What's happening in YCC?

YCC and other divisional competitive events

Throughout the year YCC organises and promotes Time Trials, Road Races and training rides. The table below lists all of the YCC events for 2020. For Road Races and Open Time Trials you can now enter a lot of the events online via the CTT or BC websites (see below), where that is not possible all the relevant information is also shown on the respective websites. For the Tuesday evening TT series you enter on the night at the HQ, signing on closes 15 minutes before the start. Note that the HQ for all the time trials, irrespective of distance and start, is the Nuffield Sports Pavilion at RNAS Yeovilton.

For time trials our District is known as West. You can find all the events for 2019 in both our area and across the whole of England on the CTT website. Likewise for Road Races the British Cycling website has full details of our Division, South West.

Non-YCC events

The 2020 calendar has been expanded to include a selection of Audaxes, Sportives, Reliability Trials and Charity Rides that have been organised by others in the South West. Most of these non-YCC events have been recommended by club members who have enjoyed riding them in previous years.

Each event includes a link to the original event organiser’s site where you can find entry information and an overview of the route. Events marked in bold are confirmed YCC attended events and you will find a matching event on the YCC Facebook where you can register your interest or confirm that you are going.

If you are keen to ride and event that is not marked in bold you should contact Mark Boxall. He will then mark the event in bold and create a YCC Facebook Event where you and other club members can register interest and confirm that you are going.

Applying and paying to enter non-YCC events will be the responsibility of individual club members and should be completed according to the original organiser’s requirements. The matching YCC Facebook Event will then provide the meeting place for club members to connect with others who also going. This way we know the size of the YCC team and we can work together to share transport.

Feedback on the process and requests for additional local, national or overseas events should be sent to Mark Boxall

Date Event Location Start Details