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Welcome to Yeovil Cycling Club

About this site

You can use this site to find information on the clubs activities, catch up on recent happenings in the News section and check out the forthcoming events.

The club is dedicated to all forms of Cycling, but the main focus is on social club runs, road racing and time trials. We organise a number of events throughout the year, listed on the Calendar page, which attract riders from all over the South West.

New members are always welcome, some disciplines will require formal membership, but we do try to operate a come and try policy before you commit to the Club.

If you click on a link that doesn't work drop me an e-mail, the same applies if there is something you would like to see on the site, or any information you would like to post.

Latest news

The club clothing shops, the normal and anniversary design, are now open. They will remain open until 24th September, and clothing ordered now will arrive in November. Shop

May I also remind you we have our Annual General Meeting on Monday 10th September at 7pm. In the Parish Room, the Forum on Abbey Manor in Yeovil. The meeting will start at 7:15pm. This is your opportunity to say what you want the club to provide over the next year and your opinion is important to us.

Click here for a draft agenda; if you wish to add any formal motions to the Agenda please email Sandra as soon as possible.

The majority of the committee are willing to continue in their present roles, however Dave Driver is stepping down as Records Secretary and Sue Chesterman is giving up the role of Time Trial Secretary. Nick Young is willing to take on the former position but we do need to find a new TT Sec.

The role of TT Secretary is based around the Tuesday evening events which run from late March to early September. There is not a lot to do outside of that time period. We already have a team of helpers covering the timekeeping and pushing off. Derek Todd does 50% of the signs (as well as timekeeping) which leaves the organiser to ensure the rest of the signs are done and arrange one or two marshals (we only need two for the 9 mile events). Essentially you need to be a good organiser, if you can delegate everything you don’t need to be there every week. If you want a more detailed explanation then visit the West DC website and click INFO, there is a section on Club Event Organisers.

Nick Armstrong is willing to continue as Road Race Secretary, and as part of the road race sub-committee, but is not keen to act as event Organiser for the road races. So again we are looking for one, or two, people to take on the task for each road race (assuming we try for two in 2019). The role requires you to be IT literate as most work is based around the British Cycling online event organisation system. You will get the full support of the Race Sec and the sub committee. Mmost of the activity takes place in the few weeks before the event. A lot of the tasks are done by BC local officials, so this is a job for someone that is well organised, a thorough knowledge of road racing is not essential. If we cannot find a volunteer then we will not be able to run the events which would be a huge shame as these are road races that have been going for over 50 years.

There is no denying both of the tasks can be a bit stressful but they are hugely rewarding too, knowing you have enabled a lot of riders to enjoy competing. Who knows one of them may be the next Chis Froome or Geraint Thomas.

May I just take this opportunity to formally thank Dave and Sue for their contribution over the past years, and to recognise all the work done by all the volunteers that help to make this the successful club it is.

I look forward to seeing you at the meeting and hope we can continue to provide you with a fantastic cycling club in 2019. Thank you for your time.

Dave Notley