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After last week's ride in the rain here is a product that may be of interest if you don't want to return home with a waterlogged phone and some soggy bank notes.

We don’t usually allow advertising as such on the website but as this has been designed by a cyclist specifically to address a problem we all have, it might prove a worthwhile investment!

For more details contact Ellie at Altuvita.

Dave Notley

Due to the imminent arrival of some serious weather, I have taken the decision to cancel tonights TT.

Let's hope we have better luck next year!

Dave Lyons

Here is a link to Sandra's 100 as a gpx file for those who have been asking.

Hope to see you on Sunday!

Mark Edwards

Taken from Martin's post on YCC Facebook page...

Hi all my Facebook cycling friends, I have driven the route for Sandra's Hundred and discovered a couple of anomalies with the course, which I have edited out so if you have already downloaded it, dump what you have and download it again for the updated version. A couple of other things, there is a lot of mud on the road in the lane before Lovington Church. It might have washed away a bit before Sunday but be aware. Coxley was full of workmen today. It looks like new water main work. I spoke to one of the workmen and he said we should have access on our route through to the feed station at Mill Lane on Sunday. If it's blocked turn right to the A39 and go south to Mill lane that way. There were loads of Environment Agency people lurking about by the River Sheppy in Godney, due to someone polluting the river and killing all the fish. Access was fine and they will be finished by the weekend. Everything else looked OK. Both Cafes are expecting us and at the moment the weather looks OK. A breeze from the west so strong ones on the front across the Levels to Mark and again from Glastonbury to Hatch Beauchamp.

David Notley

Nick Young has set a new club record for 100 mile TT for a solo rider of 3 hours 59 minutes 8 seconds. An average speed of 25.091 mph. He set the new record on the E2/100c near Cambridge on the 23rd of June 2019. (The results have only just come out).

The event was won by Tim McEvoy of Lanhydrock Wheelers in a time of 3:24:42 (29.311 mph)

Nick's record also sets a new Veterans plus record for the distance. The target time for his age is 4:56:55, which gives him a plus time of 57:47.

David Notley

Due to the forecast for heavy rain and strong winds tomorrow nights 10 mile Time Trial is cancelled.

Baring a plaque of frogs or locust we will try again on Tuesday next week 6th. August start time 18.45.

Dave Lyons

Just to alert everyone that I have changed the hosting provider for the club website. The transfer appears to have gone smoothly (famous last words), but if you experience any problems please alert me as soon as possible at webmaster - many thanks.

Mark Edwards

Another good turn out on a warm night. Marcin came across for a bit of ’speed work’- apparently he had done enough miles so he drove across from Bridgwater rather than his usual ride!

A headwind on the way out made it hard work but it was a big gear all the way back.

Results sheet for 16th July.

PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s)
1 Marcin BialoblockiNopinz18:22
2 Chris MartinYeovil CC22:04
3 Ben Moran1st Chard Wheelers22:40
4 Marianne KingYeovil CC24:04
5 Nick CooperYeovil CC24:05
6 Steve HarveyYeovil CC24:08
7Andrew Lawrence1st Chard Wheelers25:00
8Lucia BorradaileYeovil CC26:16
9Dave DriverYeovil CC26:20
10Dave Moran1st Chard Wheelers26:39
11Dave RyanTriUK26:39
12Phil HumphreyBridgwater CC26:46
13David NotleyYeovil CC26:49*
14John McNallYeovil CC28:27
15Jon LeeYeovil CC28:30
16John FerdinandoYeovil CC33:27
17Ricky GibbsYeovil CC34:28
John Trout/Paul Barret1st Chard Wheelers24:11

Dave Notley

Due to capacity issues I would like to change the medium club run on 21st July to Milton Abbas. There are two cafes in the vicinity, both quite small so my plan is to send Groups 1 & 3 to Milton Abbey Tea Rooms (the school) and Groups 2 & 4 to the newly re-opened Tea Clipper Cafe in the village of Milton Abbas. I have contacted both cafes and they are quite happy to accommodate us.

Martin Wills

As regular riders will know we have had trouble accessing the changing rooms at Yeovilton Airbase on a Tuesday evening. It now transpires that the Navy have reviewed their security arrangements and only members of the Navy will be able to collect the keys and open up the changing rooms. As we do not have a club member who serves at the base we will not be able to use the changing and toilet facilities for the remaining four events.

With this in mind, may I suggest that riders change into their race kit at home and if possible attend to any toilet requirements en route.

See you on Tuesday.

David Lyons

Just a reminder to fill out the survey on the future of the club if you haven't already done so. We have had a very good response so far, but would like to hear from as many people as possible before our Committee meeting on Monday 7th July.

Just in case you have lost the Email with the link, you can load the survey here.

Many thanks

Dave Notley

Warm with a light wind, another good night.

Results sheet for 2nd July.

PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s)
1Chris MartinYeovil CC21:31
2Ben Moran1st Chard Wheelers22:37
3Steve HarveyYeovil CC23:54
4Nick CooperYeovil CC24:12
5Andrew Lawrence1st Chard Wheelers24:46
6Robin HavillYeovil CC (Day)25:18
7Lucia BorradaileYeovil CC25:31
8Dave DriverYeovil CC25:50
9Dave Moran1st Chard Wheelers26:18
10Nigel LetherenYeovil CC26:35
11Phil HumphreyBridgwater CC26:42
12John McNallYeovil CC28:13
13John Trout1st Chard Wheelers28:57
14Ricky GibbsYeovil CC33:35

Dave Notley

No bad weather, no roadworks just time trialling! Most probably the best night so far this season. Warm with a light wind but overcast with a heavy feel.

Next event: Tuesday 2nd July at 19:30

Results sheet for 25th June.

PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s)
1Ben ElliottYCC (Day member)21:07
2Steve HarveyYCC24:08
3Dave DriverYCC25:58
4Nigel LetherenYCC26:01
5Lucia BorradaileYCC26:13
6Dave NotleyYCC26:44
7John Mc NallYCC27:57
Clementine DaviesDNF

Dave Driver

In view of the weather forecast and the already poor road conditions I have taken the decision to postpone tomorrow's ride. It will be rescheduled for one of the 'off' Thursdays - watch this space!

John Butler

Please note that due to adverse weather forecast we have taken the decision to cancel tomorrow's 10 Mile TT.

Hopefully see you in two weeks time (June 25th).

Dave Notley

The online clothing shop is now open and will be available until the end of June.

Simply click on the link for YCC shop then put in the password, yeovil321.

Then choose either Men or Women from the menu at the top of the page, this will then give you a selection of the garments available.

You can pay by card or PayPal.

Your clothing will then be sent to the club for you to collect, usually about 4 weeks after the shop has shut (30th June).

David Notley

Last nights conditions were an improvement from last week, being warmer with a dropping headwind out to the turn. This was reflected in the improved times for riders who took part in both events.

Results sheet for 4th June.

Because of Road Works on the A303 which will be starting at 8pm, next weeks start time will be 7pm. This is to make sure we clear the Podimore roundabout by 8pm.

PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s)
1Doug ParkerSid Valley23:07
2Steve HarveyYeovil CC24:22
3Dave DriverYeovil CC25:44
4Lucia BorradaileYeovil CC26:39
5Nigel LetherenYeovil CC26:59
6John McNallYeovil CC28:24

Dave Lyons

Only four contenders for Tuesday's 10 mile time trial. Stiff headwind out to the turn, but not all plain sailing on the way back. Results below.

Results sheet for 28th May.

PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s)
1Jon WilkinsonTeam Tor 200024:02
2Doug ParkerSid Valley24:05
3Dave RyanTri UK24:59
4Steve HarveyYeovil CC25:10

Dave Lyons

Advance notice that the next velodrome trip will be on Sunday 15th September, timing and costs TBC.

For further details or reserve your place please contact Stuart Wroot via email.

Mark Fisher

Well it was warm and windy this week, a step in the right direction at least. The headwind on the return leg did not slow down Lee Frost who stormed round in a 20:23, over two minutes ahead of the second placed rider and first YCC rider home, Nick Young.

Dave Driver now heads the points league and continues to set the standard in the Vets handicap times.

Results sheet for 14th May.

The next event is 28th May, start time 7:30pm (no event next week 21st May).

PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s)
1Lee FrostNoPinz0:20:23
2Nick YoungYeovil CC0:22:45
3Ben Moran1st Chard Wheelers0:23:26
4Steve HarveyYeovil CC0:24:23
5Nick CooperYeovil CC0:24:28
6Dave DriverYeovil CC0:26:13
7Robin HavillYeovil CC (Day)0:26:27
8Andrew Lawrence1st Chard Wheelers0:26:41
9Lucia BorradaileYeovil CC0:27:30
10Dave Moran1st Chard Wheelers0:27:42
11David NotleyYeovil CC0:27:48
12John McNallYeovil CC0:29:16
13John FerdinandoYeovil CC0:30:33
14John Trout1st Chard Wheelers0:30:50
15Ricky GibbsYeovil CC0:34:19

Dave Notley

Week two and no sign of a perfect evening, just the same old cool and windy, at least the rain held off.

Clementina extended her lead in the points trophy with two consecutive first places. Whilst the table was topped with a YCC rider this week, Ashley Gray clocking an impressive 21:51.

Results sheet for 7th May.

A slightly later start next week at 7:15pm.

PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s)
1Ashley GrayYeovil CC (Day)0:21:51
2James Brown TriUK0:22:24
3Doug ParkerSid Valley CC0:24:45
4John MillsRNRMCA0:24:48
5Mark German1st Chard Wheelers0:24:56
6Clementina DaviesYeovil CC0:25:30
7Mike RoseExeter Wheelers CC0:25:46
8Dave DriverYeovil CC0:26:55
9Nigel LetherenYeovil CC0:27:12
10Lucia BorradaileYeovil CC0:28:05
11John McNallYeovil CC0:29:49
12John FerdinandoYeovil CC0:31:59
13Ricky Gibbs Yeovil CC0:35:36

Dave Notley

The evening time trial series finally got underway last night with a 10 mile event on the A303 dual carriageway.

Marcin Bialoblocki set the gold standard with a 18 minute 38 seconds. John Wilkinson of Team Tor 2000 was the first ‘normal’ rider home in a time of 23:07. Highest placed YCC rider was Clementina Davies.

The target times for a veteran rider have changed yet again for 2019, which means the club records will also have to start again with these new times. Dave Driver set a new veteran record of +4:25 (his actual time was 4 minutes 25 seconds quicker than the time he is expected to do for his age).

Results sheet for 30th April.

Same again next week, a 10 starting at 7pm.

PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s)
1Marcin BialoblockiNopinz0:18:38
2John Wilkinson Team Tor 20000:23:07
3Les ThomasTriUK0:23:21
4Steve MartinTriUK0:23:47
5Doug ParkerSid Valley CC0:24:01
6Mike RoseExeter Wheelers CC0:24:11
7John MillsRNRMCA0:24:26
8Jeremy EnglandTriUK0:25:14
9Clementina DaviesYeovil CC0:25:18
10Dave DriverYeovil CC0:26:20
11David NotleyYeovil CC0:27:31
12John McNall Yeovil CC0:29:06

Dave Notley

Fourth category rider, Jamie Ford, riding for Bradford on Avon Cycling Club, won Sunday’s John Andrews Memorial Road Race from a spirited last lap solo breakaway.

The 50 mile race, organised annually by Yeovil Cycling Club, saw a field of Third and Fourth category riders, competing for the honours around the undulating Somerton, Langport, Long Sutton circuit.

A strong, almost block, headwind on the long westerly leg from Somerton to Langport killed off any attacks until the last lap, when Ford launched his attack. After gaining an advantage of over thirty seconds Ford bravely held on to cross the finish line just eleven seconds ahead of the now diminished chasing peloton. James Brown, of Yeovil based Tri UK, finished in eleventh place and Benjamin Wainwright, of Somerton based Team Tor 2000 KALAS, finished in fifteen place, out of the thirty seven finishers.

Fifty miles to go

Jamie Ford crossing the finish line.

Jamie Ford congratulated by Mark Boxall, race organiser

The top 5 finishers clutching their just rewards! Kevin Jones, Gideon Aroussi, Alex Mellor, Jamie Ford, Lewis Braithwaite (l to r).


1Jamie FordBradford on Avon2:01:51
2Kevin JonesSomerset Road Club+11s
3Alex MellorBristol South CCSame time
4Lewis BraithwaiteSteele Davies Via Roma RTSame time
5Gideon AroussiExeter WheelersSame time
6Michael HoareFroome & District WheelersSame time
7Charlie LacailleUniversity of Bristol CCSame time
8Michael RogersPlymouth Corinthian CCSame time
9Graham ReevesBristol RCSame time
10Darren GardnerBath Cycling ClubSame time
11James BrownTri UKSame time
12Gary BondsRoyal Navy & Royal MarinesSame time
13Will BudgeBristol RCSame time
14Michael SmithPlymouth Corinthian CCSame time
15Benjamin WainwrightTeam Tor 2000 KALASSame time

Mark Fisher

2017 Bianchi Sempre Pro. Top tube measures 54cm, centre of crank to top tube is 46cm, 50cm to seat pin. Suit rider around 5’ 8”.

105 levers and callipers, FSA drivetrain and mechs; Vision wheels with Vittoria Pro Slick 25 tyres.

Excellent condition. All carefully boxed and comes with a selection of extras, bottle cages, light and computer mounts, spare tyres, saddle bag with full repair kit. Two sets of pedals.

Also included or as a separate item pair of size 43 Shimano shoes, spd cleats.


The bike is in Yeovil. Open to offers. Contact Ann Bowers on 07808 881532 or by Email

One careful owner, sadly no longer with us.

Dave Notley

As the members who live local to Yeovilton will know, there are roadworks outside the Naval Airbase. We have now been informed by the main contractor that these could go on until December. As a result, we have no option but to cancel the scheduled 5 and 9 mile events for this season.

Instead, we have applied for a change of course for three evenings - the 11th June; 16th July; and 13th August. These will now be run as 10 mile events, meaning that all club events this year will be run on the 10 mile course run on the A303.

The police have asked that riders are made aware of the dangers associated with time trialling on dual carriageways; to this end we have decided that all riders must use rear lights on this course.

No lights = no race.

Dave Lyons

Unfortunately we have had to cancel next Tuesday's 5 mile TT event - again due to road works. As this looks to remain the case for the next few months we will be putting a new calendar of events on the website next week starting on 30th April.

Dave Lyons

The long term roadworks that are on the camp road were scheduled to be finished at the end of March. However we have just learnt that they are now likely to be there for several more months. We are looking into alternative options and as soon as we have a definite solution it will be posted here and on Facebook. But for now the first event is definitely off.

