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These cuttings are from 1981 onwards, where there is a date for the clipping it is stated.

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GEOFF CHILES of Yeovil Cycling Club knocked another 50 seconds off the clubs 25 mile record on Sunday when he beat 119 other competitors in the V,T.T.A. Wessex group trial at Ringwood. Geoff, who is 45, covered the distance in 55 mins. 16 secs. and was over a minute in front of the second placed man.




From an entry of 105, Yeovil Cycling Clubs Geoff Chiles took the Raleigh Trophy after winning the Cardiff 100 Mile Road Club 50 mile time trial in South Wales on Sunday. His winning time, 1-56-31, was nearly three minutes clear of the second man.
It also broke his own Yeovil Cycling Club record by over two minutes.

Result of Yeovil’s evening 10 mile Time Trials:
1 Geoff Chiles (Y.C.C.) 23 mins 12 secs, 2 Paul Barrett (Manulife) 23:21, 3 J Mike, Fuller' .(Team Zoyland) 24:07, 4 Mark Johnson (Y.C.C.)24:22 , 5 Ken Duncombe (Street) 24:49.

The field of 23 riders included two from Bordeaux. France, and representatives from seven other clubs.

28 August 1981



Chiles best

On Sunday five Yeovil riders entered a 25 mile time trial at Bournemouth on a cold, wet,windy day. Geoff Chiles was thebest Yeovil rider with a timeof 1 hr. 0 min. 22sec.
The evening time trials continue to be well supported with 23 riders entering a 10-miles race last Wednesday. This was won by Richard Freeth in a time of 23 min. 56 sec. with Mark Johnson second (24-36) and Brian Randell third (24-43).


Clive Brooks comeback

Yeovil Cycling Club fielded three pairs of riders in the Weston-super-Mare two up team time trial, raced over 25 miles.
Best team was the pairing of Gary Mitchener and Clive Brooks who was making a return to the sport he left two years ago after having won many races throughout the country. Their time was 1 hr. 6 min 24 sec, next was Danny Ellery and Richard Freeth (1:7:46). Brian Randell and Mark Johnson finished in 1-8-38.


Jackson best

Three Yeovil oyclists, Bob Jackson, Mark Johnson and Richard Freeth rode in the Avon Valley Road Race at Salisbury on Sunday. After 33 miles
of racing it resulted in a bunch sprint for the finish. Best placed Yeovil rider was Bob Jackson, who finished well up in the leading group.


Gary best of local trio

Three Yeovil cyclists, Gary Mitchener, Bob Jackson and Richard Freeth rode. the Chard and Ilminster News handicap road race over 40 miles on Sunday.

On a day when conditions made racing very hard, Mitchener and Freeth finished 9th and 10th. Jackson had to pull out after 30 miles suffering from cramp.
This Sunday Yeovil cycling club promote their first road race of the season. It will be raced over 49 miles, starts at 10.30 am., includes four testing ascents of Babylon Hill. In a full field of 50. five Yeovil riders ride, and so does the current western division champion Peter Hall.

6th March 1981


Race halted by cows

Richard Freeth and Gary Mitchener of Yeovil Cycling Club had an eventful time in the mid-Somerset Road Race over 60 miles on Sunday. After 10 miles and the big field of 60 riders was split after a herd of cows got in the way. Richard and Gary were in a chasing
group of about 20 riders who eventually rejoined the main field after 40 miles, then they were involved in a crash which again split the field. Both Richard and Gary had to chase for the remaining 20 miles, eventually finishing 29th and 30th about a minute behind the
Winner, national squad member Peter Bonfield.
On Saturday, both Brian Rendell and Geoff Chiles went to Devon to ride a 10 mile time trial. Geoff’s time was 24:28 and Brian returned a 24-38. Mike Parker of the promoting club won with 22-38.

16th April 1981


Ham Hill race missed out Ham Hill!

Yeovil Cycle Clubs Ham Hill Senior Road Race on Sunday produced an exciting sprint finish.
The course did not include Ham Hill because the police judged it to be too dangerous. So the 46 riders completed a circuit incorporating Yeovil, Hinton Cross and Mudford four times, a total of 49 miles.
Of the 46 starters only 27 finished. Five members of the Yeovil Cycle Club competed and the only one to finish, Gary Mitchener, came last.
The race was won by Steve Wellington (V.C. Sportif) in a time of two hours, four minutes, 50 seconds. He was half a wheel ahead of Anthony Davis (Gloucester C.C.), who clocked the same time.
Steve Wallington was king of the hills with 38 points and he also won two of the primes, the third was won by Ken Knight (Manulife R.C.). Ken Knight also shared the fastest lap with Russell Bazley (Weston-super-Mare). They both clocked 31 minutes.

11th March 1981



On Good Friday four pairs of riders from Yeovil Cycling Club entered the Chard Wheelers “Two up" 29-mile hilly Time Trial. The best pairing was Danny Ellery and Gerry Barlow who covered the distance in 1 hour 17 minutes 25 Seconds. The event was won by Mike Parker and Roy Hopkins from the mid-Devon R.C. in 1:09:55, a new course record.
On Saturday, Clive Brooks rode the Gordano Valley 10 mile time trial, and returned a very creditable time of 24 minutes 11 seconds despite forgetting his cycle shoes



Results of Yeovil Cycling Clubs 10-mile time trial
1 equal, Clive Brooks, 23 min. 38 sec.,
Richard Freeth, 23 min. 38 sec. (personal best time):
2. Mark Johnson, 24. min. 24 sec. (personal best),
3. Brian Rendell. 24 min. 30 sec.,
4. Frank Daerden, 24 min. 58 sec.

29th May 1981



The result of Yeovil Cycling Clubs 25-mile time trial:
1. Clive Brooks, 1 hr. 0 min 10 sec.,
2. Mark Johnson, 1-2-44:
3. Brian Rendell, 1-5-52.
4. Bob Jackson. 1-6-16.
5. Gary Mitchener, 1-6-22.
6. Bernard Griffen. 1.7-47.

24th July 1981



Yeovil Cycling Club held its Annual dinner and presentation at the White Hart in Martock on Saturday. Trophy winners were: 25, 50 and 100 mile time trial cups, Geoff Chiles; Junior cup for 10 and 25 mile time trials, Mark Johnson; Best novice 25 miles, Richard Freeth; Sportsmans Trophy Gary Mitchener; All-comers 25 mile race, Danny Ellery; Hill climb champion, Gerry Coombs.

20 March 1981


Time trial

Yeovil Cycling Club he1d a time trial over 24.3 miles. Result
1. Brian Randell 57 mins. 32 secs.,
2. Geoff Chiles, 57-56.
3. Mark Johnson 1-0-16:
4. John Gilday (Street) 1-00-30,
5. Rob Duncombe (Street). 1-1-18.
6. Andrew Millward (Frome), 1-1-20.



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25-mile Trial

Yeovil Cycling Club promoted a 25-mile time trial on Monday.
On a cold, windy day it was won by Paul Bennett, of Edgware Revox Club, in a time of 59 minutes, but Yeovil took the team prize with Clive Brooks (1 hour 3 mins 1 sec.), Richard Freeth (1-3-28) and Geoff Chiles (1-4-16).
On Sunday four riders from Yeovil rode in the Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Clubs 25-mile time trial. Best was Richard Freeth, who covered the distance in 59 min. 54 sec. and finished eighth overall. .
Yeovil’s evening time trials on the Ilchester road every Wednesday, started last week with a 10-mile trial. Fastest was Clive Brooks. (24-19): Next came Richard Freeth (24-43) and Mark Johnson,(25-05).

8th May 1981


Cyclists smash club records

Two records which had stood for some years were smashed when six Yeovil Cycling Club members entered the Poole Wheelers 25-mile time trial on Saturday.
Geoff Chiles broke the club 25-mile record by two minutes when he recorded a time of 56 minutes 12 seconds.
Brian Rendall and Richard Freeth both broke the hour for she first time with times of 57-51 and 58-05 respectively. This was a new team record time for Yeovil in a 25-mile time trial.
Mark Johnson rode well to return a time of 59.59 and Gerry Coombs and Garry Mitchener clocked times of 1 hr. 2 min. 32 sec.. and 1-2-10 respectively.




Sunday was a busy day for Yeovil Cycling Club members.
Richard Freeth and Gary Mitchener rode the Perry Street road race at Chard over 50 miles, and both finished well up in the main bunch.
Also on Sunday afternoon, in Wiltshire, Danny Ellery rode a two-up team time trial with his 12-year-old daughter Georgina, over 10 miles, and recorded a time of 26 min. 52 sec. His wife, Pat Ellery, rode with Stephen Goodings of the Wessex Road Club and they clocked 29-33. Gerry Barlow and his son Stephen rode well to return 28-42.
In the morning Danny Ellery and Clive Brooks rode a 10-mile
time trial in which they returned times of 24-53 and 24-31 respectively.



Growing Interest in cycling

There is a growing interest in cycling both as a sport and pastime, members of Yeovil Cycling Club heard at Thursdays annual meeting. They were told that 15 new members joined in the past year.
It looks like being another busy season for the members and officials, with three road races, and three open time trials planned, as well as the evening time trials. Also for the first time in some years, a road racing team from Yeovil will be entering local events.
It was with regret that the resignations were noted of the Treasurer, Mr Tony Pond, and time trial secretary, Geoff Chiles, both of whom had done much Work for the club.
It was also hoped that there would be mutual co-operation between the racing men and the newly formed branch of the Cyclists Touring Club, and this is to be one of the aims of Mrs Pat Ellery, newly elected social secretary.
Officers; elected.:- President Mrs Ivy Andrews, Chairman, Mr W. Perry, Time Trial Secretary, Mr. G. Mitchener, Treasurer, B. Griffin, Road Race Secretaries, S. Andrews, Mr. F. Griffin. Committee:- Mr. R, Jackson, G. Coombs. Mr. M. Bailey. B. Randell. Press Secretary. Mr R. Freeth. Run Secretary, Mr. G. Mitchener; Social Secretary Mrs. Pat Ellery.



Yeovil Cycling Club stage their 48-mile Pittards Trophy Road Race on Sunday for third category and junior riders. There will be four laps of a course starting at Pittards, climbing Babylon H111 to Sherborne, and then returning via Mudford.
Result. of the clubs 25-mile evening time trial was
1, Geoff Chiles (Yeovil) 58 min. 23 sec.,
2, Ken Duncombe (Street) 1-2-26;
3, Frank Deurden (Yeovil) 1-2-56,
4, John Gilday (Street) 1-2-17;
5, Martin Bailey (Yeovil) 1-4-02
6, Gary Mitchener (Yeovil) 1-6-00



Course record

Paul Barrett. (Manulife C.R.C.) won Yeovil Cycling Clubs 19-mile evening time trial in 22 min, 2 sec, clipping six seconds off the course record
which John Andrews set in 1962.
Other leaders- 2, Rex Facey (Chard Wheelers) 23-00. 3, Mike Fuller (Team Zoyland) 23-17, 4. Brian. Randell (Yeovil). 23-19, 5. Geoff Chiles (Yeovil) 23-20;
6. Mark Johnson (Yeovil) 23-35.

4th September 1981



Four Yeovil Cycle Club riders entered the Salisbury Road Club 25-mile time trials on Sunday.
Best of the bunch was Richard Freeth who improved his personal best time by nearly six minutes to record a time of 1 hour 53 seconds: Next was Geoff Chiles with 1-1-42. Brian Randell with 1-2-29 and Gary Mitchener with a 1-3-08. '
Yeovil Club now have a club room, the Preston Centre at Preston School and new members are welcome.

2nd April 1981



The 20th annual Pittard Trophy 48-mile road race was held by Yeovil Cycling Club on Sunday with a crowd of 300-400 at the finish, and many more along the course, and at Sherborne and Mudford.

1. Stephen Chamberlain, (Plymouth Premier), ;2hours 8 minutes 23 seconds,
2, Phil Harvey (Bournemouth Arrow Fircroft Hotel), .2-8-57,
3, David Coward, (Somerset Road Club),2-8-59,
4, Timothy Rayner (Dursley and District R.C.), 2-8-59:
5. Tom Wilson (Bournemouth AFH), .2-8-59,
6, Peter Pursey (Bristol South R.C.). 2-8-59.

Winners of the primes were: Michael Pierce, Tom Wilson and Stephen Chamberlain. King of the Hills-Marten Cook and Timothy Rayner.
Result of the Yeovil Evening 16-mile time trial last week; was:
1, Ken.Duncan (Street), 38 mins 33 secs.,
2, Geoff Chiles (Yeovil), 38-40,
3, Mark Johnson (Yeovil), 38-45;
4, John Gilday (Street), 39-24,
5, Martin Bailey (Yeovil), 40-12,
6, Bob Jackson (Yeovil), 40-13

Yeovil member Stephen Barlow rode in the 10-mlle under-13s road race at Poole and was third in» s 30 mins. 37 secs. Georgina Ellery was second with a time of 28 mins. 17 secs. in the Bere Regis under-13 10-mile time trial.

22 August 1981



Georgina Ellery, a 12-year-old girl in her first year at Huish Episcopi Comprehensive School, gave an impressive performance in the Chippenham and District 10-mile time trial at the weekend covering the distance in 28 minutes 51 seconds.
Other Yeovil Cycling Club members also recorded fair times -- Clive Brooks (22-56), Mark Johnston (23-51) and Martin Bailey (24-41), although winner John French from Oxford was home in 21-37.
At the other end of the age scale Gerry Barlow (37) of Yeovil CC. finished third in the 45 mile midsummer road race at Frome.
Yeovil Cycling Clubs Evening 25-mile time trial resulted:
1, John Woodbury (Manchester WhLs), 58 mins. 38 secs.,
2, Dave Pitman (Somerset R.C.) 59 mins, 19 secs.,
3, Mark Johnson (Yeovil C-C.), 1 hour 2 mins. 9 secs.,
4, Rob Duncombe (Street C.C.), 1 hour 6 mins. 1 sec.,
5, Gary. Mitchener (Yeovil C.C,), 1 hour 6 mins. 5 secs. .
John Woodbury beat the London to Bath and back record by three minutes during the last Week, and he is also going to try the Lands End to John O`Groats record in July. He is one of Eng1and’s top time trialists.

26th June 1981



Mark Johnson just scraped home by one second in Yeovil Cycling Clubs weekly 10-mile time trial.
Johnson (24 mins. 29 seconds) pipped Brian Randell. Rob Duncan came third in 25 mins. 31 seconds.



Chiles inside the hour a sixth time

Yeovil. C.C.'s Geoff Chiles riding in the Western R.C. open 25-mile time trial came third in 59 minutes 44 secs. It was the sixth time he had beaten the hour for 25 miles this year. Bernie Griffin was the most improved rider by nine minutes, in 1 hours 9 mins.
Yeovil Cycling Club's recent evening 25-mi1e time trial results (17 riders competed) were:
1, Paul Barrett (Chard) 1 hour 0 mins 42 see.;
2. Brian Randell (Yeovil) 1-3-86;
3. R Facey (Chard) 1-4-26:
4. Mark Johnson (Yeovil) 1-4-44:
5. Gary Mitchener (Yeovil) 1-6-16,
6. Bob Jackson (Yeovil) 1-7-57.



Another Ellery

Georgina Ellery, 12, or Yeovil Cycling Club has been upholding the family racing tradition this year whilst her parents have been having a year off from competitive cycling to run their cycle shop.
In the Bournemouth and District W,C.A.. Open 10-mile time trial, near Ringwood, Georgina recorded a time of 28 minutes 25 seconds, to take the Fastest Girl award and also 1st handicap prize in the juvenile event.

18 September 1981



Fifty cyclists from various clubs came to Yeovil on Sunday to take Dart in the annual 62-mile John Andrews Memorial Road Race - and 16 of them crossed the finishing line almost together. ,
Winner in 2 hrs. 34 min. 54 sec was Colin Thornton from the Newport Phoenix Club. Second at half a wheel was Andy Massey from the Velo Club, Bristol, and third was Andrew Self, from C.C. Basingstoke.
Winner of the King of the Hills award, presented to the rider gaining the most points by being the first up Babylon Hill on each lap was Andy Massey.
The fastest lap time was achieved by Frank Tulodzieck (Severn Road Club) in 31 min. 8 sec.. The trophy for the most aggressive rider went to Paul Bennett from the Kenton R.C.
Winners of the Primes were - 1, Andy Massey, 2, Colin Thornton; 3, Dave Pitman.
Yeovil Cycle Club members have had success at events held recently in the area. Pat Ellery won the ladies Exeter Wheelers 10-mile time trial in less than 30 minutes, and her daughter Georgina came fourth.
Geoff Chiles won the 25-mile Bath Road Club Arch Harding memorial trophy in just 57 min. 50 sec, in wet and windy conditions. .
The result of the Yeovil Evening 10-mile time trial was 1, Paul Barrett (Chard) 22 min. 53 sec., 2, Clive Brooks (Yeovil) 23-13. 3, Mike Fuller (Team Zoyland).


