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Club clothing

We carry a selection of club clothing in stock, currently we have short sleeved tops (£52.00), long sleeved tops (£48.00), bibshorts (£96.00), mitts (£16.00) and skinsuits (price depends on style/quality).

The club shop will open for selected periods during the year. It contains a wide range of clothing and base layers and offers a greater variety of sizes. Log on details will be sent to all paid up members in advance of it opening. A closing date is set and the order is manufactured when that date is reached. It normally takes about five weeks to come. It is all sent to the nominated club contact for distribution.

If you want to order kit please contact David Notley on 01963 440291 or send him an e-mail.

Shop status

The shop is currently closed and will reopen: Octoberish.

To access the YCC page on the Kalas site click here; password: "yeovil321".



Long sleeved top


Short sleeved top