winter training and who didn't! Results for 28th March

Dear Club Members, If you want to read something about the exciting world of cycling then skip this item. I couldn't let the occasion of my leaving Somerset for northern climes/climbs go however without saying thank you to the Club as a whole and to the hard working group who keep it going and make it such a friendly, accessible and supportive environment in which to cycle.

Attending the funeral of a cycling/work colleague (David Kiddell) in 2012, I met Shaun Walsh who said "if you want to join a proper cycling club go to Yeovil CC". It was typical of the Club to show a representative and supportive presence at the funeral and later that year I took Shaun's advice, joined and turned out for a time trial at Yeovilton. I didn't set any records but the Sunday club rides, and latterly the Thursday 'outings', became a staple of my weekend whatever the weather. I generally tag along with the group who like a long but slower ride and defy the adage about old dogs and new tricks.

I'm heading north to Holmfirth where a thriving club exists. If any of you head up this way for events, hillclimbs, sportives et al, look me up. (Carolene will have my new address since I intend to stay a distant member of YCC) and I'd be happy to put you up. In the meantime stay safe on the road, best wishes, Ralph Wright.

David Notley