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Geoff Chiles Shatters the record again

Geoff Chiles (42),of Yeovil Cycling Club broke the clubs 25 mile record for the second time this season when he clocked 56 minutes 5 seconds at the New Forest Club time trial on Thursday. He beat the record, by seven seconds, but his efforts only earned him second place.
Chiles also helped Yeovil win the team event in the Clevedon 50-mile time trial on Sunday. Top individual was Chris Holloway of Bristo1 South, but the next three places were filled by Yeovil riders. Clive Brooks was second in a time of 2 hours 3 mins 58 secs, Chiles was third (2-4.20) and Richard Freeth fourth (2-5.58).
Chiles was second out of 132 entries in the Wessex Veteran 25-mile time trial on Saturday. His time of 56 mins 47 secs was only five seconds behind the winner J. Gifford (Croydon).

3rd July 1981


A First For Chiles

Pride of place as far as Yeovil Cycling Club riders were concerned last week-end went to Geoff Chiles, who won the Bristol South open 25-mile time trial with a time of 58 minutes 40 seconds The field included some of the top names in time trialling in the South.
Also on Sunday 12-year-old Georgina Ellery won the under-13 section in the New Forest 10-mile time trial with a time of 31 minutes 16 seconds. Her mother. Pat, also rode in the ladies event to return a time 30-13.
On Wednesday the club held a 16.2-mile two-up team time trial which was won by the composite team of Paul Barratt (VC. Equip) and Richard Freeth (Yeovil C.C.) in 38 minutes 40 seconds. Second were Brian Rendell and Mark Johnson (Yeovil C.C.) 38.49.and Gary Mitchener and Frank Durdon (Yeovil c.c.) were third with 39-38.

22nd May 1981


Time trial

Yeovil Cycling Club held an open 25 mile time trial on Sunday.
Result 1, Bob Maslen. (Exeter Wheels) 57 mins. 32 secs;
2, Geoff Chiles (Yeovil. C.C) 58-12;
3. A. Thorne (Bath C.C.) 58-15.
Handicap -- 1, F. Dueren (Yeovil C.C.) 55-38: 2, R. Barretts (Bath C.C.) 55-54. 3, K. Robbins (Yeovil C.C.) 56-17.
Juvenile -- A. Crook; (Chard Wheels 1hr.-05-35
Veteran Geoff Chiles (Yeovil). 58-12.;
Team: Yeovil C.C.. (G. Chiles, C. Brooks, R. Freeth) 3-01-26.
Junior and lady H. Davis (Weston-s-Mare) 1-00-09.



Hill Climb

Yeovil Cycling Club held their annual hill climb on Ham Hill on Sunday in very mild weather. Despite the fact that he improved on last years time, the reigning champion Gerry Coombs was beaten by a junior member, Philip Wright, at his first attempt.
1, Philip Wright (2 min.11 1/5th sec):
2, Fred Griffin
3. Gerry Coombs
4. Alan Millward
5. Gary Mitchener
6, Bob Evans.

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Time trial racing got under Way in the West with a 10 mile event on Saturday, promoted by the Yeovil CC
Winner Bob Maslen (Exeter Wheelers) emerged from his winter lay off with a fine display of Speed, and a time of 21.56.
Maslen beat Paul Barrett (Team Zoyland) (by 27 seconds, with Dave Pitman, (Somerset RC) a further 32 seconds down on Barrett.
Allen Jones (Bristol South CC) made good use of the 2,000 miles plus he has done in training this year. He surprised even himself with a 23.00 ride for fourth place.


For the second year running the Severn Road Club we unlucky With the weather for their four-up team time trial.
Team Zoylands quartet made up of Russell Basely, Paul Sean and Dave Baker, easily beat the next fastest team, Bristol South completing the course in 58.13.
The Bristol South team of Collins, Robert Pink, and Peter Pursey completed in 1.0.8 but had a non Starter in, Matt Winstone.
The pusher off dropped Collins at the start causing a grazing to his shin.
Only two seconds behind the Bristol South was Cheltenham CCs Ian Davis, Paul Carlton, Chris Williamsson and Alan Sharp in third place.
On June 6 the West DC promote the National Championship 25 mile time trial. The course has been fixed on the Gloucester road starting at the top of Milbury Hill. Results:

Yeovil 10.mile time trial:
1. Bob Maslen . (Exeter Wheelers) 21.56.
2. P Barrett (Team Zoyland) 22.25;
3. D Pitman (SomemseT RC) 22:55:
4. A Janes (Bristol South CC) 23.00.
Junior: D Coward (Somerset RC) 23:12

Severn Road Club 4-up team time trial:
1. R Baseley, P Baker, S Baker, D Baker (Team Zoyland) 58:13
2. R Pink, P Pursey, R Collins (Bristol South CC) 1.0.12:
3. I Davis, P Carlton, C Williamsson, A Sharp (Cheltenham. CC) 1.0.12


Gilday First

Yeovil Cycling Club held a 10-mile time trial on New Years Day on the Camel Hill-Podimore course. First six Were, John Gilday (Street), 25 mins 0 secs, Mark Johnson (Yeovil), 25.02, Richard Freeth (Yeovil), 25.05, Brian Randell (Yeovil) 25.26, Andrew Millward (Frome) 26.19, Jim Bartlett (Frome) 26.35.



Five Yeovil Cycling Club riders entered Sundays New Forest CC Open 25 which was held in perfect conditions.
C Chiles was fastest in a time of 56 min 48 sec, and second was M Johnson who beat his previous best by newly two min to record 58-10. B Rendell was third in 58-49, while R Evans and D Todd both knocked two minutes off their previous best to record 1-2-22 and 1-4-19 respectively.
Yeovil’s own 16-mile two-up time trial resulted:.1 Gerry Barlow and David Ellery (38 min 43 sec), 2 Brian Rendell and Clive Brooks (38-46), 3 Kevin Robins and Derek Todd (40-44).


Yeovil Cycling Clubs time trial

Yeovil Cycling Club held their first weekly evening Time Trial of the season with a 10 miles event over the usual Halfway-Ilchester bypass-Podimore course. A record entry of 28 was received which augers well for the future.
Fast times were not expected as there was a very strong cold northerly wind blowing. However some keen competition took place resulting in ties for first and fourth places. Leading times were:
Equal D Ellery and M Johnson (28 mins 46 secs),
3 B Rendell (25-48);
equal 4 A Millward (Frome) and F Trout (Chard) 25-51.
Open 25 mile Time Trial on Monday resulted:
1 P Bennett (V C Slough Office Assoc) 59-21;
2 C Pugh (Reading CC) 59-31;
3 M Fodder (Wessex RC) 1-0-19;
4 C Tatton (Bristol South CC 1-1-58;
5 D Pitman (Somerset RC) 1-2-30,
6 P Ridge (VC Taunton). 1-2-44.
Team: Somerset CC (D Pitman, D Coward, J Baxter) 3-17-54.
Junior - C Tatton (Bristol South CC) 1-1-54.
Lady -- Pat Ellery (Yeovil CC) 1-16-38;
Veteran P Bennett (VC Slough) 59-21,
Handicap C Tatton (Bristol South CC) 55-28.
Best Yeovil riders was D Ellery (1-4-45).
In the Bournemouth Arrow 25-mile Time Trial, Yeovil riders were first an second. D Ellery won in 59 mins 45 from M. Johnson (1-0-37). Pat Ellery (1-8-38) was first lady.
At the- Barnstaple 10 mile time trial, Georgia Ellery, a Yeovil school girl was first lady in 28 mins 25 secs.

7 May 1982



The annual 62-mile John Andrews Memorial Road Race held at Yeovil on Sunday was won jointly in 2 hours 36 minutes 30 seconds by Ernie Bore (Barn and Camberlv CC). Paul Ridge (VC Tauton) and Mike Fuller (Team Zoyland).
Sharing second place in 2 hours 38 minutes were Anthony Davis (VC Equipe), and Roland Tilley (Bournemouth Arrow CC Fircroft). Paul Evans (Severn Road Club) finished third 2 hours 39 minutes.
Other prizes were: King of the Hills Paul Barrett, runner-up Anthony Davis. Primes on lap two and three, Paul Barrett, prime on lap four, Gary Crewe: prime on lap five, Paul Bennett. Fastest. lap, Gary Crewe. Most aggressive rider, Dave Pitman. Hotspot on lap two, Anthony Davis; hotspot on lap three Gary Crewe, hotspot on lap four, Paul Bennett. Last man, Paul Bennett.
Result of the evening 10-mi1e time trial: .1 Paul Barrett, 2 Rex Facey, 3 Mark Johnson. There was a record entry of 37 riders.
Result of the evening 16-mile time trial: 1 Mark Johnson, 2 Kevin Robins, 3 Nigel Letheren.



Thirty riders contested Yeovil Cycling Clubs 10-mile evening time trial. Winner was Mark Johnson, of Yeovil CC. in 24 mins 7 secs.


Ham Hill race

Yeovil Cycling Clubs 54-mile Ham Hill Trophy race on Sunday was won by Make Fuller (Team Zoyland) in 2 hours 15 mins 55 secs.
Other leaders: 2 Courtney Rowe (Cardiff Ajax), 3 Paul Barrett (Team Zoyland), 4 Mike Parker (Royal Navy), 5 S Bullpit (Cardiff Ajax), 6 Clive Grossey (Velo Club Bristol). Primes: 1st and 3rd laps P Barrett, 2nd lap Shaun Baker, 4th lap C Rowe.


Rex is king!

Rex Facey of Yeovil Cycling Club won the Bristol South Road Race over 56 miles in 2 hours 27 minutes 6 seconds
First six in the Yeovil club's own 10-mile evening time trial were Danny Ellery (23 mins 40 secs), Mark Johnson (24-13), Fred Griffen (25-02), Brian Rendell (25-14), Bob Jackson (25-14), Kevin Robins (25-21) .


10-mile trial

On a good evening for cycle racing, 29 riders competed in the Yeovil CC 10 mile time trial and very fast times were recorded.
Result: ; Rex Faced (Yeovil CC) 23 mins 11 secs, 2 Mark Johnson (Yeovil) 23-32, 3 Frank Duerden (Yeovil) 24-00, 4 Clive Brooks (Yeovil) 24-28. 5 Brian Randell (Yeovil) 24-33. 6 Andy Millward (Frome and District) 24-38.



Yeovil Cycling Club held an
evening time trial on a two-circuit course covering 16 miles Five of the first six were Yeovil riders.
Result: 1 Geoff Chiles (38 minutes 15 seconds), 2 Frank Duerden (38-28). 3 Clive Brooks (38-58), 4 John Trout, Chard Wheelers (39-32). 5 Kevin Robins (39-50), 6 Nigel Letheren (40-30).
Two Yeovil riders competed in the Bournemouth Arrow 50-mile trial. Geoff Chiles was the first veteran to finish and was placed eighth overall Rex Facey was ninth.



Yeovil Cycling Club veteran Geoff Chiles had an eventful week. He had his fastest ride this year (55 mins 16, secs) to come second in the New Forest 25-mile time trial at Ringwood to Steve Moss (Bournemouth) 52.35
Third was Yeovil’s Mark Johnson, whose 58.03 was a personal best.
Chiles then competed in the Wessex Veterans 50 mile trail and despite a puncture on the way came second in 2:5:30.
Yeovil took first three places in the Western RC 25-mile time trial last Friday Mark Johnson (1:0.2), Roger Evans (1:3.35) and Bob Jackson (1:3.52).



There was a record entry of 100 riders, including a 75-year-old from Bath, in Yeovil Cycling Club’s 25-mile open time trial.
Although no member of the Yeovil club came in the top three Mrs Pat Ellery was the fastest women and the fastest team was also from Yeovil - R Facey. G Chiles, D Ellery.
Two riders from Yeovil Cycling Club took part in the 660 yard handicap at Poole. Fred Griffen came 2nd in the race and Bernard Griffen came 3rd and he also finished 2nd in the three lap scratch race.


10-mile trial

Yeovil Cycling Clubs evening 10-mile time trial attracted 27 riders. Result:
1 Paul Barrett (Team Zoyland) 22 mins 53 secs:
2 Mark Johnson (Yeovil) 24 07.
3 Brian Rendell (Yeovil) 24 56.
4 Fred Griffen (Yeovil) 25 08.
5 Andy Millward (Frome Wheelers) 25-10,
6 Frank Duerden (Yeovil) 25-24.

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Yeovil Cycling Club stage the 49-mlle Pittard Trophy Road Race for third category riders and Juniors on Sunday. There will be four laps of the course starting at Bucklers Mead School and going via Babylon Hill to Sherborne and Mudford and back to Yeovil. The finish will be in Lyde Road.
Stephen Chamberlain, who won the event last year and was also King of the Hills, will be defending his titles.
The Yeovil Club held their Evening 10 time trial on Wednesday. After a very wet day it was a fine evening, but a cold, strong NW Wind made conditions tough for the 21 competitors.
Leaders: Mike Fullet (Team Zoyland) 23 minutes 57 seconds, Geoff Chiles 24-02, Mark Johnson 24-43, Kevin Robins 25-12, Nigel Letheren 25-18, John Trout (Chard Wheelers) 25-18.
Yeovil member Gery Coombs rode the Poole Wheelers 12 hours time trial last Sunday and clocked up 221 miles in the 12 hours.



Yeovil Cycling Club held the Pittard trophy Road Race on Sunday over four laps of the Sherborne. Adber. Mudford to Yeovil course covering 49 miles.
Out of the 42 starters only 22 managed to finish the gruelling Babylon Hill course. It was a very Windy morning making it hard going for the cyclist.
On the last lap Christopher Bennett (Kernot CC. Cornwall) broke away from the bunch to finish 2 minutes 20 seconds ahead of the chasing bunch, competing the 49 miles in 2 hours 7 minutes 39 seconds.
King of the Hills was a young American, Thomas Riley, riding for Bournemouth Arrow while he is in this country on holiday. Riley also took two primes. The third was taken by Christopher Bennett.
Result -- 1. Christopher Bennett 2 Stephen Chamberlain (Plymouth Premier), 3 David Curtis (Severn RC), 4 Thomas Riley (Bournemouth Arrow). 5 Paul Shawyer (Bournemouth Arrow), 6 Douglas Cater (Chippenham & Dis Whlrs). The second to sixth placed men all clocked 2-9-57.
Yeovil Cycling Club member Danny Ellery rode his first vet Time Trial, the Bournemouth 25 on Sunday - his 40th birthday. Danny won the event beating his club mate Geoff Chiles by seven seconds. His time 55 minutes 38 seconds. Chiles Won the Handicap prize.
Georgina Ellery, Danny’s daughter, won the Dorset Schools under 13s 10 mile time trial championship, beating all comers, including boys, in a good time of 25 minutes 50 seconds. Georgina has recently become the new under 13 National five mile record holder
and will shortly be competing in the National Schools 10 mile championship against children up to 16 years old.
The Evening 10 was run on a blustery evening, but some very good times were recorded with five personal bests. D Ellery (22 minutes 39 seconds) was the winner.



Eighteen competitors rode in the last evening time trial of the Yeovil Cycling Club season. Although times were not fast there were two personal best performances - juvenile Yeovil rider K O’Donnell with 26 min 41 second A Lawrence (Chard Wheelers) 25-03.
Result - 1 C Brooks (Yeovil) 24-03, 2 F Duerden Yeovil) 24-15, 3 M Johnson (Yeovil 24-17, 4 A Millward (Frome Wheelers) 24-20, 5 J Trout (Chard Wheelers) 25-00. 6 A Lawrence (Chard) 25 03.
Geoff Chiles, Yeovil veteran rider, rode the Oxonian 50-mile time trial and was Well pleased With his time of 1 hr 54 min 17 sec in poor conditions.


Hill Climb

Yeovil Cycling Club held their annual hill climb on Sunday starting at one-minute intervals, eight riders attacked the gruelling Ham Hill.
The winner was Gerry Coombs in 2 minutes 1 second, knocking 15 seconds off his winning time in 1980.
Result - 1 Gerry Coombs (2 min 1 sec), 2 G Rowlands (2 3). 3 M Howard (2-4).