David Notley

The riders took full advantage of the glorious weather and set a really cracking pace for the road race today, completing the 13.5 mile circuit in around 30 minutes for each of the five full laps.

The race stayed together for the first lap but on the second a small group of riders where a few seconds ahead of the main bunch. The gap was slightly bigger on the third lap and by the time they started lap four the field was breaking up into lots of smaller groups. On lap five there was still a small group of riders working hard off the front as they began the lap but by the time it reached Somerton Elite rider Marcin Bialoblocki (Nopinz Symec RT) had engaged overdrive, and he rode away from the rest of the group. By Langport he had a substantial lead, which he retained all the way to the finish line.

Second across the line was Marcin’s team mate Lee Frost followed by Jake Alderman (Saint Piran), Maximilian Stedman (Canyon dhb P/B Bloor Homes) and George Pym (Madison Genesis).

The winners (left to right): Jake Alderman (3rd); Marcin Bialoblocki (1st); Lee Frost (2nd)

A massive thank you to everyone involved: the riders for supporting the event (if we had not got a viable field this year that would probably have been the end of the race). To Nick Armstrong – it is his dedication and commitment that has helped to keep real road racing going. To all of the helpers: marshals, race officials, motorcycle escort riders, signage crew, HQ volunteers and lead car drivers.

But the man that deserves huge respect is Mark Boxall, and his family. This was Mark’s first event as Race Organiser and it has been far from straightforward. He has had to deal with a seemingly never ending list of problems, from road works to last minute calls the night before the race to say the Chief Commissaire has been involved in an RTA; from speaking to local authorities whilst he was away on holiday to dealing with blocked toilets at the HQ! Despite it all he has managed it brilliantly, Mark I do hope you are on the right side of a large G&T now. And he has to do it all again in a months time for the next event!

David Notley

The first evening time trial is on Tuesday 2nd April at 18:30, the Headquarters is the Nuffield Sports Pavilion at RNAS Yeovilton (opposite the museum entrance). Signing on closes 10 minutes before the start time. Then each Tuesday as below (full list on the Calendar page shortly). Entry fee has increased by £1 this year, to cover the increase in the levy, so they are now £4 for YCC members and £5 for other clubs riders

09/04/2019, UC30/5, 5 miles, 18.45

16/04/2019, UC30/9, 9 miles, 18.45

23/04/2019, UC30/5, 5 miles, 18.45

30/04/2019, UC30/10, 10 miles, 19:00

David Notley

Anthony Raybould from Prodigal Bikes is organising a sponsored ride on 16th to 19th May from Prodigal Bikes' home village of Merriott down to Lands End. This will follow mostly quiet Sustrans routes at a gentle pace. They are aiming to raise the money needed to ship their second container of 125 bikes to school children in Kenya in June.

For further information, here is a link to a poster which includes contact details and tear off strips to put on noticeboards.

If you are interested, please contact Anthony directly on 07528 718394 or via Email.

Dave Notley

Anthony Raybould from Prodigal Bikes is organising a sponsored ride on 16th to 19th May from Prodigal Bikes' home village of Merriott down to Lands End. This will follow mostly quiet Sustrans routes at a gentle pace. They are aiming to raise the money needed to ship their second container of bikes to school children in Kenya in June.

For club members who are interested, here is a link to a poster which includes contact details and tear off strips to put on noticeboards. They are planning to send 125 bikes in their next shipment.

Dave Notley

I am pleased to announce that Yeovil Cycling Club’s Ham Hill Trophy Road Race is going ahead on Sunday 24th March. The event has been well supported and we now have a 78 riders representing many well known teams and clubs. The Ham Hill is a prestigious event attracting many Elite and 1st category riders and should prove to be an exciting race to watch and support.

There is no club-run on the day of the race, so why not watch the race whilst you lend a hand as a race marshal. There are now just a few positions I need to fill and I would welcome you help. No previous experience necessary.

If you can help please send me an Email.

Mark Boxall, Road Race Organiser

Hi all my Facebook cycling friends, a change of plan for this Sunday's rides. Instead of Wells and Godney, it's two routes to Chard. Apparently Double Gate Farm at Godney aren't opening their cafe until March this year so it's all change. I've scouted the Chard routes (well the mucky bits) and conditions are not too bad and with another couple of dry days all should be well for our Sunday outings. The medium route goes up the long but gradual climb to the Eagle Tavern, before the coffee stop at the Barley Mow Farm Shop on the A30 above Chard. The Short ride takes a pleasantly undulating route to the Potting Shed Cafe at the Chard Garden Centre. See you all at Mudford Road Recreation Ground at 9am for what looks to be the first touch of Spring.

Chard Medium Route: Chard Medium

Chard Short Route: Chard Short

Martin Wills

Please note that the routes for this Sunday's club rides have been changed from those published in the runs calendar. Unfortunately I can't change the calendar entries as I am enjoying the sunshine in Melbourne!

There are now two runs to Chard:

Medium route to the Barley Mow farm shop.

Short route to the Potting Shed Cafe.

Note that these are the same routes as posted by Martin on Facebook.

Mark Edwards

Just in case you missed the details - here is a list of the prize winners from from the YCC Dinner Dance last weekend.

Fastest 10 mile Time TrialJames Lewis20.01, YCC record beat Mike Loaders mark
Fastest 50 mile Time TrialChris Martin1.53.01
Fastest 25 mile Time TrialChris Martin51.16 YCC Record
Short Distance BARChris MartinFastest Average Speed in 2x10 & 2x25 TTs,28.98 mph
Long Distance BARChris MartinFastest Av Speed in 2x25 & 1x 50 TTs; 28.22 mph
Veteran BARChris MartinBest plus time for 2x10 & 2x25 TTs; +45m 24s
National ChampionshipNick YoungBest performance in a National Championships, age cat included; Welsh Champs 100, 24th, 4:11
Handicap 5 Mile TTDave NotleyActual Time - Handicap Allowance
Handicap 10 Mile TTJohn FerdinandoActual Time - Handicap Allowance
Eve TT Points CupRich Norris Most points accrued in 20 evening TTs
Ivy Andrews TrophyChris Brettell Best performance in any RR
Best Result in a YCC Road RaceChris Brettell
Hill Climb ChampionJames Lewis Highest placed YCC member in club H/C
Michael Loader Memorial TrophyChris MartinAward for outstanding T.T. contribution; 2 PBs & being consistent all season
Webb ShieldSue ChestermanChairman’s Award for Service to the Club

Dave Notley

The club clothing shop is now open

Club Clothing Shop

The password is yeovil321

It will close on 24th February

Clothing will be delivered to the club and then distributed to you, so make sure you paid your membership for 2019!

David Notley

I look forward to seeing you all at the Dinner next Saturday, should be a fun evening. The tickets have been sent out today. We have submitted the final numbers to Haynes but they have said we can squeeze in a couple more if needed, so if you forget or have had a change of plans please contact Sue Chesterman asap. sue@yeovilcc.com.

David Notley

Please note that there was a peculiar error with the medium ride to Broadwindsor. Please delete from your Garmin if you have uploaded and reload the updated route from the Club Runs page or use this link. Otherwise you might end up in West Bay!! See you tomorrow.

Mark Edwards

The club runs list is now updated running until the end of March including Thursday rides (beards compulsory). Please let me know if you see any anomalies or experience problems with any of the links.

Mark Edwards

Now that we have had our festive Sunday run it no longer seems early to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year, with lots of fine cycling in 2019. May I also take this opportunity to say thank you to all the committee members that have worked so hard on your behalf this year.

Now here is something to start the year off with a bang, our next big social gathering on 2 February at Haynes Motor Museum.

Get fuelled up for the coming season in the company of your fellow club members and elebrate with the winners of the club trophies. Enjoy the food, a glass or two of whatever takes your fancy and dance to or simply savour the sound of the Wessex Big Band.

Your official invitation with all the details is here. Please download the booking form, fill it in and return to Sue Chesterman. The deadline is Monday January 14th so make sure you get your booking sorted before the Christmas chaos arrives!

N.B. If you have a club trophy please contact Nick Young to arrange its return cideryo@gmail.com or 07968-155009.

I hope you can join us and get 2019 off to a great start.

David Notley Chairman, Yeovil CC

Hi Folks, there's a bit of a change for this years Christmas Cub Run on the 16th of December. Instead of jostling with the dog walkers and enjoying bacon rolls, where the bread sticks to the roof of your mouth, we are moving the venue to the newly opening Feedstop Cyclists Cafe at Merriott.

I dropped in to see how things are progressing for the grand opening on December 1st and I was very impressed with the cycling themed interior with pictures, jerseys and bikes displayed.

They do all day breakfasts, are planning to have a good choice of cakes, and have a well stocked bar.

I've designed two new routes, which will deliver you at the cafe, hot and sweaty on the medium route and just warmed up on the short route, see the runs list

Martin Wills

BKool One. A smart trainer which can be used with either the BKool software or Trainer Road, Swift etc. USB Ant+ dongle included. Please contact Dave Lyons on 01297 560 698 or 07973 861 295

David Notley

If you expressed an interest in the leisure wear range on the Facebook event I will contact you this week to see if you want anything from the selection.

David Notley

A glorious morning at High Ham greeted the riders that came out to contest the annual hill climb.

Cheered on by the club run riders, the 13 contestants tackled the ascent of Ham Hill, collapsing just outside the pub at the top! Fastest overall was Ashley Gray, riding as a YCC day member (if you had joined Ashley you would have the trophy!) with a sub 3 minute ride. He was followed by TriUK’s Will Rendell. The first qualifying YCC riders were James Lewis, first home, followed by Ed Pyke, Ian Wallis, Adrian Corbett, Tory Black and Mark Edwards.

Results sheet for 7th October (and 2018 points table).

PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s)
1Ashley GrayYeovil CC (Day)2:55.0
2Will RendellTriUK3:04.0
3Joe LoaderCCC3:06.2
4Harvey-Jon TerrySomerset RC3:08.2
5Daniel Eastment1st Chard Wheelers3:14.0
6James LewisYeovil CC3:17.4
7Mark Higgins1st Chard Wheelers3:23.1
8Ed PykeYeovil CC3:26.2
9Ian WallisYeovil CC3:55.6
10Adrian CorbettYeovil CC4:06.1
11Tory BlackYeovil CC4:25.8
12Mark EdwardsYeovil CC4:28.8
13Simon MasonSomerset RC5:48.7

Dave Notley

The weather is looking good for Sunday so get your climbing legs on! The club ride will go from Yeovil out to High Ham in time for participants to sign on and spectators to find their vantage points. Signing on will be open from 10 and close at 10:20. First rider off will be about 10:30.

The club run will then go on to a convenient coffee stop

It looks like it may be a chilly morning, so spectators pop a jacket in your back pocket, participants you should have a tail wind up the climb!

David Notley

If you ordered clothing the delivery will be shipped to us on 25th October. I will contact you when it arrives.

David Notley

Tomorrows ride (20th) to Eggardon Hill has been postponed due to the bad weather forecast. I have re-scheduled it to next Thursday 27th. There will also be an outing from Palmers at 9:30 this Friday if anyone is interested - destination to be decided.

Mark Edwards

The club clothing shops, the normal and anniversary design, are now open. They will remain open until 24th September, and clothing ordered now will arrive in November. Shop

May I also remind you we have our Annual General Meeting on Monday 10th September at 7pm. In the Parish Room, the Forum on Abbey Manor in Yeovil. The meeting will start at 7:15pm. This is your opportunity to say what you want the club to provide over the next year and your opinion is important to us.

Click here for a draft agenda; if you wish to add any formal motions to the Agenda please email Sandra as soon as possible.

The majority of the committee are willing to continue in their present roles, however Dave Driver is stepping down as Records Secretary and Sue Chesterman is giving up the role of Time Trial Secretary. Nick Young is willing to take on the former position but we do need to find a new TT Sec.

The role of TT Secretary is based around the Tuesday evening events which run from late March to early September. There is not a lot to do outside of that time period. We already have a team of helpers covering the timekeeping and pushing off. Derek Todd does 50% of the signs (as well as timekeeping) which leaves the organiser to ensure the rest of the signs are done and arrange one or two marshals (we only need two for the 9 mile events). Essentially you need to be a good organiser, if you can delegate everything you don’t need to be there every week. If you want a more detailed explanation then visit the West DC website and click INFO, there is a section on Club Event Organisers.

Nick Armstrong is willing to continue as Road Race Secretary, and as part of the road race sub-committee, but is not keen to act as event Organiser for the road races. So again we are looking for one, or two, people to take on the task for each road race (assuming we try for two in 2019). The role requires you to be IT literate as most work is based around the British Cycling online event organisation system. You will get the full support of the Race Sec and the sub committee. Mmost of the activity takes place in the few weeks before the event. A lot of the tasks are done by BC local officials, so this is a job for someone that is well organised, a thorough knowledge of road racing is not essential. If we cannot find a volunteer then we will not be able to run the events which would be a huge shame as these are road races that have been going for over 50 years.

There is no denying both of the tasks can be a bit stressful but they are hugely rewarding too, knowing you have enabled a lot of riders to enjoy competing. Who knows one of them may be the next Chis Froome or Geraint Thomas.

May I just take this opportunity to formally thank Dave and Sue for their contribution over the past years, and to recognise all the work done by all the volunteers that help to make this the successful club it is.

I look forward to seeing you at the meeting and hope we can continue to provide you with a fantastic cycling club in 2019. Thank you for your time.

Dave Notley

The final TT of the season had 15 riders competing. Chris Revell was the fastest on the night with 11:05 followed by the home pair of Chris Martin (11:38) and Rich Norris (11:56). Rich's consistent performances over the season make him the winner of the Points Trophy for this year.

Just to reiterate what was said last week, thanks to everyone that has supported the events this year. Special thanks to everyone that has helped by marshalling or pushing off. Even bigger thanks to Gary and Derek our stalwart timekeepers.

And finally a massive thank you to Sue Chesterman who has been our TT Secretary for the last three years and has done a superb job to ensure the events have run every week, that they have been both well signed, properly marshalled, and well organised. If you think you can you step up to the challenge and take over from Sue I should be delighted to hear from you either before, or at, the AGM.

Results sheet for 4th September.

PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s)
1Charlie RevellTeam Tor 200011:05
2Chris MartinYeovil CC11:38
3Richard NorrisYeovil CC11:56
4Rob MartinTeam Tor 200012:14
5Stephen HarveyYeovil CC12:37
6James ChantGillingham & District Wheelers12:58
7Dave DriverYeovil CC13:09
8Dean Ward1st Chard Wheelers13:27
9David NotleyYeovil CC13:47
10William Salter1st Chard Wheelers13:52
11Kevin StennerYeovil CC (Day)14:21
12Erin MartinTeam Tor 200015:01
13Brian JenningsYeovil CC15:24
Andrew Lawrence/John Trout1st Chard Wheelers12:45

Dave Notley

May I remind you we have our Annual General Meeting on Monday 10th September at 7pm. In the Parish Room, the Forum on Abbey Manor in Yeovil. The meeting will start at 7:15pm. This is your opportunity to say what you want the club to provide over the next year and your opinion is important to us.