GEORGINA ELLERY, who was 14 on Monday, came second in the 10-mile junior national cycling
championship at Bognor Regis. Georgina, who lives at Charlton Mackrell, was representing Huish Episcopi School and rides regularly with her parents, Danny and Pat Ellery, as members of Yeovil Cycling Club.

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Cyclists good year

Yeovil Cycling Club had a successful year, it now has over 50 members, with an increase in junior membership.
Showing potential were Garry Rowland, Richard Cheetham, Kieron O’Donnell and Georgina Ellery.
Schoolgirl Georgina came second in the George Herbert Stancer memorial 10~mile time trial despite having to qualify in her regional heat against boys. She was awarded the Ron Kitching time trialling award.
The club is now in a better financial state, having raised funds by promoting time trials and road races.



YEOVIL Cycling Club held the third of the evening time trials last Wednesday. The event was a 16.2 mile two-up trial. Eleven pairs of riders competed and the results were:
1 Frank Overden and C Brooks 36 mins 53 secs)
2 Andrew Millward and Gary Rowland (37 mins 47 secs),
3 Danny and Georgina Ellery (40 mms 03 secs).



EASTER proved a busy time for some of Yeovil cycling club members, with events at Bournemouth, Chippenham and Trowbridge
On Friday in the Bournemouth Arrow CC 10 mile time trial Danny Ellery was fourth 24 mins 20 secs and was also fastest veteran. Meanwhile his daughter Georgina scooped the prize for fastest schoolgirl and managed to win the ladies section also. In the Western TTA 25 mile event at Trowbridge Gary Rowland won the handicap prize
Sunday saw Richard Cheetham, Rex Facey and Andy Millward competing in the Hurn Airport circuit races at Bournemouth.
The following day Danny Ellery, Mrs Pat Ellery, Gary Rowland and Richard Cheetham competed in the Chippenham Wheelers Hilly 23 mile time trial. Danny was again fastest veteran, his wife was second fastest lady, Gary Rowland won the handicap prize, and Richard Cheetham was fourth best

8 April 1983



YEOVIL Cycling Club held the Ham Hill trophy road race on Sunday with 51 riders including Rex Facey, Danny Ellery and Andy Millward from Yeovil. The race was four laps of a 12.5-mile circuit around the outskirts of Yeovil, starting at Pittards factory.
Dave Smith of Team Zoyland won with a lone effort with one lap to go. He also won the king of the hills prize which was awarded to the most consistently highly-placed rider reaching the summit of Babylon Hill
on each lap. He showed the experience he had gained racing in France last year.
Result: 1 D Smith (Team Zoyland), 2 S Bent (Highgate), 3 M Fuller (Team Zoyland), 4 K Jarrett (Southdown Velo), 5 A Davis, 6 T Wilson (both VC Equipe Manulife Argos).
Awards were presented by Mrs Hazel Brown

11 March 1983


Danny’s day

THERE was more success for Yeovil Cycling Clubs Danny Ellery when he won the veterans event in the Welsh championship 25-mile time trial at the Weekend. Results of the Yeovil Cycling Clubs 10-mile , time trial were:
1 C Brooks 23 min 46 seconds.
2 M Johnson 24 min 8 seconds,
3 R Cheetham 24 min 9 seconds.

27 May 1983


Time trial

THE weather could not have been better for the Dorset Schools CA 10-mile time trial held at Wimborne on Saturday. Four Yeovil cyclists took part Andrew Millward, Richard Cheetham, Georgina Ellery and Mark Johnson who all recorded good times Mark was fourth
In 24 minutes 9 seconds and Richard was fastest Junior in 24 minutes 39 seconds.
The following day rain and gale force winds made. conditions extremely difficult for the 60 mile Mid-Somerset road race in which Gary Rowland and Richard Cheetham of Yeovil CC competed. They finished equal sixth.

15 April 1983



With the new racing season now well under way, more of Yeovil Cycling Club’s members are competing in events.
Over the last three Saturdays there have been the Weston Zoyland handicap road races, Andrew Millward was the best of the Yeovil riders, coming sixth, 17th and fourth.
On Sunday, in the Creech St Michael junior road race. Gary Rowland came third after a sprint finish.
The same morning saw the Weston-super-Mare two-up 25-mile team time trial. Danny Ellery and Rex Facey came fourth.

25th March 1983



Yeovil Cycling Club held their annual buffet and prize presentation last week.
Awards were: . Ten-mile medals. Lady P Ellery (27-08), Juvenile - K O’Donnell (26.50), Junior R Cheetham — (24-43). Senior -- D Ellery (22-39). Allcomers -- P Barrett Team Zoyland (21-55).
25-mile medals. Junior -- R Cheetham (1-5-42). Senior - R Facey (59-42). Senior- R Facey (59-42). Allcomers - J M Fuller Team Zoyland (1-1-11).
Club trophies - Hayward BAR Shield, G Coombs: 25-mile Cup, G Chiles, Hart Novice Cup R Cheetham, Peters Cups and Paten Cup. G Chiles, New Hudson Cup, 12-hour Cup and Hill Climb Cup, G Coombs: Points Cup M Johnson, Webb Memorial Shield. Miss G Ellery, Sportsman of the Year Cup, Cecil and Wilfred Perry (joint).



YEOVIL Cycling Club held the first of their evening time trials. There were 26 competitors and the leaders were: 1 Mark Johnson (23.34), 2 equal Clive Brooks and Frank Daerden (23.56). 4 Richard Cheetham (2402). 5 Gary Roland (24.14).
For the open 25m TT on Monday, there were 57 entrants and Ray Hughes (Clarence Wheelers) clocked 57.49 for first place. A Millward, Frank Duerdon and Clive Brooks led Yeovil to the team prize with Gary Rowland fastest junior.
The previous day in the Bournemouth Arrow CC 25m TT Frank Duerdon won the event with a time of 58.13 beating his nearest rival, John
Pearce (Poole Wheelers) by ten seconds.


Ellery best old-timer

WITH other members on a club run to Cheddar Gorge, five Yeovil cyclists took part in a
26.5-mile time trial around Poole Harbour.
The course was gruelling and quite complex, but all the riders managed very good times. D Ellery 1-07-00, A Millward 1-09-39. R Cheetham 1-11-32. G Rowland 1-12-35, Mrs P Ellery 1-22-23.
Danny Ellery won the fastest veteran prize and fastest veteran on standard. He was also in the team off three which took second fastest team prize, other members were Andrew Millward and Richard Cheetham.

4th March 1983



YEOVIL Cycling Club held their open 10 mi1e time trial on Sunday. The course was on the A303 between Podimore and Ilchester there were 53 entries and prizes totalling nearly £60 donated by local shops and businesses.
First place and also fastest veteran was Danny Ellery of Yeovil. He was riding a specially built aerodynamic bicycle. His time of 22.34 was a personal best by five seconds.
His daughter Georgina is having a similar style bike made. She was the fastest lady.
But perhaps the most notable performance was that of Harry Lodge from Wessex Road Club. Still a schoolboy he came third overall with a time or 23 minutes 21 seconds.
The tandem event was won by Robert and Ken Duncomb of Street CC.

22 April 1983



DANNY ELLERY of Yeovil Cycling Club continued his run of success by winning the Clevedon and District RC’s 25-mi1e time trial on Sunday in 57 mins 51 secs. This was eight seconds faster than second-placed Collins of Bristol. It was Danny’s fifth win as a veteran this season.
Gary Rowland and Keith Robins were not so fortunate though in the Holt Trophy road race near Bournemouth. They both punctured early on in the race.
On the same day the other side of Yeovil CC was seen in the 100 kilometre event organised by Dave Weale. The course took in Cerne Abbas, Yeovil and Somerton. A group of 36 riders completed the distance at their own steady pace.

29th April 1983



The past fortnight has seen Yeovil Cycling Club showing its strength.
Four youngsters, Kieran O’Donnell, Mark Lydon, Steven Ash from Preston School and
Georgina Ellery from Huish Episcopi School took part in the regional heat of the George Herbert Stancer 10-mile time trial. This is a nationwide competition for schoolchildren culminating in a final later on in the year.
Kieran achieved a near two-minute personal best with 24 mins 28 secs and was fifth fastest. Georgina was the fastest girl and qualified for the finals.
Last Sunday saw Gary Rowland and Richard Cheetham compete in the Pilning Street road race at Bristol. They faced tough opposition in a field 'containing international riders. Gary attacked on his own with one-and a-half miles to go and won with about 50 yards to spare from the main field. This was a good result as he and Richard were dropped on a steep hill on the last lap; but both fought back to rejoin the leaders

23 July 1983

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THE 20th Yeovil Cycling Club Pittard trophy road race on Sunday took place in bad conditions for the cyclists, a strong wind and heavy rain making roads
very dangerous, but there were surprisingly few spills in a fast race.
The eventual winner was Ben Luckwell of VC Equipe Manulife Argos. He completed the 48 mile course in just over two hours, beating his nearest rival Martin Miller of Bournemouth Arrow by over five seconds. Third was Harvey Pitt of Severn Valley Beaufort Computors club. The king of the hills winner ways Mark Lewis of Bournemouth Jubilee and he also won the three primes. The fastest lap was by Ian Glenn of Hainault Racing club completing the first 12 mile lap in just over 30 minutes.

Picture: Mrs Hazel Brown drops the flag to start cyclists on their way in the road race.

26 August 1983


GEORGINA ELLERY, a 14-year-old Yeovil Cycling Club member, with her specially built low profile bicycle on which she came second in the national George Herbert Stancer 10-mile time triaL. Georgina’s time was 3 minutes 20 seconds outside her best, but gale-force winds were responsible for this.


Seven had same time

THROUGHOUT the country on Sunday the regional cycle race championships were held. The western divisions senior event was over 95 miles and was held around Bridgwater and Weston Zoyland. The race attracted 50 riders, including Andrew Millward and Richard Cheetham from Yeovil Cycling Club.
Seven riders battled it out in the sprint finish. The result was: 1 A Davis (VC Equipe) 2 M Davis (VC Equipe), 3 B Woolridge (Severn Valley), 4 S Brennan (Nutwood BC) 5 D Park (Bristol South), 6 P Sandy (Somerset RC). 7 R Cheetham (Yeovil CC). All seven were given the same time, 4 hours 10 minutes.

16th September 1983


Georgina leads ladies home

DANNY ELLERY, Andrew Millward, Gary Rowland and Georgina Ellery, all from Yeovil Cycling Club, took part in Fridays Weston-super-Mare
Wheelers 10-mile time trial.
Danny was third overall with a time of 21 minutes 45 seconds. Andrew and Gary both achieved personal bests by around 20 seconds, and Georgina -- riding her low profile, aerodynamic bike for-the first time -- was the fastest lady.
At the weekend she was in action again in the English Schools Cycling Associations circuit and time trial championship. With only three other
schoolgirls riding, they had to compete alongside the boys. Georgina finished a creditable sixth overall in both the time trial and circuit race.
Yeovil Cycling Club’s evening 10-mile time trial last Wednesday resulted: 1 Mark Johnson (23-23), 2 Clive Brooks (23-33), 3 Richard Cheetham (23.56)

17th June 1983


Two awards

YEOVIL Cycling Club held the John Andrews memorial road race on Sunday in which there were 50 riders. The race was five laps of a circuit which took in Yeovil, Sherborne, Hinton Cross and Mudford.
Paul Bennett of Ross Wheelers, who arrived just as the race was about to start, was the most successful rider. He won three of the five sprints, the king of the hills award for the most highly-placed rider each time up Babylon Hill, and the award for being the most aggressive rider.
The eventual winner was Anthony Davis of VC Equipe, outsprinting team-mate Steve Cole.
Result: 1 A Davis (VC Equipe Manulife), 2 S.Cole (VC Equipe Manulife); 3 V Avery (Mid-Devon RC), 4 P Bennett (Ross Wheelers), 5 N Giles (Exe Valley CRC), 6 D Park (Bristol South CC).

10th June 1983


Cycling Club's hill climb

THERE was a change of venue for this years Yeovil Cycling Club hill climb. Instead of competitors racing up Ham Hill, Winyards Gap was used -- not as steep but three times longer.
The final result was very close with only eight seconds Separating the first three riders: 1 Gary Rowland (6 mins 14 secs), 2 Richard Cheetham (6-19); 3 Kieron O’Donnell (6-22).

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CLIVE BROOKS in determined mood before taking part in Yeovil Cycling Clubs
25-mile time trial at Halfway House, Ilchester Road, on Sunday. Clive, a member of Yeovil Cycling Club, got a helping hand from colleague Bernard Griffin before setting off. He was the first Yeovil rider home and finished fifth in 58 minutes, 25 seconds - four minutes behind the winner Rod Collins from Bristol South Cycling Club, who broke the course record. The time trial attracted 80 riders with Jonathan Warner from Chard winning the junior prize and Bristol South the team award.

5th August 1983


Double road race proves a success

THE Ham Hill and Pittards trophy road races held on Sunday proved a great success. It was the first time both races had been held on the same day and organisers were so pleased with its success they will repeat it next year.
Organiser Mr Patrick O’Donnell said: I am very pleased. It went extremely well. It was better this way because a lot of people are
involved, marshals and police, so it saves a lot of effort if we hold the races at the same time.
Also it is more exciting for the spectators because they see more cyclists more of time, instead of the half hour glimpse.
Yeovil cyclist Gary Rowland did well, and came joint second with three others in the 48 mile Pittards race, in a time of two hours 8.22 seconds. Torquay cyclist Lester Clarke came first in two hours 8.20 seconds.
Winner of the 60 mile Ham Hill race was J Withey from Hampshire in
a time of 2 hours 36.18 seconds.

MRS HAZEL BROWN, vice-president of the Yeovil Cycling Club. chats to two of the local competitors, Martin Anstice (left) of Yeovil, and Gary Roland of Mosterton before she started the juniors 48-mile road race from Pittards on Sunday.

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Georgina’s the best

YEOVIL Cycling: Club members took part in various races on Sunday achieving good results.
In the Rockley Sands Criterium at Poole over 10 miles, schoolboy Keir O’Donnell rode well to finish fifth while Georgina Ellery was the fastest schoolgirl.
In the senior event over 32 miles Andy Millward also finished fifth, with Richard Cheetham and Martin Anstice in the lead bunch.
At Ringwood four Yeovil riders competed in the Antelope RT 2-up team time trial, resulting C Brooks and F Duerden recording 58 minutes 55 seconds
and R Evans and K Robins 1 hour 1 minute 27 seconds. The winners covered the 25 miles in 54 minutes 18 seconds.
At Weston-super-Mare G Mitchener and M Johnson rode in the Wellington Wheelers 25 mile team trial and covered the distance in 1 hour 6 minutes 35 seconds. The winners were home in 56 minutes 52 seconds.

23rd March 1984


Beaten by the Welsh wizard

YEOVIL Cycling Club members braved the elements at the weekend in two races.
At Ringwood, four riders competed in the Salisbury RC open 25 mile time trial. Cold, strong winds meant times were slow.
Fastest Yeovil rider was C Brooks in 1 hour 1 minute 28 seconds followed by F Duerden 1-1-48. K Robins 1-3-08 and R Evans 1-5-28. The race was won by Welsh champion J Pritchard in 56 mins 8 secs.
In the Horsey Valley road race, 58 riders competed after so miles Yeovil’s A Millward and
R. Cheetham finished 16th and 28th respectively. Winner was P Barratt (Team Zoyland).

6th April 1984



YEOVIL Cycling Clubs evening 10 mile time trial attracted 18 riders. Fine weather conditions meant some fast times were
recorded with several personal bests being set.
Winner was Clive Brooks in 22 mins 7 secs with Mark Johnson second in 23 mins 12 secs. Roger Lloyds 24-11 was a 41 second improvement.
The best ride of the evening was by 14-year-old Steve Noyce who improved 1 minute 23 secs to clock 26 mins 51 secs.

31st August 1984


Robins is time trial star

Yeovil Cycling Club promoted its open 10 mile time trial on Saturday. Nearly 90 riders .competed from as far away as Tiverton and Frome A strong headwind made the first half toughgoing and so times were slower than expected.
The winner was R Maslen VC Taunton in 23 mins 13 secs, although the best ride of the day was undoubtedly that of Yeovil’s Kevin Robins who did an excellent 24 mins 0 secs to finish fifth overall and win first prize for most improvement.
Georgina Ellery was easily fastest lady in 26.42.
On Sunday rain and gale force Winds battered riders in the Chard Wheelers pursuit handicap road race and of the 50 starters only nine finished.
Yeovil’s rapidly improving junior Garry Rowland was close to victory, being beaten to the line by half a wheel by Bournemouths Mark Lewis.