The majority of the committee are willing to continue in their present roles, however Dave Driver is stepping down as Records Secretary and Sue Chesterman is giving up the role of Time Trial Secretary. Nick Young is willing to take on the former position but we do need to find a new TT Sec.

The role of TT Secretary is based around the Tuesday evening events which run from late March to early September. There is not a lot to do outside of that time period. We already have a team of helpers covering the timekeeping and pushing off. Derek Todd does 50% of the signs (as well as timekeeping) which leaves the organiser to ensure the rest of the signs are done and arrange one or two marshals (we only need two for the 9 mile events). Essentially you need to be a good organiser, if you can delegate everything you don’t need to be there every week. If you want a more detailed explanation then visit the West DC website (www.westdc.co.uk) and click INFO, there is a section on Club Event Organisers.

Nick Armstrong is willing to continue as Road Race Secretary, and as part of the road race sub-committee, but is not keen to act as event Organiser for the road races. So again we are looking for one, or two, people to take on the task for each road race (assuming we try for two in 2019). The role requires you to be IT literate as most work is based around the British Cycling online event organisation system. You will get the full support of the Race Sec and the sub committee. Mmost of the activity takes place in the few weeks before the event. A lot of the tasks are done by BC local officials, so this is a job for someone that is well organised, a thorough knowledge of road racing is not essential. If we cannot find a volunteer then we will not be able to run the events which would be a huge shame as these are road races that have been going for over 50 years.

There is no denying both of the tasks can be a bit stressful but they are hugely rewarding too, knowing you have enabled a lot of riders to enjoy competing. Who knows one of them may be the next Chis Froome or Geraint Thomas.

May I just take this opportunity to formally thank Dave and Sue for their contribution over the past years, and to recognise all the work done by all the volunteers that help to make this the successful club it is.

I look forward to seeing you at the meeting and hope we can continue to provide you with a fantastic cycling club in 2019. Thank you for your time.

David Notley

A good crowd competed in the penultimate TT of the series. Fastest was Greg Parker of CC Weymouth, just one second ahead of Dan McQuillan (TriUK). James Lewis headed up the home riders with 10:58. William Salter continued to improve his times, just sneaking in to the 13 minute slot with a 13:59.

Here’s hoping we get one more week in, but for those of you that have supported the events this year a big thank you. Whether you were a rider, helper or just spectating we value you all.

Results sheet for 28th August.

PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s)
1Greg ParkerCC Weymouth10:49
2Dan McQuillanTriUK10:50
3James LewisYeovil CC10:58
4Nick YoungYeovil CC11:12
5Ashley GrayYeovil CC (Day)11:30
6Chris MartinYeovil CC11:37
7Richard NorrisYeovil CC11:49
8Rob MartinTeam Tor 200012:03
9Stephen HarveyYeovil CC12:10
10Nigel Ware1st Chard Wheelers12:38
11Brian KempYeovil CC (Day)12:48
12Nick CooperYeovil CC12:51
13Wiebke Rietz1st Chard Wheelers12:52
14James ChantGillingham & District Whs12:54
15Dave DriverYeovil CC13:12
16David NotleyYeovil CC13:38
17Dean Ward1st Chard Wheelers13:47
18William Salter1st Chard Wheelers13:59
19John McNallYeovil CC14:24
20Kevin StennerYeovil CC (Day)14:38
21Erin MartinTeam Tor 200015:26
22John FerdinandoYeovil CC15:29
23Doug WardYeovil CC16:21
24Ricky GibbsYeovil CC17:06

Dave Notley

The first of the final three five mile time trials was run tonight, and it was also the club handicap. Fastest on the night were the TriUK pair of Lee Frost (10:16) and Luke Barfoot (11:10). Fastest YCC rider was Rich Norris fresh back from holiday clocking 12:02. Twelve year old William Salter improved his best time coming in at 14:06.

The Handicap was won by David Notley with an adjusted time of 11:20. OK, yes I did work out the handicap times, but they were all checked by our timekeeper, honest! Looks like I might have to do a 100 every weekend if I want to improve my TT times.

An early start again next week, 6:30pm, signing on from 5:45. We also need a marshal for next week, if you can help please let Sue know via Facebook.

Results sheet for 21st August.

PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s)
1Lee FrostTriUK10:16
2Luke BarfootTriUK11:10
3Steven JonesTeam Tor 200011:46
4Ben Moran1st Chard Wheelers11:51
5Ollie TaylorMendip CC11:51
6Richard NorrisYeovil CC12:02
7James ChantGillingham & District Wheelers12:56
8Brian KempYeovil CC (Day)13:06
9Dave DriverYeovil CC13:18
10Clementina DaviesYeovil CC13:29
11Dave Moran1st Chard Wheelers13:45
12Edward GibbsYeovil CC (Day)13:47
13David NotleyYeovil CC13:48
14William Salter1st Chard Wheelers14:06
15Dean Ward1st Chard Wheelers14:39
16Julie LoweYeovil CC (Day)14:52
17Doug WardYeovil CC16:16
18Ricky GibbsYeovil CC17:00
19John FerdinandoYeovil CC17:17

Dave Notley

I hope you all enjoyed the ride today. A great turn out and the weather was fairly kind to us as well. As far as I know everyone got round safely.

Thank you to Martin Wills for organising the event and to Marilyn Cottle and her helpers for keeping us well fuelled.

Thanks too to the staff at the lunch time stops, Sweets and Double Gate Farm.

Not sure if it was the sugar rush from the cake or the power of my fellow riders but I averaged 17.1mph, and I finished well behind the group I started with!

The total raised for MacMillan continues to creep up each day, currently it stands at £720. It is not too late to make a donation if you want to. Just go to the Just Giving website and search for Karen Hawkins or Yeovil Cycle

What's the next challenge Martin?

David Notley

Another blustery evening with 18 riders out. Lee Frost was fastest with 19:32, he would have been even quicker if he had not unshipped his chain and lost about 30 seconds! James Lewis was the fastest of the YCC riders putting in a good time of 20:18, ahead of his 25 mile event on the fast Welsh course this weekend.

Results sheet for 14th August.

PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s)
1Lee FrostTriUK19:32
2James LewisYeovil CC20:18
3Nick YoungYeovil CC21:12
4Stephen HarveyYeovil CC21:48
5Martin BastableYeovil CC22:11
6Ben Moran1st Chard Wheelers22:15
7Rob LewisYeovil CC22:26
8Mark BowditchYeovil CC23:00
9Andrew Lawrence1st Chard Wheelers24:08
10Clementina DaviesYeovil CC24:08
11Wiebke Rietz1st Chard Wheelers24:12
12Dave DriverYeovil CC24:26
13Dave Moran1st Chard Wheelers25:09
14David NotleyYeovil CC25:35
15John McNallYeovil CC27:38
16John Trout1st Chard Wheelers27:44
17Kevin StennerYeovil CC (Day)27:45
18Ricky GibbsYeovil CC32:01

David Notley

The 100 will now take place next weekend, 19th August, when the weather looks far more favourable than the heavy rain and windy conditions currently forecast for this weekend.

Martin Wills

See Martins post in Facebook for the latest information, plus the route and some alternatives for those that don't want to do the full 100. The weather is still the big unknown and a final decision on whether to postpone until next weekend will be made tomorrow evening

David Notley

Just a reminder that the next velodrome trip will be on 23rd September between 14:00 and 17:00, the costs have slightly increased, but if we can get 20 it will be £18.00 each for the 3 hour session, the cost of bike hire will again be an additional £10.50.

The idea of having a 3 hour session is to allow the more experienced and beginners groups more time on the track, allowing more varied activities. Once again the coach will be Jason Streather from PDQ coaching.

To reserve your place please contact Stuart Wroot via email. He will confirm you have a place, at which point you will need to pay a £10 deposit to secure your place; this can be a direct transfer to the club account.

Dave Notley

The final 10 of the season was a rather blustery event, so much so that one rider decided a disc and tri-spoke were not the wheels to have and retired. Just four YCC riders finished with Steve Harvey being the first one home, while Ben Moran took top spot with a time of 23:08.

Results sheet for 7th August.

PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s)
1Ben Moran1st Chard Wheelers23:08
2Stephen HarveyYeovil CC23:21
3Dave DriverYeovil CC25:37
4Brian KempYeovil CC (Day)25:46
5Rachel Collins1st Chard Wheelers25:59
6Ian Bennett1st Chard Wheelers26:43
7John McNallYeovil CC28:32
8Ricky GibbsYeovil CC33:24
9Doug ParkerSid Valley CCDNF
Nick CooperYeovil CCDNS
Andrew Lawrence/John Trout1st Chard Wheelers00:25:29

Dave Notley

Firstly keep your fingers crossed for the weather, the forecast is still variable for Sandra's Hundred this Sunday. A final decision will be made at the end of a week.

The first group off at 8am will be led by Sue Chesterman. This is very definitely the relaxed group, the pace will be slow and steady, around 13mph average, so if this is not the right group for you wait for the main groups starting at 8:30.

Groups will be limited to a maximum of 12 riders. The normal slower group will be set off around 8:30, and followed by the remaining riders split into suitable ability groups at around 10 minute intervals. The final group will leave around 9am.

In addition to the stop near Coxley Marilyn and her team will be providing refreshments in the afternoon near North Curry.

If you intend to ride, or not, don't forget we are supporting the Macmillan Cancer Support charity this year. You can show your support by following this link to the Just Giving website and making a donation.

Dave Notley

Conditions were warm but with a strong head wind on outward leg. Congratulations to John Ferdinando on winning the handicap trophy this evening. His adjusted time was 21:37, the only rider to get into the 21s for the handicap.

Fastest on the night was Lee Frost with a 20:01, exactly two minutes ahead of 2nd place Ashley Grey.

Results sheet for 31st July.

PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s)
1Lee FrostTriUK20:01
2Ashley GrayYeovil CC (Day)22:01
3Richard NorrisYeovil CC22:48
4Nick YoungYeovil CC22:52
5Stephen HarveyYeovil CC23:07
6Ben Moran1st Chard Wheelers23:09
7Doug ParkerSid Valley CC23:30
8Clementina DaviesYeovil CC24:46
9Mike RoseExeter Wheelers CC25:03
10Brian KempYeovil CC (Day)25:23
11Nick CooperYeovil CC25:25
12Andrew Lawrence1st Chard Wheelers25:33
13Dave DriverYeovil CC25:41
14Dave Moran1st Chard Wheelers26:10
15Robin HavillYeovil CC (Day)26:27
16Dean Ward1st Chard Wheelers26:54
17David NotleyYeovil CC27:07
18John McNallYeovil CC28:18
19John FerdinandoYeovil CC29:48
20John Trout1st Chard Wheelers30:32
21Doug WardYeovil CC31:28
22Ricky GibbsYeovil CC33:33

Dave Notley

It may have been warm and dry but the strong cross wind made it hard going tonight. Flavour of the evening was a 12:59 finish, with three riders all clocking that time! Lee First was quickest despite being held up by traffic at the roundabout.

Next week is the 10 handicap. The event is still open to all, YCC riders that have ridden a minimum of four 10 mile tts will be allocated a ‘time allowance’ for the handicap, this will be deducted from their actual time. Qualifying riders will be given both an actual time and an adjusted time.

Results sheet for 24th July.

PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s)
1Lee FrostTriUK10:06
2Richard NorrisYeovil CC11:46
3Stephen HarveyYeovil CC11:56
4Ian JeffreyTriUK12:23
5=Dave DriverYeovil CC12:59
5=Jason Scott1st Chard Wheelers12:59
7Wiebke Rietz1st Chard Wheelers13:00
8Edward GibbsYeovil CC (Day)13:37
9David NotleyYeovil CC14:01
10John McNallYeovil CC14:40
11Jon LeeYeovil CC14:43
12Kevin StennerYeovil CC (Day)15:03
13John FerdinandoYeovil CC15:49
14Ricky GibbsYeovil CC17:37
Andrew Lawrence/John Trout1st Chard Wheelers12:59

Dave Notley

Warm but overcast evening with a light breeze. No records this week, just a plain old Tuesday evening TT.

Results sheet for 17th July.

PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s)
1Lee FrostTriUK19:06
2Richard NorrisYeovil CC21:47
3Stephen HarveyYeovil CC22:02
4Martin BastableYeovil CC22:24
5Giles WhiteSherwood CC22:56
6Mark BowditchYeovil CC23:06
7Nick CooperYeovil CC23:08
8Ian JeffreyTriUK23:18
9Dave RyanTriUK23:38
10Clementina DaviesYeovil CC24:05
11Phil HumphreyVTTA West25:30
12Edward GibbsYeovil CC (Day)25:39
13David NotleyYeovil CC25:48
14Rob GundryYeovil CC (Day)26:54
15Kevin StennerYeovil CC (Day)27:06
16John FerdinandoYeovil CC29:39
17Ricky GibbsYeovil CC32:11

Dave Notley

Another lovely evening for the 5 mile TT. Twenty-six riders competed, and we were pleased to welcome yet more new riders to the event. Dan McQuillan topped the leader board with a 10:32. James Lewis headed the Yeovil contingent with a new club 5 mile record time of 10:57.

Results sheet for 10th July.

PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s)
1Dan McQuillanTriUK10:32
2Mark BrockTeam Tor 200010:50
3Adrian LaneLoughborough University CC10:57
4James LewisYeovil CC10:57
5Ashley GrayYeovil CC (Day)11:17
6Evan Richards1st Chard Wheelers11:44
7Lenny BrownRNRMCA11:56
8Stephen HarveyYeovil CC11:58
9Richard NorrisYeovil CC11:59
10Ollie TaylorCATI12:00
11Mark Hughes1st Chard Wheelers12:12
12Rob MartinTeam Tor 200012:14
13Dean Ward1st Chard Wheelers12:31
14Ian JeffreyTriUK12:39
15Nick CooperYeovil CC12:49
16Dave DriverYeovil CC13:16
17Martin ChantYeovil CC (Day)13:21
18Adam ChantYeovil CC (Day)13:36
19Phil HumphreyVTTA West13:56
20Erin MartinTeam Tor 200014:25
21Jon LeeYeovil CC14:48
22Nick BraggYeovil CC (Day)15:29
23Ricky GibbsYeovil CC16:52
24Doug WardYeovil CC16:59

Dave Notley

A strong turnout of non football fans tonight, especially from 1st Chard Wheelers. However the tables were topped by YCC riders this week. Chris Martin was fastest with 22:09, followed by novice tt rider Ashley Gray, with Andy Millward and Rich Norris separated by just one second.