30th March 1984



ON Saturday in Lincolnshire Yeovil Cycling Club’s Georgina Ellery competed in the Women’s National 10 Mile Time Trial Championship.
120 of the country’s fastest women battled it out for the short distance
title. Georgina, who is only 15 years old, finished 20th overall and third
in the under-18 category with a time of 25 mins 32 secs. Winner was
Lincolns Barbara, Collins in 23 mins 20 secs.
On Sunday Yeovil’s Clive Brooks continued his run of fast rides with a third place in the Swindon Wheelers Open 50 Mile Time Trial. He completed the undulating course in 1 hr 59 mins 54 secs.
Yeovil veteran Frank Duerden was pleased with his personal best ride of 2 hrs 2 mins 15 secs, putting him sixth overall. Bristol’s Rod Collins did a course record of 1 hr 53 mins 7 secs, to win the event.
Leaders of Wednesdays Evening Club 10 Mile TT were: 1. C Brooks (22 mins 53 secs); 2. F Duerden (23 mins 42 secs); 3. A Millward (23 mins 58 secs).

25th May 1984


CLIVE Brooks, of Yeovil Cycling Club, was second from 106 riders in the Weston-super-Mare Saturday 25-mile time trial. He clocked 56 mins 4s secs. Geoff Chiles was fourth overall. Bob Maslen (VC Taunton) was the winner.
Yeovil’s own 10 time trial was won by Clive Brooks (23-21) from "Mark Johnson (23-47) and Gary Rowland (24-10)

15th June 1984


Personal best – despite a buckled wheel

YEOVIL Cycling Club members competed in two events at the weekend.
At Devizes in the Trowbridge CC Open 10 mile time trial, fastest was Clive Brooks in 22 minutes 47 seconds. finishing eighth overall. Kevin Robins did a personal best ride of 23 mins 41, secs despite covering the final five miles with a buckled front wheel.
On Sunday Kevin and Derrick Todd travelled to Newbury to ride the Harlequins CC Open 25 mile time trial. Kevin being a late starter had strong winds to contend with but still did a creditable rider of 1 hr .8 mins 19 secs. Derrick was well placed with 1-7-30. Winner was L Lloyd in 1-1-22.

20th April 1984



YEOVIL Cycling Club promoted its first two road races of the year on Sunday both over the gruelling Yeovil - Sherborne - Mudford course.
Then Ham Hill trophy race was Won by James Withey (VC Etoile) who covered the 60 miles in 2 hours 36 minutes 18 seconds, and was 52 seconds clear of second place Dave Coward (VC Taunton).
The Pittard Trophy race for third and junior category riders was held over 48 miles and was won by Lester Clark (Mid Devon RC.) in 2 hours 8 minutes 20 seconds, beating Tim Butt (Velo Club Bristol) to the line by two seconds. Yeovil’s Gary Rowland rode well to finish fifth.
Awards were presented by Mrs Hazel Brown.



YEOVIL Cycling Club’s Clive Brooks finished seventh overall in the New Forest CC open 25-mile time trial at Ringwood on Thursday. His time of 55 mins 41 secs was fast for a windy evening.
Southampton’s Glen Longland won the event in 54-29.
On Sunday, at Gloucester, a buckled back wheel cost Clive some seven mins in a 50 mile time trial, although his 2 hrs 3 mins kept him in the top ten. Yeovil’s Frank Duerden was pleased with his trouble free ride of 2 hrs 3 mins. The winner clocked 1 hour 51 mins.
Leader in Yeovil’s weekly 10 mile time trial were: Clive Brooks (23 mins 5 secs). Mark Johnson (23-47), Andy Millward (23-50).

29th June 1984


Georgina’s top Schoolgirl

FOUR Yeovil Cycling Club members rode in the English Schools Cycling Association open 10 mile time trial at Bere Regis on Saturday.
Of the '70 competitors, Yeovil’s Geoff Chiles finished fifth overall in 24 minutes 41 seconds to win the fastest veteran award. While Mark Johnson was 10th. Winner was Jeremy Short from the Isle of Wight (23 minutes 35 seconds).
In the under-16 juvenile event 20 riders competed with Georgina Ellery finishing fourth overall and was the fastest schoolgirl in 27 minutes 4 seconds.

12th April 1984



YEOVIL Cycling Club attracted a field of more than 40 riders at their second annual 25-mile time trial on Sunday. Cyclists came from as far afield as Liverpool and Barnstaple and it was a Bristol man -- Rod Collins - who crossed the line first in a time of 55 min 38 sec.
Yeovil’s Mark Johnson finished fifth just two seconds under the hour and veteran Geoff Chiles came in seventh with a time of 1 hr and 58 sec.
The best ride of the day was that of junior Kier O’Donnell, who, riding only his first 25, finished 10th in 1.1.28.
Meanwhile, Clive Brooks and Roger Evans from Yeovil were riding the Wessex RC 100-mile time trial.
Brooks set a new club record of 4 hrs 13 min and Evans time of 4.40 was a 14-minute improvement on his previous best. The only man to beat the four-hour barrier in the race was Chippenham rider Steve Cook who finished in 3.55.

2nd August 1984



CLIVE Brooks, Mark Johnson and Frank Duerden of Yeovil Cycling Club competed in the New Forest CC Open 50-miles Time Trial on Sunday, Brooks was 7th with a time of 1 hr 59 mins and Johnson, riding only his second 50, clocked in at 2 hrs
2 mins improving his time by two minutes. Duerden finished 15th with a time of 2 hrs 5 mins. An Oxford rider finished first in 1 hr 55 mins.
Yeovil’s schoolgirl rider Georgina Ellery ls one of only 15 youngsters selected
from Britain to do a course at training camp.
Wednesdays 10-mile TT saw Brooks retire with a puncture at eight miles leading -the way open for P Barrett (Team Zoyland) to finish first in a time of 23 mins 2 secs with Johnson second (23.23).

27th July 1984

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Eight Yeovil CyCling Club riders took part in the Frome and District
Wheelers open 25-mile time trial at Axbridge on Saturday.
The rain held off but a stiff cross wind made the last 12 miles of the race
Yeovil’s Clive Brooks scored his second victory of the season in an open event with a surprise win over Bristol’s Rod Collins. He stormed round the
Bridgwater Flats course in 56 minutes and 25 seconds beating Collins by just one second.
Frank Duerden and Mark Johnson from Yeovil finished 11th and 12th
within a second of each other. They were up against 100 other riders.
Pat O’Donnell lopped eight minutes off his previous best time for the distance and John Saunders improved his time by two minutes.

8th June 1984


Hills hold no fears for Clive

YEOVIL Cycling Club°s Clive Brooks beat 60 other competitors to win the St Bureaux CC 50 mile time trial on Sunday in Devon.
The course. noted for its hills, meant fast times were out of the question, but Clive's winning time of 2 hrs 8 mins was 20 secs faster then the second placed rider.
Yeovil’s veteran Frank Duerden finished in 2 hrs 9 mins.
Result of Wednesday's evening 25 mile time trial: 1 Clive Brooks (59 mins 44 secs). 2 Mark Johnson (1 hr 0 mins 31 secs). 3 Nigel Letherton (l hr 4 mins 26 secs).

10th August 1984


Robins is sixth at Andover

YEOVIL Cycling Club members competed in two open time trials at the week-end.
On Saturday in the Andover Wheelers 25 mile TT, Yeovil’s Kevin Robins finished sixth overall out of a field of 50 riders, recording 1 hour 3 minutes 40 seconds.
Conditions were far from perfect with only the winner beating the hour, that was Southampton's Glenn Longland (55 minutes 44 seconds).
Clive Brooks and Frank Duerden battled against co1d Gale force winds in the Bristol South CC 50 mile TT. Clive was third, in 2 hours 5 minutes 55 seconds, while Frank came eighth, in 2-10-30. Fastest was the promoting clubs Rod Collins in 1 hour 58 minutes. .
On wednesday Yeovil CC held a two-up 16.2 mile time trial. Leaders were C Brooks and F Duerden (36 minutes 2 seconds), M Johnson and K Robins (37 minutes 9 seconds); D Ellery and G Ellery (38 minutes 28 seconds).

18th May 1984



SEVEN Yeovil Cycling Club members competed in the Poole Wheelers open 25 mile time trial at Ringwood on Saturday. There were some of the fastest southern riders among the 110 competitors.
Yeovil’s Clive Brooks stormed round in 54 minutes 54 seconds, his fastest ride for seven years, finishing fourth overall. Kevin Robins beat the hour for the first time clocking 58-45. Roger Evans sliced 1 minute 40 seconds off his previous best time, being only two seconds outside the hour. Unshipping his chain could have cost him those vital seconds.
P Pickers won the event in 53-18.
In the veterans event Geoff Chiles did 57-59 coming 10th and Derrick Todd 1-2-20;
Yeovil’s evening time trials started at Ilchester on Wednesday, with a 10 mile TT. Leading times: C Brooks (23 min 1 second), F Duerden (24-??), M Johnson (24-18). K Robins (24-24).

4th May 1984



Yeovil Cycling Clubs Clive Brooks and Frank Duerden battled through strong, cold winds on Sunday, in the Western TTA 100-mile time trial.
The course they rode was around Swindon and Cirencester. Clive was well placed, clocking 4 hrs 31 mins, while Frank did 4~38. Winner was Swindon’s Chris Lowe, home in 4 hrs 17 mins.

In Wednesdays 10-mile time trial Clive scored an easy win with a time at 22 mins 22 secs. followed by Mark Johnson, 23-26, and Kier O’Donnell 23-31.

20th July 1984



ON Friday three members of Yeovil Cycling Club rode the Bournemouth Arrow CC open 10 mile time trial. Kier O’Donnell did a personal best of 24 minutes 6 seconds While Georgina Ellery was fastest schoolgirl in 26 minutes 6 seconds, her mother Pat did 27-30.
Winner was Harry Lodge (Wessex RC) in 22-30.
At Devizes in the WTTA open 25 mile TT, Clive Brooks did 59 minutes 39 seconds, finishing eighth overall. Winner was Oxford’s M Bowen in 56 minutes 38 seconds.
On Sunday at Cheddar four members rode the Clevedon open 25 mile TT. Out of a field of 110 riders C Brooks and M Johnson finished fourth and ninth with times of 59.14 and 1-0-52 respectively. Fastest was Bristol’s R Collins 55-07.
At Ringwood in a veterans 25 mile TT G Chiles was fifth overall in 57-01. Poole’s T Icke won in 55-24.

27th April 1984



YEOVIL Cycling Club’s Geoff Chiles beat 65 other competitors at Newbury on Saturday to win the veterans open 25 mile time trial. He completed the course in 57 mins 22 secs with 18 secs in hand over the second placed rider.
On Sunday a field of 30 riders assembled at Pittards factory for the John Andrews memorial road race. Two riders broke away on the final lap from the main bunch who were unable to catch them in the closing miles. As a result there was a frantic sprint for the line, with John Witney (VC Etoile) beating Team Zoyland’s Mike Fuller by half a wheel.
They had taken just two hours 32 mins to cover the hilly 62 miles.
Yeovil’s Andy Millward and Richard Cheetham finished in the main bunch, coming seventh and ninth three mins behind the winners.

22nd June 1984



YEOVIL Cycling Club held its open 25 mile time trial on the Lopen Head - Ilchester by-pass course on Monday. A cold gale force north-east wind made the 70 competitors struggle and many riders were 10 minutes or more slower than their, personal bests..
The Winner was Yeovil’s Clive Brooks who recorded a fine 1 hr 1 min 42 secs and was over a minute faster than the second placed rider.
Yeovil CC also won the three-man team award with Clives ride being backed up by F Duerden (1-5-37) and K Robins (1-5-55).
On Wednesday in the clubs evening 10 mile TT, leaders were C Brooks (23 mins 34 secs) K Robins (24-36), F Duerden (24-37) and K O’Donnell (24.42).

11th May 1984



YEOVIL Cycling Clubs Danny Ellery has been back in the saddle for just a month after an operation but he's already making his presence felt after a string of fast rides.
In the Porth & District Open 25 mile time trial he was fastest veteran and second overall with a ride of 56 minutes 24 seconds.
At Swindon on Wednesday in the Gloucester CC Open 10 mile time trial Danny sliced six seconds of the club record time he set last year with a rapid 21 mins 39 secs. His daughter Georgina recorded exactly 24 mins updating her previous under-16 club record by 59 secs, easily being the fastest lady. Her mother Pat finished in 26 mins 3 secs.
Yeovil's veteran John Saunders reduced his 25 mile time by three mins in Wales on Sunday with a time of 1 hr 34 secs.
Surprise winner of Yeovil’s club 10 mile TT was Kier O’Donnell setting an under-16 schoolboy club record of 23 mins 22 secs and on a hard night. Clive Brooks was second in 23-29 and Mark Johnson third with 23-48.

6th July 1984

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YEOVIL cycling clubs top time trialist Clive Brooks scored his third win of the season on Sunday' when he won the Cheltenham and County open 50 mile time trial for the second successive year.
Although 27 seconds slower than last year his time of 2 hours 48 secs was over a minute faster than the second man.
Also among the 80 competitors were Yeovil’s Frank Duerden 2 hrs 10 mins and Roger Evans 2 hrs 10 mins.
On Wednesday at Swindon, 120 of the districts short distance riders rode in a 10 mile time trial. Winner was Wessex RC’s Harry Lodge in just 29 mins 35 secs. Yeovil’s Clive Brooks finished 15th in 22 mms 1 sec despite slowing drastically in the closing miles through exhaustion.
Veteran John Saunders improved 78 secs to clock 22 mins 50 secs while schoolgirl Georgina Ellery did a personal best of 23 mins 37 secs updating her club record by 23 seconds.

10th August 1984



WINYARDS Gap was the setting on Sunday for Yeovil Cycling Clubs annual hill climb contest.
Wet and windy weather made the two-mile ascent hard going, but clear winner was junior Kier O’Donnell in 6 minutes 24 seconds, followed by M Lydon (6.40), R Facey (6.49) and M Anstice (7.46).

2nd November 1984


Mark’s Two Year Best

YEOVIL Cycling Club members did well in two time trials on Sunday. at Ringwood, six riders competed in the Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers open 25 and Danny Ellery was sixth in 56 minutes.
Mark Johnson recorded 58 min 19 sec -- his fastest ride for two years. With Geoff Guiles home in 58-33. Yeovil CC were secondly the three-man team event, only five seconds slower than Norwood Paragon CC.
In the St Budeaux CC 25 Clive Brooks was third in 57 min 59 sec, while Frank Duerden did 1-0-44 on this undulating Devon course.
On Wednesday the club held a.24.3-mile time trial covering three laps of the Yeovilton-Podimore-Ilchester circuit; Clive Brooks averaged 27 mph to clock 54 min 24 sec. Mark Johnson was second in 57.29, while schoolboy K O'Donnell did 57-47.

13th July 1984


Veteran trio used pedal power

THREE Yeovil Cycling Club members competed in the Veterans` Grand Prix two-up 25 mile time trial at Ringwood.
In the event for the over 50-year-olds, Yeovil’s Clive Brooks partnered Frome’s Jim Bartlett, finishing fourth overall in 59 mins 52 secs.
The winning pair were home in 54 mins.
In the under 50-year~old event, Yeovil’s John Saunders and Mark Johnson recorded 59 mins 7 secs.
The fastest pair were Wessex RC’s W Kirkland and M Fodden in just 52 minutes.

26 October 1984


O’Donnell third in national

KIER O'Donnell of Yeovil cycling club travelled to Cardiff on Saturday to compete in the National Schoolboy’s 10 mile time trial championship,
Some 120 of the country’s fastest youngsters battled it out for the coveted title. Kier having won his local qualifying heat at Gloucester six weeks ago finished third in 22mins 59 secs. setting a new junior club record.
Winner was Merseyside's Chris Boardman in 22-16.
On Sunday at Ringwood Yeovil's Roger Evans achieved his goal of a sub hour ride in the Salisbury RC open 25 mile time trial. His time of 58 mins 40 secs was a 1 min 22 secs improvement.
Meanwhile at Axbridge John Saunders, riding the Wellington Wheelers 25, did a personal best of 1 hr 2 secs being fastest veteran and 12th overall.
In the last Yeovil evening 10 mile time trial of the year leaders were Clive Brooks (22 mins 35 secs), Mark Johnson (23-10), Kier O’Donnell (24.11).

7th September 1984

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YEOVIL Cycling Club held their annual dinner and prize presentation on New Years day.
Most of the time trial awards were won by Clive Brooks who was fastest over 25, 50 and 100 miles last year. Clive also retained the
points cup for the second successive year.
Kier O’Donnell was fastest junior winning the hill climb trophy and novice 25 mile cup.
Sportsman of the year was Andy Millward.
Six riders braved cold winds to ride the 10, mile time trial prior to the dinner presentation. Winner was Tauntons Neil Brooks in 24 mins 14 secs. Fastest Yeovil rider was Garry Mitchener in 29 mins 2 secs.



YEOVIL Cycling Clubs open 10-mile time trial attracted a record entry of 88 riders on Saturday from as far away as Bristol and Exeter.
Yeovil’s Danny Ellery was fifth overall and fastest veteran in a time of 23 min 46 sec. Mark Johnson finished ninth in 24 min 54 sec, while Georgina Ellery was fastest lady in 28 min 1 sec. Yeovil CC also won the faster team award.
Other Yeovil riders times were J Saunders (25-50), G Mitchener (26-44), B Jackson (26-46) and E Rodgers, who improved 30 seconds to clock 26-50.
Winner was VC Equipe’s Ken Knight in 22-46.

29th March 1985


Cyclist Keir’s super show

Yeovils" Keir O’Donnell, riding in his first junior road race after coming third in the national schoolboys championship, put up a tremendous performance in the Pittards Trophy road race, gaining second place in a sprint finish.
He was just three seconds behind Nigel Perry of G.S. Stella Cycling Club, who finished the course in 2hrs 14min 5lsec and only half a wheel in front of Jonathan Strange from Bristol.
The Ham Hill road race for seniors was marred by a pile-up on the first lap on the Yeovil-Sherborne dual carriageway, which cost Yeovil’s Rex Facey his chance while Bob Jackson, from Yeovil, had to retire due to a puncture.
Mike Parker, from St Budeaux Cycling Club, Plymouth, was the winner in a time of 2hrs 41min 2sec.

7th March 1985



FIVE Yeovil Cycling Club members competed in Weston-super-Mare Wheelers two up 25-mile
time trial on Sunday.
Fastest local was Andy Millward riding with Team Zoyland’s Mike Fuller (1hr 1min 46secs) Garry Mitchener and Eric Rodgers clocked 1-5-45 this being Eric’s first 25 for 21 years. Bob Jackson and Mark Johnson (1-9-46) lost several minutes with a puncture.
The winning pair took 57mins 51secs.

22nd March 1985



FIVE Yeovil Cycling Club members competed in the Wellington Wheelers 2-up open 25-mile time trial at Axbridge on Sunday.
Yeovil’s Kier O’Donnell and Mark Lydon were fourth overall and fastest junior pair in 1 hr 25 seconds. Andy Millward riding with Team Zoyland’s Dave Baker finished fifth in 1 hr 32 seconds.

5th April 1985


Danny second

YEOVIL Cycling Clubs Danny Ellery finished second overall in the Southampton Wheelers open
25-mile time trial on Sunday. Battling through strong winds he clocked 1 hr 1 sec. Winner was Poole Wheelers T Icke in 59 mins.
Yeovil’s evening club events started with a 10-mile time trial. From a field of 15 riders leaders were C Brooks (23 mins 24 secs), M Johnson (24-17) and J Saunders (24-48).

3rd May 1985


O’Donnell’s top junior

THREE Yeovil Cycling Club members were among the 120 who competed in the Poole Harbour Circuit time trial on Sunday.
Junior Kier O’Donnell was 10th overall in the 26 1/2 mile event, and was fastest junior in 1 hr 6 mins 30 secs. He beat national 25-mile record holder Alf Engers, and also ex-Yeovil ace Clive Brooks who is now with Weston Wheelers.
Danny Ellery was also well placed in 1.8.35 and his daughter Georgina recorded 1 hr 21 mins. Glen Longland was the winner in a record 1.1.31.

15 March 1985



THREE Yeovil Cycling Club riders travelled to Ringwood on Sunday for the Salisbury RC open 25 mile time trial (fastest was Roger Evans clocking 59 mins 83 secs, his second under-the-hour ride. John Saunders and Mark Johnson finished in 1-2-27and 1-2-29 respectively Winning time was 54-19.

26th April 1985


Veterans' time trial

YEOVIL Cycling Club’s Danny Ellery finished fifth in a field of 120 riders in the veterans 10 mile Time Trial Championship at Swindon on Monday.
His time of 21 minutes 28 seconds was a personal best- and new club record.
Georgina Ellery rode in the national women’s 10 mile championship in Northamptonshire on Sunday. She finished 20th overall and was second fastest junior in 25 minutes 48 seconds. Yeovil’s evening 25 mile time trial was won by Team Zoyland’s Mike Fuller in 59 minutes 23 Seconds.

31sy May 1985



YEOVIL Cycling Clubs annual open 25 mile time trial attracted nearly 90 riders on Monday. Wet and windy conditions made the going tough with only three riders beating the hour.
Derek Rodgers from Gloucester was fastest in 57 min 32 sec. But ride of the day for Yeovil’s Kier O’Donnell finishing fifth overall with a personal best time of 1-0-45 in only his second attempt at the distance. Kier was also fastest junior. Other leading Yeovil riders were M Johnson (1-2-34), R Evans (1-4-05), J Saunders (1-5-05) and G Mitchener (1-7-08).
On Saturday, in the Dursley 25 Yeovil’s Eric Rodgers improved by over two minutes to clock 1 hr 3 min 13 sec. R Evans (1-2-59) and M Athersuch (1-9-59) were other Yeovil competitors.

10 May 1985


YEOVIL Cycling Club members rode in a 16.2 .mile 2-up circuit time trial on Wednesday. A strong north-east wind meant times were slower than usual. Fastest was Danny and Georgina Ellery in 40 mins 35 secs, followed by M Johnson and J Saunders (40-41), K O’Donnell and P O’Donnell (42-26) and M Lydon and G Mitchener (42-30)

17th May 1985



YEOVIL Cycling Clubs veteran Danny Ellery beat over 60 riders, including top Devon man Mike Parker, to win the Exeter Wheelers CC open 10 mile time trial on Wednesday. His time was 22 minutes 52 seconds.
Meanwhile in the Yeovil Club 10 mile time trial 20 riders competed. Leaders were C Brooks (23-03), K O’Donnell (23-24), M Johnson (23-50), J Saunders (24-45) and K Robins (24-51).

24th May 1985

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Cyclist Spencer poses a problem

SENIOR time-triallists of Mendip Cycling Club have a problem - is 14-year-old schoolboy, Spencer Wilson, who is still beating them all, allbeit most recently by only four seconds when an out and home time-trial of approximately 16 miles was held on the A361 west of Pedwell.
Conditions for racing were pretty well ideal, except for the county road department having engaged in a partial road resurfacing operation without rolling in the flints.
This resulted in the club secretary Bob Yoxen puncturing at the turn and losing several minutes.
Result: Spencer Wilson (37 mins 45 secs), Kevin Baker (37 mins 49 secs), Martin Harris (38 mins 14 secs). Points table to date, Spencer Wilson (86points), Tim Finch (74) and Lloyd Sheldon (52).
For the first time this season a club member,` Tony White, has got inside the hour in an open 25.


THE Bath and West show ground saw its first, and quite successful, massed start cycle racing promoted by Mendip Cycling Club.
In appalling wet conditions four races were held with the fields rather depleted, as was to be expected, but riders were enthusiastic about the circuit of roads in the show ground.
Results: Juveniles 10 miles -- 1 Jonathan Short (Exeter Wheelers), 2 Elliot Davis (Avon / Somerset Police CC), 3 Spencer Wilson (Mendip CC).
Juniors 15 miles - 1 Robin Townsend (Bath CC), 2 M Hazell (Weston Wheelers), 3 L McLean (Exeter Wheelers). .
Veterans and C category riders 25 miles - 1 Richard Cheatham (Yeovil CC), 2 A Davies (Bath CC), 3 E McLean (Exeter Wheelers).
Seniors 35 miles - 1 Roland Tilley (Bournemouth Arrow / Fircroft Hotel), 2 D Baker (Team Zoyland), 3 A Cook (Cheltenham and District Wheelers).

28th June 1985


Wet for cyclists

APPALLING weather conditions have dogged Mendip Cycling Clubs first year efforts at promoting open events for riders in this part of the South West and the most recent occasion, the time trial over 25 miles on the A38 starting at Shute Shelve, was no exception.
It was a calm morning when the first rider was sent away at 7.30 am, although fine rain had started, but, long before the full entry of 120 riders had their opportunity to start, heavy rain set in which resulted in quite a number of entrants failing to face the starter.
The scratch winner was Williamson of G S Strada / Austins Steel with 54 mins 26 secs, which was over two minutes ahead of the second man, Fisher of Team Mirage, with 56 mins 58 secs, followed by fellow member Shorter with 57 mins 51 secs.
The fastest lady was Mrs Park of UC Bristol with 1 hr 1 min 18 secs, the first junior Whitlock of Severn RC with 1 hr 1 min 18 secs, the first juvenile Forbes also of Severn RC with 1 hr 4 mins 51 secs, whilst the promoting clubs very successful veteran, Ron Durnford, continued his winning ways this season by taking the premier award for the veterans section.

16 August 1985


John beats the hour

YEOVIL cycling clubs John Saunders finished second in the Poole Wheelers Middle Markers open 25-mile time trial at Ringwood on Thursday. 60 riders competed who had never previously beaten the hour.
John was also fastest veteran in a time of 59 mins 28 secs, 11 seconds behind the winner.
Leaders in Wednesdays evening 10-mile time trial were 1 M Fuller (Team Zoyland) 23 mins 30 secs, 2 K O’Donne1l (Yeovil CC) 23-37, 3 M Johnson (Yeovil CC) 23-39.

5th July 1985


Cyclist ‘first’

FIVE Yeovil Cycling Club riders were among the 75 competitors in the Frome and District Wheelers open 25 mile time trial at Axbridge.
Fastest was Kier O’Donnell, finishing fifth overall in 59 minutes 25 seconds.; This was his first sub-hour ride at the distance and won him fastest junior prize.
Other Yeovil riders times were: M Johnson 1:1.24, J Saunders 1:1.30, E Rodgers 1:3.16 and P O’Donnell 1:4.40.
Weston Wheelers rider Clive Brooks was fastest in 56 minutes 56 seconds.
The John Andrews Memorial Road Race attracted more than 50 riders. Five laps of the Yeovil - Sherborne - Mudford circuit was covered totalling 62 miles. Winner was Team Zoyland’s Paul Barratt after a sprint finish with Pete Hedley. Yeovil’s Andy Millward rode well for fourth place.


Final trial

YEOVIL Cycling Club’s final evening 25-mile time trial of the season was held on Wednesday.
Clive Brooks (Weston Wheelers) was fastest, setting a new course record of 56 minutes 41 seconds. He was followed by Mark Johnson (YeovilCC) 59 mins 59 secs and John Saunders (Yeovil CC) 1-0-37.
In the Mendip CC open 25 at Axbridge on Sunday 100 riders endured wet and windy conditions. '
Mark Johnson finished 11th in 1-0-35, while John Saunders was 16th in 1-1-29. Yeovil’s Eric Rodgers clocked 1-4-03. Winning time was 54 mins 26 secs.

9th August 1985


Bere’s best

THREE Yeovil Cycling Club Members were among a field of 50 riders competing in the CC Weymouth open 25-mile time trial on Sunday near Bere Regis.
Mark Johnson finished second in 58 mins 42 secs while John Saunders was seventh in 1-1-20.
Winner was Mark Fodden (Wessex RC) in 56 mins 46 secs.
Also on Sunday, Yeovil’s Eric Rodgers was riding the National Championship 12 hour trial, in which he covered 207 miles.

23rd August 1985


Timely evening

YEOVIL Cycling Clubs evening 10-mile time trial on Wednesday attracted a good field of 22 riders.
Joint winners were Mike Fuller (Team Zoyland) and Mark Johnson (Yeovil CC), both clocking 23 minutes 32 seconds. Tony White (Mendip CC) was third in 24-03, followed by John Saunders (Yeovil CC) 24-20.
New Yeovil rider Adrian Mead improved by nearly one-and-a-half minutes to finish in 25-53.

2nd August 1985


Left Pub in hurry

YEOVIL Cycling Club held its annual hill climb trial on Sunday. Five riders braved a cold morning for the steep ascent on Ham Hill
Winner was junior Kier O’Donnell who took just 2 mins 1.7 secs from the corner pub in Stoke to the summit.
Just half a second separated the second and third placed riders with schoolboy Gary Miles 2 mins 28.1 seconds beating Dave Driver (2-28.6) Also riding were Mike Athersuch (2-37) and Andy Morrison (2-53). -
With the racing season now over Sunday Morning Club runs are held leaving Key Markets car park at 9. pm. New members are°welcome.

8th November 1985


Georgina is best

YEOVIL Cycling Clubs Georgina Ellery won the Chippenham and District Wheelers Women’s 10-mile time trial event at Devizes
on Saturday. Her time was 25 mins 5 secs.
Riding in the mens event was Yeovil veteran Derrick Todd who clocked 25-37.
Result of Wednesdays evening 10-mile time trial was: 1 M Johnson (23 mins 42 secs), 2 K O’Donnell (24-03), 3 J Saunders (24-43).

28th June 1985

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Millward wins ‘most aggressive’ title

YEOVIL Cycling Club rider Andy Millward (left) in second place, as the leading trio pull out of Mudford on their way to completing the first lap of the John Andrews Memorial Road Race on Sunday. Forty riders started the sixty-two mile race through, Yeovil, Sherborne and Mudford. '
ANDY Millward, a member of Yeovil Cycling Club, won the title of Most Aggressive Rider when he came third in the John Andrews Memorial Road Race on Sunday.
He also rode the fastest lap of the 12 1/2 mile race from Pittards, Yeovil, to Marston Magna and Mudford and back. Andy had to cycle up Babylon Hill five times and only came third by a length.
Andy (19), lives at The Homestead, Over Stratton, and has been a member of Yeovil CC for four years.
He was the only Yeovil CC member left in the field, Rex Facey from Chard dropped out due to exhaustion.
Twenty teams took part, ranging from Somerset and Dorset to London and Tyneside.
Organiser Dave Taylor was pleased with the race and weather conditions. It was quite fast and pretty hot. We need warm conditions.
Paul Barratt of Team Zoyland became King of the Hills when he won in 2 hours 36 minutes 18 seconds. Peter Hedley of Stratos CRT Bournemouth came second at a wheel.

7th June 1985

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Thrills and spills

Local lad notches up success first time out

SIXTEEN year old Keir O’Donnell from East Chinnock came joint second out of 44 entrants in the Yeovil Cycling Club Pittards Trophy 48-mile road race on Sunday.
It was Keir’s first road race and despite tough competition from cyclists from all over the South West there was only an eight second time difference between him and the winner. Keir lives at 1 Weston Close, Weston Street.
In the other race of the day, the 60-mile Ham Hill Trophy road race there were certainly a few spills and thrills when a combination of
strong winds and wet roads led to an eight-man pile up just 10 minutes into the race.
The accident happened on the dual carriageway to Sherborne just three miles from the start at the Pittards Factory, Yeovil. First aid-men were soon at the scene and an ambulance was called.
Paul Ridge from Velo Club Taunton, broke his finger and sustained bad bruising while his team-mate Andrew Bartlett was taken to hospital suffering from a dislocated collar bone.
Race organiser Patrick O’Donnell said: No sooner had they left than they were coming back. Some bikes were completely written off with buckled wheels, bent frames and these are bikes costing £400-£500.
And there was yet more drama to come in the Pittards race when the favourite to win, Lester Clarke from Torquay, was disqualified after his bike gearing was found to be oversize when he borrowed a bike when his own failed.
Mark Lydon from Yeovil CC was also unlucky when he suffered two punctures and had to retire.
Yeovil Cycling Club secretary Mrs Ivy Andrews started the races and presented the awards.
Winners of the Ham Hill Road Race were: Mike Parker, St Budeaux CC 2.41.2; Paul Rogers, VC St Raphael, 2.43.41; Andrew Hitchens, Bournemouth Arrow, 2.43.49; Dave Coward, Team Zoyland (Bridgwater)
2.43.50; Peter Georgi, Mid Devon RC, 2.43.50; John Withey, VC Etoile, Wilts 2.44; Gary Bryant, St Austell Wheelers CC, 2.45.13; Keith Jarrett, Southdown Velo, 2.45.13; Neil Phillips, Cardiff Byways CC, 2.45.22; Michael Fuller, Team Zoyland (Yeovil), 2.46.37; Philip Hodge,
Cardiff Ajax CC, 2.50.25.
Pittards Trophy Road Race winners were: Nigel Perry, GS Stella, Portsmouth, 2.14.46; Keir O’Donnell, Yeovil CC, 2.14.54; Jonathan Strange, Bristol RC, 2.14.54; Ian Parker, Stratos CRT, 2.15.10; Stephen Parker, St Budeaux CC, 2.15.12; Terry Daniels, Bristol RC, 2.15.42; Oly Accola, Southdown Velo, 2.23.52; Brian Townsend, Bath CC, 2.23.59; Edward Silverton, Bristol RC, 2.24.2; George McMenemy, Southampton Wheelers, 2.26.20; Kim Day, Weymouth CC, 2.31.12; Kevin Robinson, Southampton Wheelers, no time, Patrick Hope, Severn RC, no time.