It is a 5 next week and the start times begin to move forward by 15 minutes, so next week is a 19:15 start.

Results sheet for 3rd July.

PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s)
1Chris MartinYeovil CC22:09
2Ashley GrayYeovil CC (Day)22:21
3Andy MillwardYeovil CC22:39
4Richard NorrisYeovil CC22:40
5Ben Moran1st Chard Wheelers23:10
6Ian Bennett1st Chard Wheelers23:10
7Stephen HarveyYeovil CC23:19
8Doug ParkerSid Valley CC23:58
9Mark German1st Chard Wheelers24:28
10Tim Loosemore1st Chard Wheelers24:36
11Andrew Lawrence1st Chard Wheelers24:53
12Mike RoseExeter Wheelers CC25:15
13Dean Ward1st Chard Wheelers25:39
14Dave DriverYeovil CC25:44
15David Lane1st Chard Wheelers25:49
16Robin HavillYeovil CC (Day)26:07
17Dave Moran1st Chard Wheelers26:46
18John Trout1st Chard Wheelers28:19
19Doug WardYeovil CC31:29
20John FerdinandoYeovil CC32:56
21Ricky GibbsYeovil CC34:01

Dave Notley

A very warm evening with a moderate breeze tempted 26 riders onto the 10 mile course. Giles Greening of TriUK topped the tables with a 20:06 closely followed by club mate Dan McQuillan. Fastest of the Yeovil riders was Nick Young on 21:20.

Results sheet for 26th June.

PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s)
1Giles GreeningTriUK20:06
2Dan McQuillanTriUK20:37
3Nick YoungYeovil CC21:20
4Andy MillwardYeovil CC22:03
5James Brown TriUK22:15
6Chris MartinYeovil CC22:29
7Richard NorrisYeovil CC22:42
8Ben Moran1st Chard Wheelers22:46
9Stephen HarveyYeovil CC22:47
10John WilkinsonTeam Tor 200022:54
11Rick JohnstonNorthover Vets23:01
12Oliver ParsonsTriUK23:08
13Doug ParkerSid Valley CC23:20
14Martin BastableYeovil CC24:00
15Mark German1st Chard Wheelers24:17
16Andy Parsons1st Chard Wheelers24:31
17Dave DriverYeovil CC25:23
18David Lane1st Chard Wheelers25:23
19Rachel Collins1st Chard Wheelers25:23
20Dean Ward1st Chard Wheelers25:39
21Dave Moran1st Chard Wheelers25:54
22David NotleyYeovil CC27:07
23John McNallYeovil CC27:32
24Alan SmithGillingham & District Wheelers29:13
25Doug WardYeovil CC30:13
26John FerdinandoYeovil CC34:10

Dave Notley

Another really good turn out for the 9 mile TT this evening. The warmer weather has certainly tempted a few more riders out these last two weeks, now all we need is for the wind to drop!

For those of you following the points I have an apology, my maths definitely went wrong somewhere. The points are now in a separate table (makes it easier for me to manage) and they should all be correct now as I have been back over all the results for this year. If any are still not right please let me know.

Results sheet for 19th June.

PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s)
1Jimmy LewisYeovil CC20:18
2Ben LockettTriUK21:12
3Andy MillwardYeovil CC21:13
4Richard NorrisYeovil CC21:21
5Stuart MartinTriUK21:52
6Rick JohnstonNorthover Vets21:56
7Stephen HarveyYeovil CC21:59
8Les ThomasTriUK22:02
9Will RendellYeovil CC22:02
10Ben Moran1st Chard Wheelers22:04
11Rob MartinTeam Tor 200022:12
12Martin BastableYeovil CC22:23
13Mark BowditchYeovil CC22:33
14Clementina DaviesYeovil CC23:09
15Jeremy England23:23
16Nick CooperYeovil CC23:26
17Rachel Collins1st Chard Wheelers23:30
18Wiebke Rietz1st Chard Wheelers23:57
19Dave DriverYeovil CC24:05
20Dave Moran1st Chard Wheelers25:44
21Neil Martin25:47
22David NotleyYeovil CC25:52
23Erin MartinTeam Tor 200028:05
24Nick BraggYeovil CC (Day)29:08
25John FerdinandoYeovil CC29:59
26Ricky GibbsYeovil CC31:32
Andrew Lawrence/John Trout1st Chard Wheelers22:58

Dave Notley

The clothing has now arrived. I will bring it to the TT tonight, if any of you are coming out there. Otherwise I will email you tomorrow to see how we can best arrange collection/delivery.

David Notley

If you ordered kit when the shop was open in May it will arrive with me in the next couple of days. I will let you know by email when it arrives and we can then arrange the easiest way to get it to you. If you need it promptly give me a call on 01963 440291 or 07525 900718 (Office hours).

David Notley

An excellent turn out for our second Come and Try It event. Thirty riders competed with five riders tackling a time trial for the first time. We also welcomed some new riders from other local clubs. Lee Frost took the honours with a 10:04; best placed YCC rider was Rich Norris closely followed by Steve Harvey. Ricky Gibbs broke his target time of 17 minutes tonight!

Thanks to all the helpers and we hope to see you all again next week.

Results sheet for 12th June.

PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s)
1Lee FrostTriUK10:04
2Dan McQuillanTriUK10:47
3Rick JohnstonNorthover Vets11:52
4Richard NorrisYeovil CC11:56
5Stephen HarveyYeovil CC11:59
6Ollie TaylorCATI12:01
7Mark Hughes1st Chard Wheelers12:06
8Martin BastableYeovil CC12:11
9Rob MartinTeam Tor 200012:18
10Nick CooperYeovil CC12:43
11Dave RyanTriUK12:45
12Dave DriverYeovil CC13:02
13Wiebke Rietz1st Chard Wheelers13:02
14Mark German1st Chard Wheelers13:05
15Joe BurnellMendip CC13:05
16Adele MartinTeam Ford Eco Boost13:18
17Dean Ward1st Chard Wheelers13:29
18Daniel WaddingtonCATI13:43
19David NotleyYeovil CC13:54
20Mike JefferiesMendip CC13:58
21Rob GundryCATI14:02
22Kevin StennerYeovil CC (Day)14:23
23John McNallYeovil CC14:34
24John FerdinandoYeovil CC15:26
25Erin MartinTeam Tor 200015:31
26Andrei StichCATI15:43
27Delyth MoranMendip CC15:44
28Doug WardYeovil CC16:04
29Patrick WoodhouseCATI16:05
30Ricky GibbsYeovil CC16:55

David Notley

I wondered if you are able to help by asking your members if they are able to volunteer at Yeovil Race for Life, held at Yeovil College on 17th June 2018. Volunteer times will be from 9am until approx. 12.30pm depending on the volunteer role. We currently only have 31 volunteers for this event but we need 50! We simply cannot hold this event without our amazing volunteers and with only a small amount signed up already, we are sending an urgent plea for your support. If everyone could find another volunteer we would have enough to make this event a success! I would really appreciate it.

By signing up to Race for Life’s volunteer team, you will play an important part by helping participants beat cancer sooner by fundraising £51,500, which would be an outstanding success.

Cancer Research UK staff will brief, guide and support volunteers. Everyone who signs up to help at the event will receive a special volunteer t-shirt to wear on the day, so please do something amazing and sign up to help today! To volunteer at Yeovil Race for Life, please email Brenda Scott, Cancer Research UK’s Dorchester’s Event Manager on brenda.scott@cancer.org.uk to register as a volunteer.

Many thanks and I really hope you can support.

Kind regards Brenda

Brenda Scott

‘The Great Somerset Cycle’ is on Sunday 5th August 2018. Participants can choose to start from either Taunton or Yeovil Hospice and ride for 38 or 76 miles. We hope that you can support us , more details at www.somerset-hospice.org.uk/Event/the-great-somerset-cycle2018.

Kara Frampton, Assistant Fundraiser St. Margaret's Hospice

Hi all my Facebook cycling friends, as the Ham Hill Road Race has had to be cancelled due to lack of entries, we have a club run as usual from Mudford Road Recreation Ground at 9am on Sunday. The medium ride will use the old Fenny Castle route, with a couple of small alterations, to call in at Double Gate Farm Cafe at Godney. The short ride will do the ever popular Glastonbury Scenic Route and use whichever cafe the group fancies, when they get there. The weather looks fine and likely to be quite warm for our return journey so you might need a spot of sun tan lotion and some shades for this weeks adventure.

Martin Wills

A mild evening with a light south westerly breeze, and a new course record for our 10 mile course set by Marcin Bialoblocki in an amazing time of 17 minutes and 56 seconds, breaking his existing record by over a minute.

Results sheet for 5th June.

PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s)
1Marcin BialoblockiNopinz17:56
2Lee FrostTriUK19:48
3Josh GrayTeam Tor 200020:57
4Richard NorrisYeovil CC23:08
5Rick JohnstonNorthover Vets23:13
6Stephen HarveyYeovil CC23:25
7Martin BastableYeovil CC23:37
8Rachel Collins1st Chard Wheelers25:17
9Dave DriverYeovil CC25:38
10David NotleyYeovil CC26:39
11John McNallYeovil CC27:43
12Doug WardYeovil CC31:27

David Notley

The course record for our 10 mile event was set my Marcin Bialoblocki in May 2016 at 19 minutes and 3 seconds. Well Marcin was back again tonight and despite saying that he didn't have the power in his legs he broke his previous best by a huge margin. Normally these records have a few seconds shaved off them every now and again but Marcin went round in, not an 18 minute ride, but a 17 minute 56 second blast. Amazing. Especially as he had ridden across from Bridgwater and had to ride back after the event too! Full results to follow tomorrow.

David Notley

The road race scheduled for this weekend did not attract enough competitors to make it financially viable. We have therefore cancelled the event. Thank you to everyone that had volunteered to help.

There will be a club run this Sunday. Destinations are Godney or Glastonbury.

David Notley

The unpredictable weather forced us to swap to a 5 when we had to make the decision, mid afternoon, and hope that the rain held off long enough to run that. As it turned out the roads were dry, the rain held off and 16 competitors rode.

The veterans plus times for the last two events will be worked shortly and the links to the results updated.

Results sheet for 29th May.

PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s)
1James BrownTriUK11:26
2Ben Moran1st Chard Wheelers11:48
3Richard NorrisYeovil CC11:50
4Stephen HarveyYeovil CC11:55
5Rick JohnstonNorthover Vets12:01
6Dean Ward1st Chard Wheelers12:50
7Andrew Lawrence1st Chard Wheelers12:55
8Clementina DaviesYeovil CC13:05
9Rachel Collins1st Chard Wheelers13:14
10Dave Moran1st Chard Wheelers13:25
11David NotleyYeovil CC14:20
12John McNallYeovil CC14:44
13John Trout1st Chard Wheelers15:08
14Doug WardYeovil CC16:16
15John FerdinandoYeovil CC16:28
16Ricky GibbsYeovil CC17:03

David Notley

A bright, sunny evening with only a light southerly breeze on the five mile course.

Results sheet for 22nd May.

PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s)
1Lee FrostTri UK10:20
2Chris MartinYeovil CC11:17
3=Steve HarveyYeovil CC11:41
3=Rich NorrisYeovil CC11:41
5Martin BastableYeovil CC11:56
6Rick JohnstonNorthover Vets11:58
7Mark Hughes1st Chard Wheelers12:09
8Mark SouthernYeovil CC12:21
9Rob MartinTeam Tor 200012:39
10Darren HayterTri UK12:44
11Dean Ward1st Chard Wheelers12:45
12Nick CooperYeovil CC12:51
13Wiebke Rietz1st Chard Wheelers12:53
14Nigel Ware1st Chard Wheelers12:54
15Dave DriverYeovil CC13:05
16Peter ChapmanYeovil CC13:22
17Colin GriffithsYeovil CC13:56
18John McNallYeovil CC14:26
19Alex FellYeovil CC (Day)14:39
20Kevin StennerYeovil CC (Day)15:00
21Erin MartinTeam Tor 200015:15
22John FerdinandoYeovil CC16:06
23Ricky GibbsYeovil CC17:13

Derek Todd

Just a reminder that the club shop is still open for that summer kit you meant to order - but will shut on Monday 21st May. Last chance saloon!

Dave Notley

A bright, sunny evening attracted the season's largest turn-out so far.

Results sheet for 15th May.

PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s)
1Dan McQuillanTri UK20:59
2Chris MartinYeovil CC22:00
3Andy MillwardYeovil CC22:24
4Jonney ReayYeovil CC22:29
5Rich NorrisYeovil CC22:41
6Rick JohnstonNorthover Vets22:44
7Jon WilkinsonTeam Tor 200023:06
8Ben Moran1st Chard Whls23:07
9=Steve HarveyYeovil CC23:19
9=Steve MartinTri UK23:19
11Tony StaplesRNRMCA23:47
12Mark BowditchYeovil CC24:13
13Matt PetersRNRMCA24:44
14Andrew Lawrence1st Chard Whls24:59
15=Jon England25:09
15=Alfie WilliamsTri UK25:09
17Clementina DaviesYeovil CC25:17
18Dave DriverYeovil CC25:29
19Darren HayterTri UK25:44
20David Moran1st Chard Whls25:51
21Dean Ward1st Chard Whls25:54
22John Trout1st Chard Whls28:24
23John FerdinandoYeovil CC30:03
24Ricky GibbsYeovil CC33:51

Next week 5 mile course. Listed start time is 19:15; check on the day in case of changes due to roadworks closures.

Derek Todd

Please note that we this Tuesday's time trial will start a little earlier at 19:00 to avoid clashing with potential roadworks on the A303.

Sue Chesterman

First outing on the 10 course attracted four 2-UP teams and ten solo riders. A bright, sunny evening with a fresh NW wind.

Results sheet for 8th May.

Solo results

PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s)
1Dan McQuillanTri UK22:00
2Rich NorrisYeovil CC22:46
3Rick JohnstonNorthover Vets23:27
4Steve HarveyYeovil CC24:01
5Gary BondsRNRMCA24:42
6Dave DriverYeovil CC25:49
7Phil HumphreyVTTA - West26:53
8Dean Ward1st Chard Wheelers27:35
9Ricky GibbsYeovil CC34:32
10Doug WardYeovil CC35:05

Two up results

PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s)
1Chris Martin & Andy MillwardYeovil CC21:54
2Jonney Reay & Mark PlummerYeovil CC22:58
3Les Thomas & Steve MartinTri UK23:29
4John Ferdinando & John McNallYeovil CC29:31

N.B. Start time for the 10 on 15 May has been changed to 19:00 to avoid possible road works closure.