OUT of the saddle. Riders put some power onto the pedals in the early stages of the Pittards Trophy Road Race.

8th March 1985

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TWISTED bikes and bodies block the near-side lane of the A30 as riders crash during Yeovil Cycle Clubs Ham Hill Trophy, on Sunday.

RACE organiser Mr Patrick ODonnell of West Coker with his son Keir.

8th March 1985

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MENDIP Cycling Club opened its time trial season with a ten miles event on roads to the west of Glastonbury in which the course record was beaten by Tony White with 23 minutes 45 seconds, a great early season achievement.
Second fastest was Spencer Wilson with 25 minutes 29 seconds. Third was Steven Wells in his first time trial with 27 minutes 15 seconds - a very good effort which qualifies for recognition as beating the third class junvenile standard.
Two new schoolboy members from Cheddar, Toby Penn with 31 minutes and Mark Richardson only eight seconds slower had a close personal battle in their first attempt at time trialing.
Yeovil Cycling Clubs open 25 mile time trial, held on Monday, attracted a good 6eld of 80 riders. The rain held off but a headwind finish meant that Clive Brooks course record of 56 minutes 41 seconds was not broken.
Winner was Russell Bazley (Team Zoyland) in 57 minutes 18 seconds with Clive Brooks (Weston Wheelers) and S Davies (Guernsey VC) joint second with 58-16.
New Yeovil member Paul Blackshaw, formerly riding for Hampshire Road Club was 11th in 1-0-16.
Other Yeovil riders times were K O’Donnell 1-1-40, M Johnson 1-1-53, J Saunders 1-2-28 and R Evans 1-4-49.
Leading times in Yeovil’s evening 10 mile time trial held on Wednesday at Ilchester were P Barratt (Team Zoyland) 22 minutes 49 seconds, D Ellery 23-20, M Johnson 23-38, R Facey 24-06 and J Saunders 24-43.

8th May 1986


A TORN vest and cut leg for Plymouth rider Simon Andrews as he checks the damage to his bike.

193 RIDERS check for damage as a Red Cross volunteer checks the condition
of an injured rider before the arrival of the ambulance.
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Johnson takes Southern Region time trial

Representing the Yeovil Post Office in Huish, Mark Johnson covered the Southern Region Post Office/Telecom 25 Mile Time Trial in 59 minutes 25 seconds to take first place in the event, which was held on the A38 some 17 miles south of Bristol.
D. Potter of Burnham Radio finished second in 59 minutes 41 seconds, with T. Jones third in 1 hour one minute and 26 seconds.
After the event Mark was invited to take part in the national final to be held on the Bristol/Gloucester road in August.

26th June 1986


Consolation for Barratt

THERE was consolation for Paul Barratt when he lost his title in the 72-mile Joanna France Memorial Cycle Road Race at Yeovil at the weekend.
Barratt, racing for team Zoyland, finished second after winning the event last year - unable to match the winning time of three hours 11 minutes set by Andrew Hitchins of the Mid-Devon Road Club.
However, Barratt did manage to win the King-of-the-Hills prize on the 12-mile circuit, between Yeovil and Sherborne.
Results - 1 A Hitching (Mid-Devon Road Club), 2 P Barratt (Team Zoyland), 3 C Rees (Kernot CC), 4 M Parker (Mid-Devon RC), 5 T Taylor (Macklesfield Wheelers), 6 P Bennet (Ross Wheelers), 7 R Gardiner (Mid-Devon RC), 8 G Bryant (Mid-Devon RC), 9 M Frampton (C S Dynamo), 10 P Headley (Stratus RC).
Roger Gardiner and Paul Bennett tied for the fastest lap tune.


Time trial

YEOVIL Cycling Club held their first club 10 mile time trial on Wednesday. Amongst the many Yeovil competitors were guest riders from the Weston-super-Mare Wheelers and the Western Wheelers.
The five fastest were: 1 C Brooks (Weston) 22 minutes 37 seconds, 2 P Blackshaw (Yeovil) 23:40, 3 M Johnson (Yeovil) 24:26, 4 K Robins (Western Wheelers) 24:29, 5 M Seabrook (Yeovil) 24:50.

1st May 1987


Cyclists’ uphill struggle

YEOVIL Cycling Club held their end-of-season hill climb on an 0.8-mile course at Winyards Gap on Sunday. Due to the hard climb to the finish most of the members present were content to watch rather than ride!
Result: 1 M Pattern (3 min 53.9 sec), 2 A Norris (4 min 5.4 sec), 3 D Driver (4 min 6.4 sec).
The club also held an open 10-mile time trial, mainly on the A303. Quickest man home, C Brooks, set a new course record and juvenile rider M Pattern beat his personal best time by nearly two minutes.
Result: 1 C Brooks (Western Wheelers / Reprodraft) 21 min 39 sec, 2 M Fodden
(Wessex Road Club) 22 min 14 sec, 3 P Blackshaw (Yeovil CC) 22 min 19 sec.
Juvenile – M Pattern (Yeovil) 24 min.

9 October 1987


Bikers show how

YEOVIL Cycling Club held its first two road races of the season on Sunday when entrants had to battle against strong winds.
Seniors took part in the 60-mile Ham Hill race with 49 cyclists starting off from Pittards Factory in Yeovil and 58 juniors entering the 48-mile Pittards race.
Two national riders entered the races ensuring a high standard and good race times.
Three Yeovil riders entered the races and competed against cyclists from all over the country.
Keir O’Donne1l (17) a Yeovil college student from East Chinnock came a very creditable fifth in the junior race.
But it was Bognor Regis rider Nigel Perry who won the race repeating his success last year.
The race had an exciting finish when ten riders including Keir O’Donnel1 crossed the line simultaneously, after the winner Nigel Perry and runner-up Dayne Ratcliffe.
The two other Yeovil Cycling Club members Martin Lock and Rex Facey both finished their races.
Results Ham Hill Trophy Road Race. 1 Gary Bryant 2 hrs 36 mins 28 secs, 2 Harry Lodge, 3 Mike Parker. Pittards Trophy Road Race - 1 Nigel Perry 2 hr 11 mins 17 secs, 2 Dayne Ratcliffe, 3 Mark Hazel.

YEOVIL Cycling Club member Rex Facey gets the best wishes of starter Mrs Winifred Brasted. Picture: Steve Roberts.

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Action from Yeovil Cycle Club's 20th annual road race on Sunday. Riders made their traditional start from Bucklers Mead School on an 11 1/2-mile circuit through Sherborne, Marston Magna and Mudford. Photo - Richard Austin

26th March 1987


A late downpour hit Yeovil Cycle clubs 11 1/2 mlle 20th annual road race on Sunday, but failed to dampen the spirit of Andrew Hitchins, first in the 60-mile race and Jonathan Short winner of the 48-mile event. -

Pictured is Yeovil rider Michael Athersuch having his bike checked for roadworthiness bv Roger Evans (right). Photos Richard Austin.


Students first race

MATTHEW Seabrook and Rafe Phillips, 16-year-old students at Yeovil College have competed in their first bicycle road race
Other local riders., Mike Athersuch and Dave Driver also took part in the race, held at Bovington Camp.
The four cyclists, all members of the Yeovil Cycling Club, competed against 50 other riders. `
Matthew and Dave completed the course but both Mike and Rafe retired after punctures mid-way through the race.
Yeovil Cycling Club is holding two road races on Sunday, 22nd March, a 60 mile senior event and a 48 mile junior event which start at 10 am and 10.45 am respectively at the race headquarters at Bucklers Mead School.

20 March 1987


Cycling on Sunday

Cyclists from all over England rode in the races run from Bucklers Mead School last Sunday.
Pictured is the senior pack climbing Babylon Hill coming out of Yeovil at the start of the first circuit of the second race of the morning.

(Picture: Eugene Taglione)

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RIDERS in Sundays cycle races which started from Bucklers Mead School, Yeovil, climb Babylon Hill for the first time on the long haul out of Yeovil in the senior race.

27th March 1987


Road races prove too popular

RACE organiser Patrick O’Donneell had to turn entries away for the road races held by Yeovil Cycling club at the weekend.
A total of 120 cyclists took part in the events - the Ham Hill Trophy and the Pittards Trophy Road Race.
The hilly course split up the competitors but with the onset of rain midway through both races, many dropped out of the competition.
Yeovil riders included Matthew Seabrook, David Driver and Michael Athersuch, who competed in the Pittards event and Rex Facey who rode in the Ham Hill race.
The winner of the senior event was Andrew Hitchins (Mid Devon Road Club) and Jonathan Short (Heron RC) won the junior race.

27th March 1987

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‘Tour de Yeovil’ hits the roads

Gruelling course tests riders

CYCLISTS from all over the country took part in road races at Yeovil on Sunday.
The route took the cyclists through the outskirts of Yeovil, along the A30 to Sherborne and back to Yeovil via Mudford.
Of the 55 competitors in the 60 mile race, open to the top three categories of cyclist, only 25 completed the gruelling course. Among them was Yeovil Cycling Club member Peter Blackshaw, who finished 20th, and Keir O’Donnell from Yeovil, who finished 15th.
In the shorter Pittards race, 35 of the original 55 finished.
The Pittards race, open to the third category of cyclist, ladies and juniors, was 40 miles long.
The juniors excelled in this race, with Toby Pinn, Andrew Parker and Mark Beal-Toms, all aged 16, finishing in the first four.


Ham Hill road race -- 1 Nick Noble (Zoyland), 2 Steve Cole (Chiltern RC), 3 Mike Parker (Mid Devon). King of the hills Nick Noble.
Pittards road race -- 1 Duncan Haysom (Mistral), 2 Toby Pinn (BCF Western Division), 3 Andrew Parker (Mid-Devon). King of the Hills - Duncan Haysom, David Rutty (BC Western Division).

DUNCAN Hansom wins the Pittards road race. Pictures by Clive Davies.

25th March 1988

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GEOFFERY Giddings, shortlisted to compete in the Olympics won the Yeovil cycling club open 10 mile time trial on Saturday in a record time of 20 minutes, 55 seconds.
Giddings ride, averaging over 28 mph, broke the record for Yeovil course by over 30 seconds.
The event was held on the A303 West of Sparkford. His time is also thought to be the fastest for the distance achieved in the country this year.
The current UK record for 10 miles stands at 19 mins 46 secs held by British professional Sean Yeats.
Track specialist Giddings beat his own personal best time by one minute on what many considered a bad day, with strong headwinds slowing riders on the return leg of the race.
He hopes to ride for Britain in the Olympic team pursuit competition in South Korea.
Result -- 1 G Giddings (Stratus) 20 min 55 sec, 2 M Fodder (Wessex) 21-24, 3 P Blackshaw (Yeovil) 22-32, 4 A Schofield (Wessex) 22-34, 5 D Barnes (Zoyland) 22-52, 6 S Mitchell (Western Wheelers) 22-53, 7 M Johnson (Yeovil) 22-54.
Junior S Wells (Mendip) 23-14. Juvenile P Barnes (Dursley) 24-59. Lady G Ellery (Stratus) 25-17.
Team award - Yeovil (P Blackshaw, M Johnson and M Seabrook).

13th May 1988


Kier caught by Millward

LOCAL racing cyclists competed in a series of road races at Covington Camp.
Dave Driver, Matthew Seabrook and Rafe Phillips of Yeovil Cycling Club completed the 35-mile, third category and junior event.
In the senior race Keir O’Donnel (Finsbury Park) of East Coker was in the leading breakaway group on the last lap of the race when he was caught by another local rider Andy Millward (Rufus Wheelers). Millward came eighth, beating O’Donnel who finished 10th.
Twelve-year-old Paul Healis, who has recently moved from Yeovil to Weymouth, finished 15th in the under-16 event.
Paul went on to win the under-13s South of England championships held at
Bournemouth -- a fine achievement in only his third road race.

15th April 1988



YEOVIL Cycling Club held its first two~up time trial of the season when pairs of cyclists rode together in an attempt to cover the course in the shortest possible time.
The race was held over two laps of an 8.1 mile circuit which included Ilchester, Yeovilton and the A303.
The first two pairs broke the course record on a warm, windless evening, ideal conditions for the race.
Top men Pete Blackshaw and Andy Millard averaged 28 mph to establish a winning margin of over 30 seconds.
Result 1 P Blackshaw and A Millward 34 min 50 sec, 2 .C Brooks and J Saunders 35.26, 3 C Absolom and N Evans 36.32.

20th May 1988


Cyclists compete

YEOVIL Cycling Club has begun its summer season of time trials. For the next two months it will be holding evening events every Wednesday ranging from 10 to 25 miles.
Any cyclist who is a member of an appropriate, racing club can compete against other club members and try to beat their own personal best.
All events start near Yeovil. For further details phone Dave Connolly on Yeovil 25545.
Results of the club 10-mile time trial 1 P Blackshaw 22 min 44 secs, 2 C Brooks 22.55,3 C Absolom 23.31. » Fastest lady rider: K Mcleod 31.40. Fastest juvenile: A Kirby 26.37. Fastest juniors M Seabrook 24.31.

6th May 1988

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Lewis wins by three minutes

THE Yeovil Road Races last Sunday morning provided spectators with a display of fine racing over a hard course made worse by the
blustery conditions.
The combination of hills and strong winds often subdue aggressive riding but this was not the case in either event.
The senior 60-mile Ham Hill Trophy race was won by Mark Lewis, of Wimborne, riding for Team Mistral with a fine solo effort.
He left the shelter of the main field on the second of the five laps to overhaul an early two-man break and carry on alone to win by three minutes.
Mark was well supported by team-mate Duncan Haysom, who covered all attempts to organise the chase.
The tight for the remaining places looked settled at the start of last lap with five riders clear of the now depleted main field.
The wind and distance, however, began to take its toll and in the closing miles they were all caught. In all, 10 riders contested second place.

24th March 1989



National junior squad member Toby Finn, of the Mendip CC, shrugged off the challenge of the senior riders to take second with Patrick Foley (Bristol RC) third, Haysom fourth and the other junior squad rider, Matthew Bristol, of Bristol South CC, in fifth.
Best of the local riders was Kier O’Donnell in seventh place with Chris Absolom 10th and Andy Millward 12th.
King of the Hills was Pete Bishop, of Heron RC.
The 48-mile Pittard Trophy junior race had a full field of 60 riders.
The lone Yeovil CC rider, Chris Fendt, in his first road race, had the misfortune to crash in the first mile on the assent of Babylon Hill but carried on alone to finish.
The field was gradually reduced by the pace and hills until less than 20 riders were in contention on the last lap.
The final lap saw the bunch split further and the final sprint was contested by only four with Matthew Rogers, of the Bristol RC, taking the honours from Tim Sluman (Cheltenham County) and Andrew Parker (Mid Devon), Scott Mitchell-Harris was fourth and also took the King of the Hills prize.
Coulter Patton, from Langport was the best local rider in seventh place with Adam Norris, of Somerton, ninth. Both ride-for the Mendip CC.

24th March 1989



Yeovil Cycling Club are promoting two wad races this Sunday - the Ham Hill Trophy over 60 miles for senior riders and the Pittard Trophy 48 mile junior race.
The events will be run over the Yeovil - Sherborne - Hinton Cross - Mudford course with the start and finishes at the end of Lyde Road.
Babylon Hill is a good vantage point and when the “King of the Hills” competition is staged The first three riders over the top receive points each lap.
The starts are at 10am and 10.45 and with the finishes approximately 12.35 and 12.50 pm.
National junior squad members Matthew Bristol and Toby Pinn have special dispensation to ride the senior event, using the higher level of competition to prepare for possible international selection. '
Local interest is centred on Chris Absolom for the Royal Navy, Andy Millward from Over Stratton, riding for a sponsored club the Rufus Wheelers and. Kiel 0’Donnell from East Chinnock in the colours of VC Londres, all who ride the senior event.
Fortune did not favour the Yeovil CC teams in the Chippenham CC two-up team time trial on Sunday. The pairing of Dave Driver and Nick Armstrong suffered mechanical trouble but still recorded 1-12-32 in rapidly worsening conditions over a 26 1/2 mile course. They were second veteran team and 16th overall. w
Mark Johnson and Stuart Wroot riding their first event of the season fared a lot worse. A puncture in the opening miles and a missing marshal caused them to go off course eventually returning to the finish having covered 40 miles!
Two juvenile members attended a training course at Slimbridge over last weekend and produced some good results. Adrian Kirby just missed first place in the sprint time trials and James Mak performed well in the circuit races, showing some excellent bike handling.

17th March 1989

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Brooks takes the title

LOCAL time trial star Clive Brooks won the Salisbury 25 mile race last Sunday.
In cold and windy conditions, only ten of the hundred starters broke the hour barrier on the usually fast Ringwood-based course.
Clive, from Castle Cary, rides for the elite West London club - Polytechnic CC.
His time of 55.59 was nearly a minute better than the second man.
The next local rider was Yeovil CC’s Mark Johnson, a creditable 17th in 1-1-21 in his first solo event of the season.
The other Yeovil CC riders, Dave Driver and Stuart Wroot, recorded 1-4-26 and 1-9-28 respectively while Andy Millward, from Over Stratton, riding for Rufus Wheelers, clocked 1-4-28.
Two runs for different levels of fitness are held every Sunday, meeting in the Old Station car park (9 am) in Yeovil.
Last Sunday, eight members on the slower run were led by John Seaton through the lanes via Nether Compton, Sandford Orcas and Yarlington to Wincanton, a round trip of 40 miles.
Nick Armstrong took the six man fast run non-stop to Sherborne, Milton Abbas and Blandford, a 55-mile ride.
Merryfield airfield, near Ilton, is the venue tomorrow for the Southern Area Championships of the English Schools Cycling Association.
There are closed circuit races of varying distance for under-13, under-15 and over-15.
Seven Yeovil CC youngsters ride but in these events they represent their schools.
Races will also be run for third category seniors and juniors holding British Cycling Federation licences.

6th April 1989



Somerton’s Adam Norris scored his first victory in convincing style on Sunday in the mid-Somerset road race.
The 60 mile event, based on Bridgwater, took the riders across the exposed roads of Westonzoyland and Othery to Greinton.
A narrow, twisting climb onto the Polden Ridge brought them onto the A38 and a fast wind assisted the run back to Bridgwater, a 20 mile circuit.
Adam’s winning move, midway through the second lap, came straight from the textbook, counterattacking as a breakaway attempt had been caught. He was joined by S Fahey,of Chippenham, and working well together maintained their lead. Adams Mendip CC team mates were covering all attempts to organise the chase in the main field.
On the last assent of Greinton hill the pursuing bunch were in sight but when the pair reached the A38 and the wind-assisted run in, they knew they were safe.
In the last half mile tactics changed and Adam has to counter two attacks from his companions before launching a brilliant final sprint to victory.
The Clevedon and District RC staged a 25 mile time trial on the Bridgwater flats on Sunday morning. This, popular local course can be quite fast but the strong east wind ruled out fast times and only two riders beat the hour.
Clive Brooks, from Castle Cary, continued his domination of this type of event with a time of 58.35 -- over a minute ahead of the next man.
Yeovil CCs Danny Ellery was fastest veteran and eighth overall with 1-1-17 while his daughter Georgina, riding for the Velo Club Bristol recorded 1-13-30.
Dave Weale, from East Coker, clocked 1-12-10 and Stuart Wroot 1-14-28.
Stuart had ridden the Swindon RC 10~mile race on Saturday but the strong winds restricted his time to 28-30.
The Yeovil club runs on Sundays and have now been split into three groups with slow, intermediate and fast runs in an effort to accommodate the varying ages and levels of fitness.

20th April 1989



WILF Perry was honoured for his services to South West cycling at Yeovil Cycling Clubs annual lunch recently.
He received the Paddy Widmann Memorial Plaque for his time and dedication to the sport, especially his work as a time-keeper and road records official.
Widmann was, for many years, a respected cycling journalist who worked in the Bristol area. Perry received his award from Memorial committee member Jack Cotton.
Perry, in fact, is chairman of the Yeovil Club and he announced the winners of last years time trials.
Peter Blackshaw received the awards for the fastest 10 and 25 mile senior trials from club president Mrs Joy Andrews.
Jose Garcia was the fastest junior over the 10 and 25 mile distances while Adrian Kirby was the fastest under-16 over 10 miles.
Garcia and Kirby also won the best two 10 and 25 mile time trials by a junior and the best four 10 mile trial by an under-15 respectively.
The 1989 racing season is just getting underway and the first Yeovil members to turn pedals in anger where veterans Nick Armstrong and Dave Driver, who rode the Corsham two-up team time trial over a 25 mile distance.
In very windy conditions their time of 1.09.05 gave them sixth place. The event was won by the Swindon RC team with 1.03.40. There were 30 two-man teams in the race.
Another local rider, the Royal Navy’s Chris Absolom, ride “the circuit of Poole Harbour", a 26 1/2 mile time trial and finished in the first 10 with a time of 1.10.56.
There was a full field of 120 riders in this popular event, which was won by international Glen Longland in 1.04.50.

3rd March 1989

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Putting their best pedals forward

CYCLING took over the Merryfield Airfield near Ilton on Saturday.
The open events included the Southern Area Schools Championships.
Winner of the senior mens section was M Burrows, from mid-Devon. Second was M Harvey, of Coldra Cycling Club, and third was M Steer of Wellington Cycling Club.
In the schools under-15 section, M Waddle, of Westfield, came seventh and L Ackland, of
Preston, came tenth, while in the under-13 section P Mahon, of Westfield, finished eighth.
All three are are members of Yeovil Cycling Club.

Our picture shows Yeovil Cycling Club’s Dave Driver with the pack during the mens event.

12th April 1989


THERE was plenty of two-wheeled action to keep Somerset sports fans happy at the week end.
Young cycling enthusiasts from as far away as Cornwall and the Midlands were chasing the honours at Merryfield Airfield, Ilton, on Saturday.

Pictured above is Patrick Mahon of Yeovil Cycling Club in action in the under-13s race.

12th April 1989


Adam takes two thirds

THE Southern Area championships at Merryfield on Saturday provided spirited racing for all ages.
Both boys and girls competed in varying distances for under-11s, under-13s, under-15s and over-15s.
There were also supporting events for juveniles, juniors and seniors with British Cycling Federation licences.
The under-15s event, run over 10km, saw five Yeovil riders in a close finish.
Matthew Waddle was seventh and Lee Ackland tenth. Adrian Kirby, James Mak and Alistair Seaton were all close behind.
Alistair had been trailing on the penultimate lap but showed character to chase and regain the leading group in the home straight.
In the over-15 race, rode over 15km, Adam Norris, from Somerton, took third place after leading for most of the race. Roderick Beasley, from Merritt, finished seventeenth place while Yeovil’s Kit Goodchild had the misfortune to suffer a puncture early on.
Yeovil’s only rider in the younger age group was Patrick Mahon. He finished seventh in the under-13s.
The BCF junior event saw Adam Norris riding an attacking race to take another third place.
Yeovil CC rider Paul Stevenson showed promise finishing eighth in his first race.
James Head was riding strongly until forced to retire with a puncture.
The senior race saw three Yeovil CC veterans battling with the young third category seniors over 50km.
Tony White soon joined the list of puncture victims but Nick Armstrong and Dave Driver were always at the head of affairs.
In the final sprint, Nick took sixth place and Dave finished equal eighth.
The Sunday club runs enjoyed good weather this week with a 14-strong fast group going through Yetminster, Hermitage and Mappowder to Bulbarrow and back through Sturminster and Sherborne.
The slower group travelled though the lanes to Henstridge and returned via Templecombe, Corton Denham and Sandford Orcas.

12th April 1989

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LOCAL cycle time trial enthusiasts had a full programme last week.
The Yeovil CC evening series started on Wednesday and there were three open events at the weekend.
Yeovil’s first evening 10 of the season attracted 28 riders on a calm but chilly evening.
The event was won by Kier O’Donnell in a time of 23.10. Veteran Tony White was second in 23.16 followed by Royal Navy rider Chris Absolom 23.30. Veterans John Saunders and Dave Driver also beat 24 minutes.
The performance of the younger riders was most encouraging. Best junior was Lee Ackland, riding his first time trial, recording 24.52. Adrian Kirby improved by over a minute clocking 25.02.
The biggest surprise of the evening was the ride of another first timer Barry ?eed from Ash who clocked 24.23 for seventh place even though he has only taken up the sport in the last six months.
Clive Brooks was busy on Saturday with an early morning ride in the Poole Wheelers 25 at Ringwood, where he missed first place by ?1 seconds after clocking just over 54 minutes.
Clive then travelled to Axbridge for the Bristol South CC 10 where he was second again this time 45 seconds behind top international roadman Ben Luckwell who recorded 21.33.
Mark Johnson was best of the Yeovil CC team with 23.59. Dave Driver clocked 24.09 and Stuart Wroot 26.21.
The Yeovil two travelled to the Ringwood course on Sunday for the Bournemouth Arrow 25 where Mark beat the hour by 16 seconds, Dave clocked 1.1.33 and Stuart did a personal best time of 1.7.37.

29th April 1989


Cyclists held up

FORTUNE did not smile on Yeovil cyclists last week. On Wednesday the Yeovil 10 was disrupted by roadworks and traffic lights and on Sunday the riders on the
three club runs all got a soaking.
The Yeovil 10 was shortened to about seven miles and only 19 riders decided to take part.
Time trial specialist Clive Brooks was the fastest, clocking 16.51, with junior road racer Adam Norris second in 18.05. Chris Absolom was third with 18.17. Fastest juvenile (under 16) was Adrian Kirby recording 19.28.
Clive Brooks made a 300 mile round trip on Saturday to ride a fast course in Bedfordshire but although he recorded a good time of 54.19 for the 25 miles only gave him fourth place.
The club runs on Sunday started in the dry but steady, rain on the return journeys rather spoiled the day as most riders have now discarded their mudguards!
The fast run was well supported with 10 riders covering 60 miles in the round trip to Seaton and back.
The intermediate run was a 45 mile circuit of the Somerset Levels with a coffee stop at Othery.

5th May 1989


Record ride by Mark

YEOVIL Cycling Clubs May 25 has never enjoyed weather like last Saturday's. The light breeze and warm sunshine brought the best out of the 58 time trialists.
Bournemouth Olympic RC rider Mark Foden won with a new course and event record time of 55 minutes 14 seconds. Castle Cary’s Clive Brooks, riding for Polytechnic CC, was second in 55.44 and John French of Bath CC third with 56.10.
The team award went to Yeovil with Tony White recording 59.08, Mark Johnson 1.0.21 and John Saunders 1.1.52.
The first 10 riders beat the hour and Yeovil’s Chris Absolom, riding in the Royal Navy CRC colours, improved by 42 seconds to record a personal best of 58.23. Two Yeovil CC riders also clocked personal bests, George Frost 1.3.09 and Stuart Wroot 1.7.23.
Hengrove Park in Bristol was the venue for the Severn Spectacular, a series of circuit races for all classes.
Three Yeovil CC riders competed, Nick Armstrong in the senior event, John Head in the juniors and Adrian Kirby the juvenile. All three riders experienced difficulty on the narrow circuit and finished halfway down the field.


On Sunday, Yeovil’s Danny Ellery rode the Bristol South CC 25 on the Bridgwater Flats, recording 59.08 which gave him third place overall and fastest veteran. Daughter Georgina riding for VC Bristol was also third in the ladies event.
The club run this week went to watch the High Ham road race. The two stage event starts with a three mile time trial from Pedwell up to High Ham and then a 65 mile road race which finishes with the High Ham climb.
Despite his efforts on Saturday in the Yeovil 25, Chris Absolom was placed fifth in the time trial stage and 11th in the road race which gave him 7th overall.
The event was won by Mike Steer of Wellington Wheelers.

12th May 1989



YEOVIL Cycling Clubs veteran Danny Ellery is showing a welcome return to form this season. His latest success was in the Bournemouth and District WCA 25-mile time trial at Ringwood where his time of 58.56 gave him first veteran and third place overall from a full field of 120 riders.
Mark Johnson recorded 1.0.54 and John Saunders 1.1.13 to leave Yeovil CC second team just 24 seconds behind Bournemouth Olympic CRC, who were led by event winner - Mark Foden.
Yeovil’s Royal Navy rider Chris Absolom clocked 59.07 for sixth place.
Yeovil’s veterans were also in action on the road race scene, travelling to the Cotswolds for the Kilkenny Road Race. The tough 58-mile event crossed and recrossed the Cotswold Hills on each of the 29-mile laps and was contested by 60 riders.
Dave Driver was placed 26th overall and Nick Armstrong 28th, which gave them fifth and sixth in the veteran section. Dave was first in the over 45 class.
Yeovil’s evening event this week was a 16-mile team time trial. Twelve teams contested the two-lap race in good conditions.
The winners Clive Brooks and John Saunders clocked 35.58, well over 26 mph! Nick Evans and Chris Frost were second in 38.24 and a mixed team Andy Millward and Georgina Ellery were third with 38.34. Danny Ellery and Stuart Robinson rode tricycles and recorded 41.20, equal 10th place. Lee Ackland and Adrian Kirby were fastest juniors in 40.45 although junior James Mak, teamed with veteran John Seaton clocked 40.16.

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Evening first by Chris

YEOVIL cycling clubs first evening 25-mile race of the season was won by Chris Absolom, of the Royal Navy, in a time of 59.45 minutes.
Yeovil CC veteran, Dave Driver, was second with 1.0.37 and Mendip CC junior Adam Norris clocked 1.1.03 for third place.
Another Yeovil veteran, John Saunders, was fourth in 1.1.22 but the best ride of the evening came from junior James Head. He recorded 1.1.57 for fifth place in his first time trial. Sixth place went to Barry Land, with 1.2.50 - a good performance in his first attempt at the distance.
Two other notable riders were John Seasons 1.6.33 in his first 25 and Stuart Wroot’s 1.6.56 - a personal best time for the third time this season.
Ian Hennessy and John Trout from Chard rode their tandem and recorded 55.47. |
Dave Driver showed his all round ability when he contested the golden dream triathlon at Cleavdon. The event consisted of 750 metre swim, a 28 mile cycle race and a 5 1/4 mile run. He was second in the cycling and running events but went down the field in the swim. He was placed third overall from a field of 47.
Next week Dave returns to cycling where he rides the national veterans road race championships, near Wimborne, over 87 miles with a field of 84.

26th May 1989


Course didn’t suit Clive

CASTLE CARY cyclist Clive Brooks rode the national 25-mile championship near Worcester on Sunday in company with 120 of the fastest 25 milers in the country. Clive had warmed up for the championship on Friday, winning the Weston-super-Mare Wheelers 10 at Axbridge in a new course and event record of 20.56.
On the big day the undulating, windy course did not suit Clive’s big geared style but he was pleased with his 14th place in 56.07,three minutes behind new champion Chris Boardman from Manchester Wheelers. Clive also helped his Polytechnic CC team into second place in the team awards.
On Saturday the Frome and District Wheelers staged their popular 25 on the Bridgwater Flats, attracting 86 riders, including eight from Yeovil CC. Best-placed local was Royal Navy rider Chris Absolom, recording a personal best of 58.13 for fifth
Yeovil CC took the team award for fastest three riders, Pete Blackshaw 59.10, Tony White 59.20 and Dave Driver 1.0.25.
The Best Improvement prize also went to a Yeovil rider, Chris Fendt bettered his previous time by six minutes to clock 1.4.42.