Derek Todd

Yet another night of being battered by the wind and the cold. But despite the conditions four riders came along to have a taste of what it is like to compete in a time trial. Chris Martin topped the table, 5 seconds ahead of Nick Young, who in turn was just 1 second ahead of Rich Norris. Dave Driver put in a good ride and tops the veterans table.

Find yourself a partner for the two-up TT next week, hopefully it might be warm and calm by then. Results sheet for 1st May.

PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s)
1Chris MartinYeovil CC0:11:35
2Nick YoungYeovil CC0:11:40
3Richard NorrisYeovil CC0:11:41
4Martin BastableYeovil CC0:12:09
5Stephen HarveyYeovil CC0:12:18
6Nigel Ware1st Chard Wheelers0:13:01
7Nick CooperYeovil CC0:13:03
8Dave DriverYeovil CC0:13:11
9James ChantGillingham & District Wheelers0:13:12
10Claude CaplanCA TI0:13:25
11Wiebke Rietz1st Chard Wheelers0:13:27
12Clementine DaviesYeovil CC0:13:39
13Jake SalterCA TI0:13:45
14David NotleyYeovil CC0:14:29
15Garry CannonCA TI0:14:48
16John McNallYeovil CC0:14:52
17Paul BakerYeovil CC0:15:33
18John FerdinandoYeovil CC0:15:54
19Julie LoweCA TI0:15:55
20Ricky GibbsYeovil CC0:17:54

Lets hope the weather and traffic are better next week for the First of our 'come and try it’ events.

Dave Notley

The next velodrome trip will be on 23rd September between 14:00 and 17:00, the costs have slightly increased, but if we can get 20 it will be £18.00 each for the 3 hour session, the cost of bike hire will again be an additional £10.50.

The idea of having a 3 hour session is to allow the more experienced and beginners groups more time on the track, allowing more varied activities. Once again the coach will be Jason Streather from PDQ coaching.

To reserve your place please contact Stuart Wroot via email. He will confirm you have a place, at which point you will need to pay a £10 deposit to secure your place; this can be a direct transfer to the club account.

Dave Notley

Andrew Parker from British Cycling has asked us to publicise the following:

We are holding a Circuit Commissaire course at Puriton Sports Centre (just North of Bridgewater) on Saturday 16th June. The course will run from 13:00 till about 17:00, with tea and Coffee on arrival. Please consider coming along especially if you are East Devon or Somerset based. Remember that no officials = no events - even worse than no riders!

Details of the course and how to apply can be found here.

Sandra Wills

Our thoughts and best wishes go to the friends and family of club member Sian Brammer. She was seriously injured in a car crash yesterday on the A303. From the initial reports it would appear that she was the unlucky victim of two other vehicles colliding, one of which then hit her car. She is currently in hospital in Bristol. We wish her a full and speedy recovery.

David Notley

Another challenging week. The weather forecast was not good, although it did stay dry for the event. The A303 was shut because of a serious accident between South Petherton and Stoke-sub-hamdon, meaning the course was likely to be inundated with irate motorists when the road eventually re-opened. So the 10 that was scheduled was cancelled and we ran a 9 instead. Just six riders started, and finished in the blustery conditions. Results sheet for 24th April.

PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s)
1James BrownTriUK0:21:06
2Richard NorrisYeovil CC0:21:28
3Stephen HarveyYeovil CC0:22:06
4David NotleyYeovil CC0:26:05
Les Thomas/Nicki CarrTriUK0:22:12

Lets hope the weather and traffic are better next week for the First of our 'come and try it’ events.

Dave Notley

It may have been a nightmare for the judges but it certainly made for an exciting race. After 50 miles, and a number of solo attacks that failed, the peloton all turned into the finishing straight as one bunch. The final kilometre is all up hill and choosing your time to sprint is key. Josh Grey, Team Tor 2000 Kalas, judged it perfectly and crossed the line just ahead of James Rustom and Jamie Atkins (University of Bristol CC).

Our own Chris Brettell finished in a very creditable 16th place. You can download a copy of the results here

A huge thank you to all the helpers. Compliments from all involved were forthcoming at the prize presentation for the high standard of marshalling and organisation. A special mention to Nick Armstrong for the hours of work that he has put in over the last few months to ensure the race ran as smoothly as it did.

Images below: Chris Brettell on the finishing straight. Josh Gray sitting in the bunch just waiting for the right moment.

Chris Brettell Josh Grey

See you all again on Sunday 10th June when the Ham Hill Road race cover the same course for 90 miles.

Dave Notley

Who says we don’t look after our riders, four riders supported by five officials for tonight’s 9 mile TT. The strong wind, plus the fact it was raining in Yeovil at the time anyone was thinking of leaving, meant a rather sparse turn out tonight. Results sheet for 17th April.

PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s)
1Richard NorrisYeovil CC0:21:36
2Jon WilkinsonTeam Tor 20000:22:11
3John FerdinandoYeovil CC0:29:46
4Ricky GibbsYeovil CC0:33:29
5Martin BastableYeovil CCDNS

David Notley

A reminder that there are no club runs this weekend on account of the John Andrews Memorial Road Race.

Do come along and support if you can. The weather looks like it will smile on us for a change! Race HQ is at Somerton Town Hall. Here is a copy of the start sheet.

Many thanks to those of you who volunteered to help. Here is a copy of the volunteer roster in case you mislaid it.

Dave Notley

A strong tail wind on the way out to the turn was great but the return leg was not so good! But on the bright side it did stay dry. Lee Frost was the only rider in the 10 minute bracket but a close fought battle followed with five riders in the 11 minute bracket. Results sheet for 10th April.

PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s:)
1Lee FrostVC Equipe-Flix0:10:34
2Ian CardyStirling CC0:11:15
3Josh GrayTeam Tor 20000:11:27
4Chris MartinYeovil CC0:11:29
5Richard NorrisYeovil CC0:11:44
6Giles WhiteSherwood CC0:11:46
7Stephen HarveyYeovil CC0:12:08
8Martin BastableYeovil CC0:12:22
9Andrew CrockerTeam Tor 20000:12:46
10James ChantGillingham & District Wheelers0:12:55
11Nick CooperYeovil CC0:13:06
12Tim SpencerLudlow Brewery RT0:13:17
13Dave DriverYeovil CC0:13:19
14Dean Ward1st Chard Wheelers0:14:18
15David NotleyYeovil CC0:14:26
16Doug WardYeovil CC0:17:09
17Ricky GibbsYeovil CC0:19:17

David Notley

Bright evening with a fresh southerly wind. Results sheet for 3 April.

PositionNameClubTime (h:m:s:)
1Charlie RevellTor 200011:08
2Ian CardyStirling CC11:19
3Chris MartinYeovil CC11:30
4Rich NorrisYeovil CC11:53
5Steve HarveyYeovil CC12:07
6Mark BastableYeovil CC12:18
7Will DutsonYeovil CC12:47
8James ChantGillingham & District Wheelers12:49
9Nick CooperYeovil CC12:58
10Nigel Ware1st Chard Wheelers13:05
11Wieke Rietz1st Chard Wheelers13:11
12Paul KnightMendip CC13:19
13Dave DriverYeovil CC13:25
14Huw WilliamsYCC (Day)13:29
15Clementine DaviesYeovil CC13:47
16Gary LarsenPolice Sport UK14:49
17Grace WilliamsYCC (Day)15:08
18John FerdinandoYeovil CC16:25
19Ricky GibbsYeovil CC17:52
20Magnus LarsenPolice Sport UK17:57

Derek Todd

If you have friends or family that would like to start cycling then this may be just the thing to get them going

Beat the jams and feel good: Start to Cycle in Yeovil - free rides open to adults. A new opportunity to boost your confidence at cycling and to feel better is starting in April. Group cycle rides will last around an hour and mainly be on cycle paths with some sections on quiet roads. It's a chance to meet other beginner and returning cyclists and explore Yeovil's network of paths and side roads that are perfect for cycling, whether for leisure or commuting.

The first four rides are; Monday 16th April at 10am, Wed 2nd May at 7.15pm, Monday 21st May at 10am, Wed 6th June at 7.15pm

'Start to Cycle' is an initiative from the Yeovil Wellbeing Alliance, a new partnership which aims to help people become more healthy. The member organisations delivering these rides are the Healthy Lifestyles team at South Somerset District Council, Yeovil Family Church and voluntary sector support charity Spark. You must have a bike in working order, wear a helmet, agree to follow the leaders instructions and sign a disclaimer. Matt Day from Spark said "We are trialling these rides to see if there is interest. Cycling is great exercise but joining a road cycling club can be daunting and not for everyone. These no pressure, all-ability social rides will be a gentle introduction to cycling for novices or those who want a refresher of how to ride safely in town. With the ongoing traffic jams and the town's growing population, it's a good time to start or return to cycling."

Places are free but limited so booking is required - please email active@southsomerset.gov.uk or call Sam on 01935 462346 or Catherine on 462347 to secure your place.

David Notley

Not the start to the season we wanted, the first event is CANCELLED, . There are temporary traffic lights on the course and they will not be removed until Wednesday. So the first event will be on Tuesday 3rd April .

David Notley

We have the following items in stock, the normal design not the 90th Anniversary version:

Mens: Short sleeve size 1+, 3, 3+, 4, 5, 6. Long sleeve: 2, 3, 3+, 4, 5, 6. Skinsuit l/sleeve 2, 3, 4. s/sleeve 5. Bibshorts 4, 5, 6.

Ladies: Short sleeve 1, 2, 4. Long sleeve 3. Gilet 3.

David Notley

No7 Cafe in Crewkene have contacted me to say that they have staffing problems and are not opening on Sunday's for the near future. I have therefore altered this Sunday's short ride to this link.

The refreshment stop will be the Garden Centre at North Perrott.

Martin Wills

Sunday looks as though it might be a bit of a white off, so I won't volunteer to bring in any clothing then. I will bring it in to Yeovil on Monday evening. I will aim to be at the Bell pub on Preston Road from 6:30pm to 8pm. If you cannot make that we can arrange an alternative time.

David Notley

We are only five weeks away from our first road race of the year, Sunday 22 April, based at the Edgar Hall in Somerton. In short, we need a total of 33 helpers to cover a variety of tasks. We already have some but below is a list and short description of what is required.

If you can help that would be fantastic, either contact Bob or Nick via email (see below) or through this link to the club website where there is a little more detail on some of the tasks and you can register your interest.

If you are willing to help, please notify Nick Armstrong or Rob Galvin by Email.

Course signage

Ideal for the early risers! There are a lot of signs to put out, and take in. The signs are quite straightforward to put in, most are on plastic poles with a metal spike, and just push into the ground are predetermined points. We need two or three drivers with a vehicle suitable to carry up to 30 signs and a volunteer to accompany them to put the signs out.

Lead car and commissaire car driving

You need to be a BC member for the driving as your vehicle will be covered by the BC Insurance. We have two practiced lead car drivers but they need someone to accompany them to use the communication radio. It would also be a good experience for anyone that is thinking of doing the task in the near future. The Commissaire drivers will be instructed what to do by the Commissaire.

Red flag marshal

These marshals are there purely to point the riders in the right direction, and to offer guidance to the public if they are unsure what to do as the race approaches (usually just wait a few moments until the race has passed). You will need to attend the briefing at the HQ prior to the race start, where you can collect your Hi-vis jacket and red flag.

Riders sign on

Making sure riders sign on, collect the correct number and have a valid BC license.

Event safety officer

Ideally this should be someone who has previously organised events themselves or has risk management experience in their workplace.

Gear Checker

To check any Junior entrants have the correct maximum gear. A straightforward task done by measuring a set distance on a flat area, and with the bike in it’s highest gear checking it does not travel farther than the specified distance with one pedal rotation.

Pre and post race refreshments

Making the drinks and serving the refreshments to the Officials and riders. The cakes normally come from the WI shop, but if anyone is keen to do some baking...

Dave Notley

If you haven't already done so please take a few minutes to fill out the feedback form for the YCC@90 event last month.

Please use this link if you attended. We would also like to hear from those of you who were unable (or unwilling!) to attend, in which case please use this link.

Many thanks.

Dave Notley

Planet X Stealth frameset (small) with Planet X carbon aero bars. Dura Ace Rear mech and 9 spd or friction shifters, Ultegra brakes, pedals, front mech, chainset with Rotor oval chainrings 53/42, Hope ceramic bottom bracket, Fizik Arione Tri 2 saddle – suit someone around 5′5″ to 5′9″ (165-175cm).

Planet X Zipp

£1,050 for the bike with the Zipp clincher disc and Ultegra front wheel or £550 for bike without wheels and £500 for the disc wheel separately. Available to see from either Sherborne (weekdays daytime) or Wimborne, Dorset.

If interested please contact me here.

Hugo Baldacchino

The clothing has now arrived, both the normal and Anniversary designs. If you are in urgent need then either email me on davidnotley@btinternet.com, or call me on 01963 440291. You are welcome to collect it from me a Sparkford otherwise I will try and sort through all the parcels and let each of you know via email, then we can arrange a suitable day/location to meet up.

David Notley

HSBC UK Go-Ride is British Cycling's development programme for young people. The programme provides a fun and safe way to introduce young riders to the world of cycle sport and provides a platform to improve bike handling skills.

We're aiming this at U12 and below; the idea is to grow the group we currently coach and develop a feeder club for the local senior clubs.

There are two local sessions with a British Cycling Coach on Saturday 17th March and Saturday April 1st at Ham Hill. The cost will be £2 per session, but the first session will be free with this flyer.

Spaces are limited, so if interested you will need to call Sue or Al on 07967 378532 to book a place.

David Notley

On the 14th and 15th April the Mid Devon CC will organise the 45th edition of the Totnes – Vire 2 day stage race. We are keen that the National B event maintains its position as a quality race and remains aspirational for South West riders.

With a growing National series calendar and with the Chorley GP now taking place on the same date, we would like to extend the invitation to regional clubs to participate in the 2018 event. We believe that with the right mix of regional and national level competitors the event will achieve its goal and provide a platform for South West riders to excel. We have an increased prize fund this year as below.

We are therefore extending an invite to your club to enter a team of 4 – 6 riders in the event.

Stage 1 sees riders tackle the iconic climb of Haytor.

Stage 2 at the Torbay Velopark closed circuit facility . Over 1 hour plus 3 laps.

Stage 3 is the final stage a testing road race over rolling roads at South Brent.

To find out more about the event please visit Totnes Vire 2 Day

David Notley


I have a 2015 S Works Shiv TT for sale as pictured; Ultegra 11 speed, 53/39 chainrings with 172.5 cranks, very little use and in immaculate condition. Comes without wheels, otherwise ready to go and a very fast machine. Size L, suits 5'10 up. Cost new these days £4800; looking for £2600 ono.

Bike is located in Stoke sub Hamdon. If you are interested please contact Dave via E-mail directly here.

David Walters

This year's Navy Cyclefest has just been announced. Held at Ilton Airfield on Wednesday 14th March, this is a great opportunity to race on traffic free roads against members of the Armed Forces and fellow civilians. Click here for more details and an entry form.

David Notley

It seems we are double booked at the Bike Barn at Pyrland Farm this Sunday. Georgie reports that she has another large group arriving at the same time as us so I think it would be best if we go to Hestercombe House instead. Please download the updated route here or from the club runs page. See you on Sunday!

Martin Wils

If you ordered either an Anniversary top or any of the normal design both will be arriving about 15th March.

David Notley


Prize winners (l to r): Jason Tipler, Rich Norris, Dave Driver, Nick Young, James Lewis, Chris Martin and Martin Wills.

Congratulations to all our prize winners, with a special mention for the winner of the Webb Shield, Martin Wills.

Martin has done more than any other to make this club a huge success, not just in 2017 but over the last few years. No matter what he is asked to do he will always step up to the mark. He can be found marshalling in the time trials, judging in the road races but more than anything else he has made the Sunday Club runs the corner stone of this club.

We probably turn up each week and never think of the work that has gone in to each ride. Finding that fine balance of roads that are safe but scenic and coffee stops that can cater for the sudden arrival of 50 riders. Ensuring the Garmin routes are up to date and accurate. That the groups are well balanced and organised and that new riders are welcomed, carefully guided into a suitable group and not left stranded in the back of beyond. A huge thank you from all of us.

Award Winner
Fastest 10 mile TTChris Martin20m 8s, 3s over ML record, NY 20.14
Fastest 50 mile TTChris Martin1h 53m 22s
Fastest 25 mile TTNick Young52m 31s
Michael Loader Memorial TrophyAwarded for outstanding TT contributionNick Young4 PBs and competing in Albi, France
Short Distance BARFastest average speed in 2x10 & 2x25 TTSNick Young28.749 mph
Long Distance BARFastest average speed in 2x25 & 1x50 TTSDave Driver22.780 mph
Veteran BARBest plus time for 2x10 & 2x25 TTSDave Driver+ 45m 21s
National ChampionshipBest performance in a National Championship, age cat includedDave Driver3rd in class, RTTC Closed-Circuit Champs, Thruxton
Handicap 5 Mile TTActual time - handicap allowanceDave Driver
Handicap 10 Mile TTActual time - handicap allowanceNot presentedInsufficient events due to rain
Eve TT Points CupMost points accrued in 20 evening TTRich Norris138 points
Ivy Andrews TrophyMost points accrued in any road raceJames Lewis
Best Result in a YCC Road RaceJames Lewis
Hill Climb ChampionHighest placed YCC member in club H/CJason TiplerRich Norris 2nd, 3s down
Webb ShieldChairman's Award for Service to the ClubMartin Wills

David Notley

So far the feedback has all been very positive. When you have recovered enough we would love to here your view on the the location, the food, the entertainment and whether February is a better time than November. There are comments on our facebook page so please add your thoughts too

A huge thank you to the team, and especially Carolene and Sue, for all their hard work organising the event. To Sarah and all the staff at Haynes that ensured it ran so well. To the Wessex Big Band and Mid Life Crisis for entertaining us so well, and to everyone that came along and made it such a great evening

I must say I was impressed that so many made the club run this morning, that cold wind should certainly have cleared a few heads!

David Notley

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday for the 90th Celebration. Dress is smart casual, or more formal if you like, just no lycra!

The museum is quite straightforward to find if you have not been there before. The Post code: BA22 7LH. It is about half a mile from Sparkford on the Castle Cary road. The entrance is at the far end of the site if you are coming from Sparkford. Reception is clearly marked and more or less midpoint.

You can leave you car there overnight if you need to, just let reception know your registration

David Notley

It should be a great evening with over 100 guests so far. Tickets are being emailed out to you today.

You need to print off your ticket and bring it with you on the night as it has to be handed in at Reception for your complimentary drink

If you do not get your ticket in the next day or so please let me know, davidnotley@btinternet.com or 01963 440291. If you are booked in as part of a group the ticket will go to the person that made the booking.

David Notley

An accredited marshal is a marshal who has been trained to use the 'Stop! Cycle Race' sign to legally stop and hold traffic to allow the safe passage of a cycle race on the open highway. They are playing a huge role in securing the future of road racing in this country by making road races safer for everyone involved; riders, the race convoy and other road users. Accredited marshals are required to commit to marshalling a minimum of five races a year.

British Cycling will provide you with all the training you need to become an accredited marshal. Firstly, you will be asked to complete an online learning module before attending a practical training session local to you.

Please click on the following links. The first link gives you more detail of what is involved information.The next one takes you to the booking site to give you details of the course, on Wednesday 4th April course details

Nick Armstrong

Monday is the deadline for requesting your tickets for the 90th Celebration. Don't miss out, contact Carolene via the membership link membership@yeovilcc.com.

David Notley

Just in case you missed receiving your paper copy, here is a link to the January Newsletter. Happy New Year!

David Notley

I have just had the following e-mail from a grateful rider...

Whilst cycling with my friend today I had a puncture which I am embarrassed to say I could not fix (through being an idiot no other reason). So we decided to walk back to Ashcott. Two miles into our walk five members of Yeovil CC (four men and 1 lady) passed us, stopped, fixed my tyre, sorted my brakes which allowed us to cycle the last mile or two home.

I just wanted to say that I am SO grateful and they were so very kind. I have no idea who they are but wanted to inform you that you have absolute stars in your group. Many thanks. Ellie Green x

You know who you are. Well done, your good deed was definitely appreciated.

David Notley

Best wishes to you all for 2018. Let's hope it is a good one with plenty of pedalling.

The latest edition of the club newsletter will be sent out today. It contains details of the 90th Celebrations, both the Dinner at Haynes and the Limited edition top.

Limited edition YCC@90 top

Top available in all styles.

The clothing shops will be open from 3rd to 22 January.

For the normal design: click here, password: yeovil321

For the Yeovil CC Anniversary design: click here, password: yeovil321. To apply your £10 discount use the code: YCCDISCOUNT

David Notley

This coming Sunday sees the annual Christmas run to The Prince of Wales Pub at Ham Hill Country park for a bacon bap and a bit of festive cheer. Santa hats optional but attract extra kudos.

Looks like it might be a little damp, but you are not going to let that stop you - are you?

Meet at the usual time if you are doing the club run or make your own way there for mid morning.

Mark Edwards

I am pleased to announce that the idea of the 90th Anniversary Celebration at Haynes Motor Museum was really well received and preparations for the event are now well in hand.

We would like to extend the invitation to past club members, fellow cyclists and anyone else that may have an interest in the Club. So if you know anyone that you think may be interested please feel free to pass on the details.

As this is a special occasion (and a practice run for the ‘really’ big party in ten years time!) the club is covering the cost of the venue hire, drinks reception and entertainment which means we are able to offer the tickets at the cost of the meal alone, £25.00 per head.

Deadline is Monday 15th January but there is a maximum number we seat so tickets will be on a first come first served basis. Just download the booking form, fill it in and Email to Carolene Curson. For those of you who have had difficulty opening the form, here it is as an earlier version of Word: booking form old version. If you are still running Word Perfect we can't help you!

I do hope you can join us for this special celebration.

David Notley

Thanks to Martin and Marius, the schedule of club runs for 2018 up to April is now available here. Just in time for all your New Year resolutions!

Mark Edwards

The Velodrome session booked for Sunday 4th March 2018 from 14:00 – 16:00 requires a minimum of 12 people, if you haven't booked but want to go please contact Stuart asap as it will be cancelled if we cannot get enough participants. Deadline is 14th January. Contact Stuart Wroot via email. He will confirm you have a place, at which point you will need to pay a £10 deposit to secure your place, this can be a direct transfer to the club account.

Mark Edwards

This coming Sunday sees the annual Christmas run to The Prince of Wales Pub at Ham Hill Country park for a bacon bap and a bit of festive cheer. Hopefully the weather will be a bit kinder to us than it was on Sunday. Meet at the usual time if you are doing the club run or make your own way there for mid morning.

The Wednesday evening circuit training sessions at the Nuffield Gym have been extended by 15 minutes to one hour. The new start time will be 7:30pm.

David Notley

Just a reminder that a Velodrome session is booked for Sunday 4th March 2018 from 14:00 – 16:00, the coach will be Jason Streather. Numbers are strictly limited to a maximum of 30 (with 15 allowed on the track at the same time). The cost will be £18.00 plus £10.50 for bike hire if you need it. To reserve your place please contact Stuart Wroot via email. He will confirm you have a place, at which point you will need to pay a £10 deposit to secure your place; this can be a direct transfer to the club account.

David Notley

TLI Cycling is pleased to announce a new race series for 2018, sponsored by Lapierre Bikes, who currently supply the FDJ Pro-Tour team. The 7 event series will feature a season long competition of 6 road races and a time trial finale which will not only crown an overall winner, but also settle the leader in each age category. On behalf of TLI Cycling, Nigel Harrop, the National Secretary said, “We are pleased that Lapierre Bikes recognise the importance of age category racing in the UK and Graham Weigh has proposed a formula for the awarding of points to riders throughout the season that reflects the riders age category as well as the number of competitors in his/her peer group that they will be riding against. This means that at the season end, not only can we crown a single overall winner, but we can also recognise the winner of each age category.”

In a separate announcement, Lapierre Bikes also detailed that in addition to the sponsorship of the Lapierre Bike Series, they have agreed with Graham Weigh Cycles to offer a 20 to 25% discount (dependent upon model type) to all current TLI Cycling members. Members who are interested should contact Graham Weigh Cycles. TLI Cycling is a voluntary sports organisation, supporting cycling clubs in the UK, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, to organise competitive cycling events for all ages, entrants racing against others in their peer group. It is run on a not-for-profit basis entirely by unpaid volunteer members, any surplus being used to maintain, improve and develop TLI Cycling’s activities.

TLI Cycling has for over 30 years provided grass-roots cycle racing for all ages and abilities, with competition based upon age. The competitors ranging in age from 6 to over 75!

David Notley

Five cyclists have been hit by an elderly driver in a car, Somerset Live understands. The incident, which took place at around 1pm, resulted in a police chase and arrest, a source has said.

The five cyclists were hit near a crossroads with the A359, just north of Mudford near Yeovil. The source, who wished to remain anonymous, told Somerset Live : "Five cyclists hit by elderly driver in car who then drove off. Lots of broken bones, bodies everywhere, but nobody dead thankfully."

A police van chased the elderly driver and got his number and police have arrested him. The source also said that the three of the cyclists had been taken to Yeovil Hospital, while two were treated at the scene.

David Notley

I am sorry to have to announce that several of our riders were involved in a serious accident today. A group were brought down on Mudford Road when returning from the club run. They have all been taken to Yeovil Hospital. The extent of their injuries is not yet known, but two have head injuries and another a suspected broken leg. We wish them all a speedy recovery.

David Notley

If you placed an order when the shop was open in September/October you clothing has now arrived. I will send you an email to confirm I have it and to arrange collection/delivery, or you can give me a call on 01963 440291.

There is one item that has come through with a name of Rouen***, if this is you please can you let me know, you will need to tell me what the three missing digits are.

David Notley

If you ordered kit when the shop was open in October it will be here in a couple of weeks. I will email each of you when your order is with me. We do have some tops and shorts in stock if you missed out but want something.

David Notley

Thank you to all of you that have replied to the email about the 90th Anniversary Celebration. If you haven't yet replied it would be very helpful if you could do so by the end of this week.

David Notley

Spinning and conditioning sessions are now set to go ahead at the Nuffield Health Gym in Yeovil. Spinning will start at 7:45 pm on Tuesday 24 October and Conditioning at 8.15 pm on Wednesday 25 October and weekly thereafter. These are classes just for YCC members, they cost £4 per session, or they are free if you are already a member of the gym, and are designed specifically for cyclists. Remember this will only be a success if you turn up!

David Notley

The rain held off and the roads were fairly dry for the hill climb this morning. Eight riders attacked the climb with Josh Gray (Team Tor 2000) posting the quickest time of 3 minutes and 0.8 seconds. The battle for Yeovil CC Hill Climb Champion was between Rich Norris and Jason Tipler with Jason coming out the winner by 3 seconds.

Josh Gray

Jason Tipler

1Josh GrayTeam Tor 20003:00.8
2Aden WillsTeam Tor 20003:02.7
3Jason BrownYeovil CC (Day)3:21.9
4Jon JamesMendip CC3:29.7
5Jason TiplerYeovil CC3:36.6
6Rich NorrisYeovil CC3:39.8
7Rob LewisYeovil CC3:56.6
8Mark EdwardsYeovil CC4:15.5

David Notley

If you want Santa to bring you some YCC kit for Christmas you need to order it now. The Yeovil Club shop will be open until 15th October. You will receive an e-mail in the next couple of days with the login and password details. If you don't get anything by Sunday let me know.

David Notley

Provided the weather is alright on Sunday the Hill Climb will take place at High Ham as scheduled. Meet in the old pub car park at the top of the hill (Northern end of the village). The club runs will go directly there.

The event will start about 10:30, you need to have signed on by 10:15. Entry fee will be £2. After the event the club runs will ride to the coffee stops in Langport.

The event is open to anyone, if you are not a member of a CTT affiliated club then you will need to ride as a Yeovil CC day member (an extra £1 on your entry fee).

David Notley

The schedule for our club runs has been updated to the end of the year. Nuffield Health in Yeovil are again offering YCC members spinning sessions during the winter months the same terms apply as before - £4 per session, free to Nuffield members. There is also the possibility of a conditioning based circuits class aimed specifically at cyclists.

Its proposed to hold spinning on either a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening. If there is sufficient interest in circuits as well then possibly Tuesday and Thursday. If you are interested please go to the Yeovil Cycling Club facebook page and comment on Sandras post, stating whether you are interested in spinning or both spinning and conditioning. Can you please also indicate if you are a Nuffield member as there is a possibility of corporate membership and thus a reduction in your membership fees.

David Notley

Another Dave Driver veteran Record!

Dave rode in the rain on R25/3H on Sunday, despite taking all the roundabouts cautiously, he managed to be 3rd vet on standard, setting a new club vets record of +17.04.

David Notley

Twenty one riders entered into the spirit of the final evening TT, all sporting a variety of non-aero bikes. From classic Claud Butlers to training bikes complete with pannier rack! FIrst prize has to go to Dave Driver for a 60 year old vintage top, complete with breast pockets which doubled as two air scoops! Thankfully the heavy shower that hit the Yeovil area around 5:30 missed Yeovilton and the course was dry, the temperature warm but alas the wind was strong, it wasn't just the non aero bikes that made it such hard work.

A huge thank you to Sue Chesterman, and her team of helpers, for all their hard work yet again this year. If it wasn't for their selfless attitude then none of us would be able to enjoy the pleasure of a time trial.

Well done to Rich Norris, he won the Points Cup this year with a total of 138 points.

Results for 5th September. Just the pleasure of the hill climb to look forward to then yet another season draws to a close.

David Notley

Tonight at 7pm at the Parish Room, the Forum, Abbey Manor, Yeovil. BA21 3TL

David Notley

We have a members only Strava page for those who want to join. You need to search cycling clubs with a location of Yeovil, a club name Yeovil Cycling Club. We are only allowing paid up YCC members to be join this particular Strava Club.

David Notley

Normal service was resumed tonight, after a couple of days of warm, still weather it was back to the cool and windy for the penultimate evening TT. Don't forget it is a 6:30 start again next week and it will be a non-aero bikes only event.

Final call for Club trophies. If you were awarded a trophy last year please can you arrange to return it to Dave Driver, he will be at the evening TT next week or bring it to the AGM on Monday.

Results for 29 August.

David Notley

Congratulations to Dave Driver who won the 5 mile handicap prize tonight. He narrowly beat Rich Norris by one second. The other riders were covered by just a handful of seconds. Results for 22 August. Don't forget it is a 6:30 start next week and the following week, the final event of the year, will also start at 6:30 and will be a non-aero bikes only event.

Club trophies - If you were awarded a trophy last year please can you arrange to return it to Dave Driver, he will be at the evening TTs for the remaining two weeks.

David Notley

This Sunday is the annual 100 mile ride. Somerset County Council have closed River Road for about 3/4 mile before Burtle. No pedestrian access at all so we can't even push our bikes through. Martin has re-routed the course and it still works out at 100 miles but it means doubling back for three miles on Totney Drove. If you have already loaded your GPS and Garmin devices, you will have to dump what you have got and reload the route.

On Sunday morning the relaxed ride group (regular short route riders) are leaving Mudford Road Recreation Ground at 9am sharp. Not 5 past or 10 past as usual. If you want to ride in this group be there early or be left behind. Usual rules for everyone else. The BBC forecast looks OK at present. A little more of a SW breeze than we hoped for but dry. Keep an eye out and bring a coat if required.

For those who wish to accompany the riders doing the Hundred but don't want to do the whole lot, here are two shorter routes. Back after the first feed station or Back after Sweets.

AGM - Just a reminder the Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 4th September.

David Notley

A warm if slightly breezy final 9 of the year . Fourteen riders competed with the Chard duo of Andrew and John bringing their tandam along. Results for 15 August.

Club trophies - If you were awarded a trophy last year please can you arrange to return it to Dave Driver, he will be at the evening TTs for the remaining three weeks.

David Notley

Congratulations to all of the riders that completed their Lands End to John O'Groats ride today.

LEJOG finish

David Notley

Well there may have been downpours all around us but the Yeovilton area remained dry, with light winds. Rather than risk riders being caught in a storm on the A303 we changed the event to a 5 mile TT. Nine riders enjoyed the conditions with Adrian Lane coming top with 11:09. Results for 8th August.

David Notley

Tomorrow nights TT is a 6:45 start. Signing on from 6 to 6:30. The weather is, as it has been for so much of the year, not very predictable. If it stays fine we will run a ten, if it is too damp to use the A303 we will revert to a 5. The decision will be made at the last minute unless it is definitely going to be too wet for either distance, in which case we will post notice of a cancellation on the club Facebook page. As we have had to cancel so many 10s this year there will not be a handicap element to the event.

David Notley

Last Saturday Chris Martin and Dave Driver rode the V718 10, and Chris came within 3 secs of Mike Loader's record, doing 20.08. Dave managed to add a few more secs to the vets plus record for the distance, with a plus of +6.52. On Sunday, Nick Young rode the R25/3H 25, and beat Chris Absolom's record, reducing it to 52.31 for the 25 miles.

David Notley

The latest issue of the club newsletter should have arrived on your doormat today. If you are looking for past issues of the newsletter they can all be found on the Archive page.

David Notley

We were lucky again tonight, whilst they were showers around, some as close as Martock, we stayed dry. Results for 25th July.

David Notley

If you ordered kit when the shop was open in late May it will be with me today. I will bring it to the TT tonight so if you read this in time bring your YCC vouchers with you. For those I don't see tonight I will email you tomorrow to arrange collection/delivery.

David Notley

Despite the doom and gloom of the weather forecast it turned out to be a nice evening. We were pleased to welcome several riders that joined us for the first time this year. Results for 18 July.

David Notley

Lee Frost trounced the competition yesterday when he clocked 51:57 for the 25 miles, nearly three minutes faster than the second man.

Top YCC riders were: 13: Nick Young 00:59:26, 18: Andy Millward 01:00:15 and new club member 22: Mark Bowditch 01:03:10.

PositionNameTeamTime (h:m:s)
1Lee FrostVC Equipe - Flix Oral Hygiene00:51:56
2Tony ChapmanFrome and District Wheelers00:54:48
3Greg ParkerVelo Club St Raphael00:55:21
4Mark BrockTeam Tor 2000 (Kalas)00:55:36
5Mark HudsonBristol South Cycling Club00:56:38
6Andy WinterbottomSomerset Road Club0:56:57
7Joshua GrayTeam Tor 2000 (Kalas)00:57:13
8Jonney ReayRLP Racing00:57:39
9Michael WaterjohnsSomerset Road Club00:58:06
10Josh GriffithsBristol South Cycling Club00:58:25

Thanks to our stalwart timekeeper Andy Greatwood assisted by Dennis Davis. To all the marshals Martin Wills, Kim Floyd, Bob Galvin, Rich Norris, Steven Harvey, Stuart Wroot, Chris Martin, Ricky Gibbs and Phil Clementsfor marshalling. To Chris Martin for help with the signage and Nick and Jane for their help.

Team Tor 2000 (Kalas) took the team prize with 02:53:30. Results sheet.

David Notley

No surprise tonight's TT is cancelled, heavy rain is forecast to continue well into the night.

David Notley

Evening TT Series. Well we finally got a 10 in, the roadworks and weather were in our favour at last. Results for 4 July.

Michael Loader Memorial Time Trial. A rather disappointing entry this year, just 33 riders will contest the 25 mile TT this coming Sunday morning. Start Sheet.

David Notley

What a difference a week can make, last week sheltering from the 30 degree heat this week sheltering from the rain! The steady rain, poor light and lots of standing water made it inevitable that the evening event would be cancelled. Thanks to the officials and the few optomistic riders that made it as far as the HQ, better luck next week.

David Notley

Two new club records were set at the Poole Wheelers 10, held on the P415 course. Chris Martin, Nick Young and Dave Driver set a new Vets Team record of +17:59, whilst Dave's individual plus of +6:39 was a new solo vets record.

David Notley

The roadworks on the A303 have struck our schedule once more. The road is due to close at 8pm so we will not be able to run a 10, instead we will have another 5.

David Notley

If you intend riding in the Sparkford direction in the next few days they have spread grit from the Motor Museum to the Bruton crossroads at the top of Galhampton Hill. There is so much loose grit it is almost impassible on a bike, definitely worth using the back lanes. It also looks as though the road from Yeovil out through to Marston Magna is going to get the same treatment next week!

David Notley

The club has two bike boxes which are available for club members to hire at £3.00 per day.

Hire instructions. First off please contact Carolene Curson to confirm the box(es) are available for your required hire period.

Details of how to book the boxes and all the Terms and Conditions can be found on the booking form which is on the Bike Box page.

David Notley

Definitely a hot one. Thanks to all the helpers. Results for 20 June.

David Notley

From Ray Pollard: It is with great sadness to announce that the local cycling legend Peter Sandy has unfortunately died from a heart attack earlier this evening at Musgrove Hospital. Myself & his brother Brian were fortunate to ride with Peter on his last ride this morning on one of Peters many rides to the North Curry coffee stop where we all sat in the sunshine & had a good old chat.

Rest in peace Peter my old mate, we will all miss you so much, you will never be forgotten. When I have further details of the funeral arrangements I will pass them on.

Open 25 mile Time Trial. The Michael Loader Memorial Time Trial takes place on Sunday 16th July. First rider will be off at 07:30, we usually get a field of fifty riders. If you can help I need some marshals for Cartgate, Garador and South Petherton Roundabouts. As soon as the last rider has passed your position you will be free to leave so if you want to join the club run there will be time if you are on Garador you can go in to Yeovil or Cartgate and Petherton marshals can meet the run at Ash (the main run is to Wells). If you can help please either give me a call on 01963 440291 or Email. Thanks, David Notley.

Club Clothing. If you ordered some kit when the shop was open it is now in production. It will be delivered to the club for collection. If you have any club vouchers you can redeem them against the cost of the clothing. Bring the vouchers along when you collect your order and we will exchange them for cash, you can redeem as many vouchers as you like, we have waived the minimum number.

David Notley

Finally a nice warm night! Which made it a better introduction to Time Trialling for the six riders that came and 'tried it'. We hope you all enjoyed the challenge even if it was only in hindsight! Results for 13 June

Ham Hill Road Race - From the Chairman

Well you have done it again. Congratulations and thank you to all those members of Yeovil Cycling Club who helped out in any way with our running of this year's Ham Hill Road Race. Also this year those thanks are extended to those members of TriUK who also helped us (in both our races). The race was a great success thanks to the way you all played your part, and I have pleasure in copying some particular commendations from the Chief Commissaire to us and the NEG motorcyclists which, when read together, testify to how well you did. It was a bonus that the riders treated us to an attacking race, and a double bonus that it was won by local boy, Lee Frost.

Normally I don't like to single anyone out, particularly as you were all great, but I must just repeat my thanks to Sue Chesterman who stepped in at the last minute to cover for Organiser Nick James who could not be there on race day. From the calm way she went about the job you would never have guessed that she was a first timer. With the extensive regulations and code of practice now associated with putting on a race on the UK's public highway, it has become a major undertaking requiring a lot of help from a lot of volunteers. However, this has made it safer, and done much to protect our right to promote such events. Your contribution helps secure this status. THANK YOU. Nick Armstrong

From the Chief Commissaire I have just sent an email to all the NEG and the Assistant Commissaire (see below) following the comments I received after the race yesterday. Could you please pass on my thanks to all those in your club who were involved in the running of Ham Hill RR. You did a fantastic job in putting on such a good event. Could you also pass on my thanks to all the marshals who did an excellent job and without their hard work and dedication my job would have been really tough so thank you the marshals. One final vote of thanks must go to Sue for stepping in at the last minute she did an outstanding job providing me with all the information I needed without which I could not do my job. Running a cycle race is all about team work and I would like to say that it is always a pleasure to work with such a great team which we had yesterday. Please pass on my thanks to all of the Yeovil CC members for putting on so many road events of such a high standard this season long may it last.

Hi Laurence, Ian, Andy, Andy and Didier Following the Ham Hill yesterday I had a number of riders who came and expressed their thanks for what they all felt was one of the safest races they had ridden so far this season. These were not only riders from our region but some who had travelled down for this event it was a real pleasure to get such positive feedback after such a challenging event. I would like to also add my thanks to all of you for doing such an outstanding job to make this event such a success,this is down to your professionalism and hard work to make sure that we have safe races. Thanks again for a great job Thanks, Andy Walker.

David Notley

Congratulations to Lee Frost, VC Equipe-Flix, victor in todays road race. He finally cracked a group of five riders on the last lap and road to a solo victory. Provisional results are as follows:

Finish PositionStart NoNameClubCat
172Lee FrostVC Equipe - FlixElite
239Tristan RobbinsRaleigh GAC1st
326Jack Stanton-WarrenHalesowen A & CC1st
473George SmithVC Equipe - Flix1st
556Charlie PassfieldSpirit Tifosi Racing Team1st
636William BjergfeltNeon-Velo Cycling Team1st
760Peter HaworthTeam Tor 2000 KALAS1st
874Andrew TurnerVC Equipe - FlixElite
979Liam WalshVC St Raphael1st
1054Marcus BurnettSpirit Tifosi Racing Team1st
1111George FowlerCatford CC Equipe/Banks1st
1218Richard HarrisCwmcarn Paragon CC2nd
1340Aled JonesRN & RM CA2nd
1438Alexandre TouchePro Vision Race Team2nd
1531Charlie QuartermanLeopard Pro CyclingElite
1648Hayden BurtonSIXTYSIX RIISING1st
1780Peter KibbleZappi Racing Team1st
1841Jake AldermanSaint Piran2nd
1947Miles BurtonSIXTYSIX RIISING2nd
2077Ashley HutchisonVC St Raphael2nd
219Hefin EvansBynea CC2nd
2229Adrian LawsonLatchem Sunwise Race Team2nd
2328Peter Hodson-ThomasLatchem Sunwise Race Team2nd
2417Liam HarrisCwmcarn Paragon CC3rd
2513Ethan LeeClay Cross Road Team2nd
2678George JonesVC St Raphael2nd
2712Angus FiskClay Cross Road Team2nd
2837Samuel WoodsPlymouth Corinthian CC2nd
2942Alex FanshaweSaint Piran2nd
3076James HortonVC St Raphael3rd
3166Charlie BeakeTri UK2nd
3215Ryan BrainCwmcarn Paragon CC2nd
3353Oliver BarbieriSpirit Tifosi Racing Team1st
3458Graham CollinsTeam Tor 2000 KALAS2nd
3575Michael FordVC St Raphael2nd
3771Frederik ScheskeUniversity of Exeter CC2nd
3714William RobertsCounty Cycles Racing Team2nd
3820James RogersCwmcarn Paragon CC2nd
3951Ashley FletcherSouthfork Racing.co.uk2nd
4034Ashley ToweyMid Devon CC2nd
417Jason WhiteBristol RC1st
4243Duncan HeywoodSaint Piran2nd
436Alex PlattBikechain - Ricci3rd

A massive thank you to everyone that helped to put on such an exciting and well run race, there are just too many to mention individually but you know who you are so give yourself a hearty congratulation.

David Notley

If it isn't the roadworks it is the weather, the wind is still gale force out on the course and it is not forecast to drop much. Tonight's TT is Cancelled!

David Notley

It will be a 5 tomorrow evening, subject to the weather of course!

Ham Hill Road Race. We have a full field for the event on Sunday, thank you in advance to all those that have come forward to help. Start Sheet.

David Notley

The heavy rain eased up just as the first rider was setting off. It was still wet on the road and everyone had to exercise caution on the roundabout. Still 13 riders competed and our thanks to the helpers that turned out in the wet. Results 30 May.

David Notley

It will be a 5 tomorrow evening.

Near miss? Cyclists (or non-cyclists) can report near misses with vehicles. The main purpose is so the Police can see how safe cycling is, and how they can make it safer. No one will be prosecuted and it is not intended for use if there is injury involved. But it may just help to alert the constabulary to incidents that would otherwise go unreported.

David Notley

There are roadworks scheduled on the A303 for this coming Tuesday. The road is set to close from 8pm for overnight works, so the 10 will not go ahead, instead we will run either a 5 or 9 If you use the A303 to get to and from the event bear in mind you will have to take an alternative route after 8pm.

Club Cycle Clothing The club shop is now open and will remain available until 8th June. Log in details have been sent my email this morning. Orders placed during this session will be available mid July. All orders are sent to the club for dispatch, not to individual members. There is a price rise on the way so if you are thinking about some club kit now is the time to place your order. You can order any of the kit on the main Kalas website, so if there is something you want that we do not have in the shop please let me know and I will arrange for it to be added in.There is also a size guide, link at bottom of screen. If you have not had an email please check your Junk mail, if it is not there email me and I will send it again (also probably means we have an incorrect email address for you).

David Notley

A clean sweep for Tor 2000 this week, with three riders occupying the top three places. Results 23 May.

David Notley

Saturday saw a sub-twenty minute ride on the U30/10 by Ryan Perry, Team Raleigh GAC, 19:53 (30.176mph). Which he followed up on Sunday morning with a 50:49 (29.518 mph) for the 25mile course.

Dave Driver rode on Saturday and clocked 25:32. He is pictured below at the turn, crossing the A303 at Tintinhull Forts.

David Notley

Definitely cancelled tonight. Heavy rain is forecast for 7pm onwards.

David Notley

Weather is not looking good for a blast on the dual carriageway tomorrow. Not sure if it is a complete wash out, keep your eye on Facebook for an update.

David Notley

Definitely the best 10 of the year so far. Four pairs of riders contested the two-up with Jonney Reay and Duncan Hermer coming out top. Fastest solo ride was Ian Cardy, off at number 22 and clocking 22:22!. Results for 9th May.

David Notley

There was an incorrect time on the board, and on the results posted last night, Ian Cardy should have a time of 11:24. Results for 2nd May. Don't forget next week is a two-up so 'grab yourself a partner' and see just how much harder you can ride when there are two of you. If you don't want to ride as a team we will allow solo rides but you will have to wait for the teams to sign on first.

David Notley

Possibly the best night of the year so far. Some good times from our four Come and Try It riders. We were sorry to disappoint the young rider that came to give it a try, but we will be delighted to see you again as soon as you reach your 12th birthday. Results for 2nd May.

David Notley

Well done to Jimmy Lewis for finishing the race, battling the weather as well as the course! Congratulations to Evan Rouse. More details to follow.

Jimmy Lewis YCC
PositionStart NoNameClubTime
137Evan RousePropello - Carb Cycles02:20:17
266Max MoylesUniversity of Exeter Cycling Club02:20:21
352Phillip CollingsTavistock Whlrs NorthShoreGallery
448Daniel WellingsSomerset RC - The Bicycle Chain
56Conor ChandlerBath Cycling Club
644Mathew LelliottSevern RC
721Grant LeavyDRK Racing
818Charlie McFadzeanCycle Sport Dynamo
929Gareth BushellMid Devon CC
1033Lovie PridellMid Devon CC
1161Sean FrostTri UK
1211Andrew TurnerBristol South CC
1312Adam WhiteheadBristol South CC
1457Aden WillsTeam Tor 2000 KALAS
1567Igor CibulaVC Bristol Webbs of Warmley
1632Steven JonesMid Devon CC
1722Gideon ArussiExeter Wheelers
1817Lee PerrottCycle Specific CC
1984Ben LuckwellRide 24/7
2058Joshua GrayTeam Tor 2000 KALAS
2151Phil WalterTanks Direct Cycling
2247Darren WebbSomerset RC - The Bicycle Chain
2388Nick AndertonSalt & Sham Cycle Club
2454Lee MorganTeam Bottrill - HSS Hire
2516Morgan JonesCwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club
2656Mark BrockTeam Tor 2000 KALAS
2786Nick WatsonRide 24/7
2869Toby SmithVC Bristol Webbs of Warmley
2964Les ThomasTri UK
3060Shaun ReedTeam Tor 2000 KALAS
3126Charles ReesGillingham and District Wheelers
3273James LewisYeovil CC

David Notley

This Sunday the first of our long established road races will be run. The John Andrews Memorial Road Race will start at 10am from Long Sutton village hall. It has a slightly different format this year, to encourage local riders and those of limited experience. We have two YCC riders in the field, and quite a lot of local riders from TriUK, Team Tor 2000 and 1st Chard.

Thank you to all of those that have already volunteered to help, if you would like to give your support then come along to Long Sutton for 9am, or find yourself a good spot on the course and cheer on the riders from 10am. If you are riding out and spectating please do not get in the way of the race, the best thing is to cycle round the course the wrong way if you want to move location during the race, and if you want to see the finish give yourself plenty of time to get there ahead of the field, or ride in from the Somerton direction. Start sheet

Just a reminder there is no club run this Sunday.

David Notley

The evening events continue to attract a strong field, twenty-six riders for the 9 this week. Please remember that these events can only run if you help with the marshalling or pushing off, so please let Sue know which event you can help with. Results for 18th April. There was a mistake in last week's results, Nick and Ruben Stacey had the same time, which would ruin Nick's handicap! Sheet has now been corrected if you click on the link again.

David Notley

For children with cancer Children's cancer charity Cyclists Fighting Cancer (CFC) is challenging cyclists from across the UK to collectively ride 1,000,000 miles in 2017 as part of its unique Million Mile Bike Ride.

The money raised will fund specially adapted trikes, static bikes, exercise equipment and advice for twenty-one paediatric oncology units throughout the UK to support children living with and beyond cancer.

CFC has developed a unique fundraising platform with charity software company Blackbaud, using the Everyday Hero system in conjunction with Strava. Rider's miles are automatically uploaded from fitness trackers such as Strava and - in the style of Blue Peter - added to a Million Mile Bike Ride totaliser. To add a bit of competition, riders are asked to pick a region to support in both terms of money and miles. Riders can clock up miles from their commute to work, weekend rides with the family or from longer cycling challenges.

Anyone, whether a club rider or not, can get involved in the Million Mile Bike Ride. All that is needed to take part is a bike and a smartphone to track your miles. Cyclists are encouraged to join individually, as a team or club. You can ride as many miles as you like or create your own personal mileage goal, which can be anything from one mile to one thousand miles and beyond. There are leaderboards on the website where you can see how you are doing compared to your fellow club members and a club team page will also populate miles into the team leaderboard, answering that old question "who is the best club in the country?"

The Million Mile Bike Ride challenge will run all year and new cyclists can sign up at anytime. Miles already ridden this year can manually be added, making every mile count.

This is a free event to join and there is no minimum fundraising amount required, in fact you don't have to fundraise. But, if you chose to do so we have some amazing incentives, which include but are not limited to, free kit, free sportive places, bike draw for a Trek carbon road bike and of course a fantastic t shirt to name but a few!

About Cyclists Fighting Cancer

Since 2005 Cyclists Fighting Cancer (registered charity number 1140017 and in Scotland SCO46355) has enabled over 3,000 children and young people across the UK who have been affected by cancer to regain their physical fitness, strength and confidence by giving them new bikes, adapted trikes and advice.

And if a million miles is a bit too far...

Sponsored Cycle Ride

Somerset Safari. Sunday 21st May. 9am for 9.30am start. £10 entry fee per rider*. Book your place online from Wednesday 19 th April. Prodigal Bikes and AWASA invite YOU to join us on this year's Charity Cycle Ride. All are welcome** on the aptly named: Somerset Safari; which offers a scenic route spanning 60 miles around South Somerset, perfect for both experienced riders and those of you wanting to try something new and challenging! All proceeds raised go towards both Prodigal Bikes and School in a Bag. To reserve your place, visit the British Cycling website and search for "Somerset Safari" in the events section. *suggested additional minimum sponsorship contribution of £25 per rider via attached sponsorship form **all under 16s must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

David Notley

A great turn out for the third TT, despite the rather cool breeze, thirty-three riders. Results 11th April.

David Notley

If you downloaded the Garmin route, for the Wells Club run, earlier this week it may be wrong, at some point it has reversed the direction of the route. It should go clockwise, out through Ash, not towards Ilchester.

David Notley

A good turn out for the second TT, despite the rather cool weather. Twenty-six riders tackled the 5 course.The points columns on the results are for the Points Cup, which is awarded at the end of the season for the rider with the highest number of points from a maximum of twenty rides. Results for 4th April

David Notley

Well it has started, not with quite the warm weather we were hoping for but most riders got round in the dry. This is where we discover who has done their winter training and who didn't! Results for 28th March

Dear Club Members, If you want to read something about the exciting world of cycling then skip this item. I couldn't let the occasion of my leaving Somerset for northern climes/climbs go however without saying thank you to the Club as a whole and to the hard working group who keep it going and make it such a friendly, accessible and supportive environment in which to cycle.

Attending the funeral of a cycling/work colleague (David Kiddell) in 2012, I met Shaun Walsh who said "if you want to join a proper cycling club go to Yeovil CC". It was typical of the Club to show a representative and supportive presence at the funeral and later that year I took Shaun's advice, joined and turned out for a time trial at Yeovilton. I didn't set any records but the Sunday club rides, and latterly the Thursday 'outings', became a staple of my weekend whatever the weather. I generally tag along with the group who like a long but slower ride and defy the adage about old dogs and new tricks.

I'm heading north to Holmfirth where a thriving club exists. If any of you head up this way for events, hillclimbs, sportives et al, look me up. (Carolene will have my new address since I intend to stay a distant member of YCC) and I'd be happy to put you up. In the meantime stay safe on the road, best wishes, Ralph Wright.

David Notley

The first of the seasons evening events is next Tuesday, 28 March. We start with a series of three 5 mile event, the first two commence at 6:30pm, you need to be signed on by 6:15 at the latest. HQ is the Nuffield Sports Pavilion, opposite the Museum entrance, at RNAS Yeovilton.

If you want to see some amazing film covering just about every activity you can think of, and some you wouldn't dream of, then the world's most prestigious mountain film festival is coming to The Octagon Theatre, on Tuesday 25 April.. Featuring a brand new collection of the most exhilarating mountain and adventure films on the planet, witness phenomenal landscapes, inspirational characters and a whole heap of adrenaline coming at you from the big screen! Celebrating the mountains and the great outdoors, the screenings have a real community feel - and there are fabulous prize giveaways too! A great social night out.The event starts at 19.30, with doors and the bar opening an hour before. There is a discount on tickets for groups of six and more.

David Notley

After last week's little hiccup the Spinning classes are back on and will run to the end of March, except for next week (Thursday 16 March) when there is not a class.

David Notley

Early Season Circuit Racing The Royal Navy, Royal Marines Cycling Association is holding a series of races at Merryfield Aerodrome near Ilminster on Thursday 16th March. They have extended an invitation to any club member that would like to take part. Entries need to be in by 3rd March. Full details of the events and an entry form can be found on their website.

David Notley

Spinning again tomorrow Nuffield Health,at 8pm. The cost of this will be free to members of Nuffield and £4.00 to non-members. It is a very good workout, concentrating on your whole body not just your legs. Well worth £4, so come along and give it a try.

David Notley

On Thursday 3rd February at 8pm. The cost of this will be free to members of Nuffield and £4.00 to non-members.

2017 Membership. And talking of non-members have you paid your subs for 2017? If you have not paid by the end of January you will be deemed to have lapsed. It will still cost you the same to rejoin and in the meanwhile you will not be able to enjoy any of the club benefits! Membership cards have now been printed and will be available as soon as they have been laminated.

David Notley

Nuffield Health have confirmed they are willing to offer a weekly spin class for us, starting on Thursday 3rd February at 8pm and will run until the end of March. The cost of this will be free to members of Nuffield and £4.00 to non-members.

David Notley

For those that attended the spin class last week we are hoping there will be another this week but at the moment we are waiting for Nuffield Health to confirm availability and cost. More as soon as we hear.

David Notley

Just a reminder that the session is at 8 pm tomorrow, Thursday. Please try to arrive by 7.40 pm so that you can fill in a health questionnaire and set up your bike. Bring a small towel and a drink. If you have SPD cleats in your cycle shoes you will be able to clip in, otherwise wear trainers. Gym facilities, showers etc are available afterwards. There is also a cafe area (no bar) if you need refreshments. There are a couple of free spaces if you haven't already said you are coming, but these will be on a first come first served basis.

David Notley

If you have been frustrated trying to log on to the site since Wednesday. A major problem at the company which hosts the site meant it has been offline. There is no personal data stored on the website so no information has been accessed.

Evening TTs, Open events and Road Races. The Calendar page now has the 2017 dates

David Notley

The funeral service will be at Taunton Crematorium on Wenesday 18th January at 2:30, and afterwards at The Shrubbery Hotel in Ilminster. If you are attending either event please can you let Carolene know so she can advise the family of potential numbers, either through her club email or via the Event on the Yeovil Cycling Club Facebook page.

David Notley

Our first taster spinning session at Nuffield Health will be on Thursday 19 January at 8 pm. Please can you let Sandra Wills know if you intend coming along. You don't need to reply if you have already answered via Facebook. We will post further details closer to the time.

David Notley

From Martin Wills. "Dave was discovered at his home after apparently suffering a fall. We have no more information on this at present. Dave had an illustrious career in cycling, which saw him ride as a semi pro on the continent during the 1970's. He also came second in the National Hill Climb Championships on two occasions, 1975 and 1979 and closer to home, he won our John Andrews road race in the same period. He loved cycling and was still covering over 8000 miles a year. Dave suffered a fractured skull when he hit a badger on the way to work one morning, about 8 years ago. He was lucky to survive and spent several weeks in intensive care but happily he made a full recovery and was back on his bike at the first opportunity. Just a couple of years ago a group of us were climbing Bulbarrow the easy way and some of the younger members started to pull away. Then an old chap on a steel bike with a rack on it glided by them and set off into the distance. That was Dave, doing what he did best. He will be sadly missed by those who rode with him."

Details of the funeral will be published when they are available.

David Notley

The sad news has just come through that Dave Pitman has died at home. His family are keen to trace Dave's last movements and if anyone saw him during the period from 27th to 31st December they would really like to know.

If you can email Carolene (membership@yeovilcc.com) she will forward the details on.

David Notley

Happy New Year! The latest newsletter is in the post, complete with your membership renewal form. If you do not receive a copy then please let me know, especially if you have moved which may mean we do not have your current address.

All the previous News pages and Newsletters can now be accessed via the Archive page.

David Notley