Other notable performances were Gareth Evans 1.0.30 and Barry Land improving over a minute with 1.1.29. Veterans John Seaton and Geoff Faddy were also pleased with their times. Johns 1.6.04 was a 29 second personal and Geoff’s 1.5.56 his best this year.
The Yeovil Wednesday evening time trial was a cool and windy 25 miles and most riders were about a minute slower than usual.
John Saunders came out on top with 1.2.26, followed by Gareth Evans in 1.3.11 and Barry Land 1.3.30. Mid Devon RC rider Neil Boxall was fourth in 1.3.30 and Chard Wheeler Lance Hancock fifth with 1.4.07.
Fastest junior was Lee Ackland in 1.8.00 riding his first 25.
Yeovil CC are staging the 60-mile John Andrews Memorial Road Race on Sunday. Fifty-eight riders, including eight first category from as far afield as Penzance, Oxford and Southampton, face a hard event with five ascents of Babylon Hill. The Yeovil / Sherborne / Hinton Cross / Mudford / Yeovil course starts and finishes at the Primrose Lane end of Lyde Road. The event starts at 10 am and finishes approx 12.45.
Only two local men ride, Chris Absolom and Chris Fendt.

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New rule helps Wheeler of the Wheelers

A NEW ruling permitting riders to enter on the line if the organiser has non-starters paid dividends for Scott Wheeler of Poole Wheelers in Yeovil’s John Andrews Memorial Race on Sunday.
Late entrant Scott rode an aggressive race figuring in a three lap breakaway attempt with West London rider Paul Doel. Although their lead was never more than 40 seconds the pace they set split the 50 man field and when they were caught on the last of the five 12 mile laps the leading group was down to 12 riders.
In the 'final sprint Scott still found the pace to win by a length from Bournemouth Olympics Glen Pickford and Richard Prebble from Cheltenham CC. Fourth place went to another late entrant, Keith Lilley of Penzance Wheelers. Paul Doel was fifth and Chiltern RC’s Steve Cole sixth. Wheeler also collected the King of the Hills award.

Hot pace

The local riders found the pace very hot and Royal Navy’s Chris Absolom finished in the second group in 19th place and Chris Fendt was 26th.
Wednesdays 10 mile time trial attracted 35 riders from six clubs on an evening when a cross win prevented really fast times.
Chris Absolom recorded the best time of 23.33 and Dave Driver came close with 23.36. Andy Millward was third in 23.45 and Chard’s Dave Pitman, who is presently concentrating on triathlon, fourth in 24.11. Fifth and fastest junior was Coulter Patton from Mendip CC.
One rider who was pleased to beat 20 mph was veteran John Sharland who clocked 29.12 riding his first time trial for over 20 years.
Next Sundays club run will be a 50 mile sponsored ride in aid of the Yeovil Scanner Appeal.

16th June 1988


Cary’s Clive in top medal spot

CASTLE Cary’s racing cyclist Clive Brooks returned home from the national 50-mile title event at Didcot on Sunday with a championship team medal.
Clive’s Polytechnic CC team mates John Pritchard and Martin Pyne took first and second places recording 1-50-01 and 1-50-34 with Clive’s 1-55-57 enough to reverse the result of the 25-mile championship and relegate Manchester Wheeler to the silver medals.
The tough course and a rising breeze meant most riders were well outside their best times and the other local rider Yeovil CCs Tony White was far from happy with his time of 2-5-03.
The Wednesday evening time trials continue to be well supported especially the 10s which provide an ideal starting event for newcomers young and old, not forgetting the comeback riders. Last Wednesday was no exception with 25 riders aged between 14 and 54.
Yeovil’s Dave Driver overcame less than perfect conditions to record a personal best of 23.04 beating second placed Gareth Evans by
20 seconds. Mendip CC junior Mark Patton was third in 23.27 and Yeovil CC junior James Head fourth with a 23.59 personal best.
Juniors Kit Goodchild with 26.83 and Kevin Miller 28.23 were pleased with their first attempt at the 10-mile event while Gareth Davies improved two mins on his previous ride to clock 26.18.
Mosterton veteran Chris Whitton, riding his first race since the early 60s, recorded a creditable 25.51.

30th June 1989


Sponsored run for cyclists

YEOVIL cycling clubs sponsored run on Sunday was a great success with 28 riders completing the scheduled 50 miles '
The run, which avoided main roads as much as possible, was in fact, over 55 miles and took the riders via Trent, West Camel, Charlton Mackerel and Butleigh. They then went through Glastonbury, on to Godney, Westhay and Shapwick with a stop near
Greinton for refreshments.
The route home took them through Othery, Aller, Langport, Muchelney, Martock and Stoke.
The Yeovil Environs Scanner Appeal should now benefit by several hundred pounds.
On the racing front, Saturdays Weston-super-Mare 25 Mile race was the main event, this was won by Clive Brooks in a good time of 54.26. Chris Absolom was well to the fore recording 58.26.
Mark Johnson was the best Yeovil CC rider clocking 1-0-20, with Gareth Evans close behind, on 1-0-32.
Barry Land was timed at 1-2-00 and Stuart Wroot recorded another personal best time with 1.5.36.
The Wednesday evening event was a three lap circuit time trial over 24 miles.
Yeovil CC’s Dave Driver clocked 58-21 to beat navy rider Absolom by 33 seconds with Saunders third in 59.40.

23rd June 1989

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WEST COKERS Dave Dover was prepared for a long, hot ride in the Western Time Trial Association 100 mile event last Sunday -- he fitted an extra drinking bottle! .
It was this bottle that proved to be his downfall, working loose and rubbing against the rear tyre.
Ironically, the weather on Sunday on the Cirencester - Swindon - Oxford course was wet and windy, so the extra drink was not needed.
The removal of the offending bottle cage and the resulting puncture lost Dave a lot of time.
The weather conditions caused nearly half the field of 63 to call it a day at the 80 mile mark, where the course passed close to the finish.
Dave recorded 4-52.00, a creditable performance in the circumstances.
The weather was just as bad in the Exeter Wheelers 50 and road works had left rough surfaces on parts of the course.


Local time trial expert Clive Brooks won the event in 1-59-O0, well outside his best time.
Yeovil club rider, Frank Durden from Mosterton, recorded 2.16.03 in his first race of the season. Frank has been working in Sweden for the last three months.
Royal Navy rider Chris Absolom must have felt at home on Merryfield airfield on Tuesday evening, where he won the 10 mile scratch race at his first attempt.
In an exciting race, where attacks had kept the average speed above 25 mph, Chris outsprinted junior Lee Ackland and Barry Land, who took third.
Veterans John Seaton, Garry Mitchener and Bob Jackson took the next three places.
The Handicap race was won by junior Adrian Kirby, who was given a lap start after an indifferent performance in the scratch event and found his form to stay clear of the chasers.
Absolom led home a three man group just 10 lengths in arrears. Ackland and Driver took third and fourth places.
Gareth Evans, who had always been at the head of the chase, was fifth after a further 10 and Gareth Davies led in the nine man bunch.
The Wednesday 10 mile time trial was run in quite hard conditions, riders fighting a strong wind on the outward leg.
The honours were shared by young and old with veterans Driver and John
Saunders first and third. Mendip CC juniors Adam Norris (second) and Coulter Patton (fourth) also did well.

3rd August 1989


Driver crashes through barrier

AFTER the previous Sundays gusty winds and rain, Yeovil CC veteran time trialists Dave Driver and John Saunders found almost perfect conditions in the Bournemouth Arrow 50.
The old-established event was staged on a course centred on Ringwood with legs to Cadnam, Bournemouth and Ferndown and attracted a full field of 120 riders.
Both local riders were rewarded with personal bests beating the two-hour barrier for the first time.
John improved his 1986 best by three minutes to clock 1-58-50 whilst Dave chopped a massive 6.32 from his best achieved only three weeks ago and records 1-56-03. This time was good enough to give Dave 7th place overall and fastest veteran award and was without doubt his best performance in his four seasons of racing.


The previous day three riders had made the long journey to Oxfordshire in search of good times on a reputed fast course.
The event was the West London Association 25 and Tony White was the fastest of the trio with a personal best of 57.02. Gareth Evans was pleased to improve to 59.29 but Mark Johnson was disappointed with his lack of form recording 59.29, four minutes outside
his best.
Closer to home the Corsham 10 was won by Castle Cary’s Clive Brooks in a time of 21.28 with Yeovil CC riders Pete Blackshaw and Stuart Wroot clocking 23.26 and 25.00.
The Wednesday time trial this week was a two-lap 16-mile event and was won by Dave Driver warming up for his weekend exploits in 38.17.
Mendip CC junior Coulter Patton was second with 39.16 beating John Saunders by two seconds.
In a single lap eight-mile ride for under 16s Alistair Seaton came out on top with 22.23 followed by Charlie Armstrong 23.07 and Pat Mahon 25.46.


The circuit racing at Merryfield on Tuesday was again well supported with 18 riders contesting the scratch event.
The 10-mile race was hard fought with only seven riders left in contention on the last lap. Navy ace Chris Absolom won the sprint from Mendips Adam Norris and Yeovils Barry Land, Andy Millward, Rufus Wheeler were fourth and Yeovil veterans Garry Mitchener and Dave Driver fifth and sixth.
A five-mile race for under 16s, ladies and newcomers proved a success with James Mak winning in 15-21, Alistair Seaton second at six seconds, and Charlie Armstrong third at 1.28.
The handicap race was won by Mark Johnson who, riding off a half-lap start caught the one-lap start group and stayed clear of the scratch group. Junior James Mak, riding from the one lap start group, also stayed ahead after holding Johnson for a while and finished in second place.
Chris Absolom led in the scratch bunch, just 30 seconds down.

10 August 1989

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Hospital Scanner Fund is swelled

Money mile

BEFORE Yeovil Cycling Club (pictured above) left for their usual Sunday morning ride, members presented a cheque for
£856 to Mrs Judy Raison, the superintendent radiographer at Yeovil District Hospital.
The money was raised by members for the Yeovil environs scanner appeal by a sponsored ride

Presenting the cheque to Mrs Raison is Kit Goodchild.

10th August 1989

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DISTRICT Council chairman Mrs Jane Clark and Leisure and Arts Committee chairman Mrs Pamela Anderson check the 100-mile route before giving starting orders to members of the Yeo Valley Cycling Touring Club and Yeovil Cycling Club. .


AN attractive 100-mile cycle route is South Somerset District Councils latest bid to attract more visitors. The route was launched in Yeovil on Sunday by council chairman Mrs Jane Clark, supported by members of the Yeo Valley Cycling Touring Club and Yeovil Cycling Club.
The route is divided into four easy stages. From Yeovil it heads towards the undulating hills and vales around Wincanton, Bruton and Castle Cary, then works
its way westwards across the low-lying Somerset moors before heading towards Chard. The return to Yeovil is through the lanes and hamstone villages close to the Dorset border
Each stage' is designed to provide a pleasant days cycling which can be combined with visits to local attractions.
While it is possible to cover the entire 100 miles in a day, most cyclists are likely to take three or four days and stay at local accommodation. The route links up with the West Dorset and Wiltshire cycle routes, giving cyclists the opportunity of enjoying a 250-mile holiday.
It can be obtained free from the Tourist Information Centre at Petters Way, Yeovil or the Leisure and Arts Department at the councils Brympton Way offices.

17th August 1989


Collecting cash by pedal power

Members of Yeovil Cycling Club clocked up cash as well as miles when they took part in a sponsored ride in South Somerset.
The result was a cheque for an impressive £856 - which was fixed to its own pair of racing wheels ready for a swift clearance at the bank
Club members look on as Kit Goodchild presents the cheque to Judy Raison, superintendent radiographer at Yeovil Hospital.
The club meets every Sunday morning, gathering at the old town station car park.

17th August 1989 `

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YEOVIL Cycling Clubs veteran dynamic duo of Dave Driver and John Saunders were in action on Sunday in another 50-mile time trial, this time organised by Weston-super-Mare Wheelers. The course in the Weston-Bridgwater area, although flat has a notoriously rough
surface and this is probably why the event attracted only 72 entries.
The swirling wind added to the riders troubles and only the winner, Mike Turner of the Severn Road Club managed to beat two hours. Yeovils Dave Driver rode into eighth place with 2-5-56 whilst John Saunders clocked 2-7-24 for tenth place.
Runway resurfacing work at Merryfield made it necessary to change the course at the Tuesday circuit events. A 1.6 miles lap with a tight turn around a cone at each end seemed to make the racing easier and failed to split the field.
In the first race the young riders again distinguished themselves. On the last lap 14-year-old Alistair Seaton put in a daring attack only to be swallowed up in the last half mile, but in the final sprint 15-year-old Lee Ackland beat established road racers Andy Millward and Chris Absolom to the line.
Veteran Tony White took fourth place with another 15-year-old, James Mak, in fifth spot.
Only two riders were given a lap start in the handicap race, 13-year-olds Chris Davies and Kevin Miller. Chris rode a good race dropping his partner and holding the chasers off till the last mile.
Royal Navy rider Chris Absolom took first place from junior Kit Goodchild and Andy Millward in third place. Juveniles Ackland and Mak were fourth and fifth and veterans John Seaton and Nick Armstrong tied for sixth place.


On Wednesday a fresh south-west breeze gave the impression that times would he slower than usual. This did not turn out to be the case as six of the 23 riders recorded personal bests.
Dave Driver came out on top with a personal best 22.56, Mendip junior Adam Norris second in 22.59, Gareth Evans 23.16 third and Coulter Patton fourth in 23.17.
Stuart Wroot continued his string of ’personals’ improving 20 seconds to clock 24.29 for fifth.
Other good rides were Gareth Davies knocking 27 seconds off his previous time, clocking 25.40. Alistair Seaton recording 26.25 and new lady member Rose Hicks beating 20 mph for the first time clocking 29.16.

17th August 1989



WITH only one race remaining in the evening tune trial series, Yeovil Cycling Club riders made the most of the near perfect conditions. More than half the field recorded personal bests and the winner Clive Brooks beat the course record by six seconds.
Clive’s time of 20.49 (28.8 mph) for the 10 miles was only one second off his best.
Second man Chris Absolom rode a track bike fitted with a single gear fixed wheel but still recorded a personal best of 22.14.
Yeovil club veterans filled the next three places. Tony White (22.34), Dave Driver (personal best 22.47) and John Saunders (23.01).
Other notable rides were by youngsters James Mak (24.27) and Chris Davies (27.28), both improving by over a minute. Stuart Wroot (23.54) improved 35 seconds, and even last man Ray Extance recorded a personal best, his 27.34 chipping two minutes of his previous time.


Tuesdays Merryfield circuit races were well supported by club and guest riders, 28 contesting the scratch event.
An attack by Andy Millward (Rufus Wheelers) and Shaun Foweraker VC Taunton) at the halfway mark, saw the main bunch, already stretched by the fast pace, split into several groups.
The pair maintained a slender advantage and Foweraker beat Millward to the line. Matt Watch (VC Taunton) took third place at 13 seconds, with Yeovil’s Gareth Evans and Dave Driver fourth and fifth in the same time.
The handicap event was exciting with two young riders starting with a lap lead and just holding off the scratch group. Yeovil’s James Mak and Steve Foweraker were first and second, just 10 seconds ahead of Shaun Foweraker, who led in the chasers.
Local riders were in action in three time triads last Sunday. Clive Brooks won the Wellington Wheelers 25 on the Bridgwater Flats with a time of 55.04 and Barry Land was 14th with a personal best 1-1-12.
Further west, in the Barnstaple Wheelers 25, Tony White recorded 1-1-24, taking the fastest veteran award and seventh overall. Gareth Evans clocked 1.2.03 for ninth place.
The fast Ringwood - Bournemouth course, venue for the East Dorset CA 25, gave Stuart Wroot his third personal best in as many weeks. He sliced 4.47 off his time, recording 1.00.49. Veteran John Saunders was well placed with 58.27.

24th August 1989

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THE Yeovil Cycling Club evening time trial season came to an end an Wednesday with a 10 mile event.
A strong north westerly crosswind, which failed to give assistance in either direction, caused most of the 27 competitors to slow by around a minute on last weeks times.
Yeovil CC veteran Tony White was fastest with 23.27 followed by Mendip CC junior Coulter Patton (23.30).
Dave Driver (23.40) and John Saunders (24.11) were third and fourth. Juveniles Lee Ackland
and Chris Frost tied for fifth in 24.44 and another teenager, Adrian Kirby, tied with Stuart Wroot for seventh.
Yeovilton based Royal Marine Mick Benkinsop won the Merryfield circuit race on Tuesday.
An attack inside the last mile gave Mick victory at his first attempt in these races.
Tauntons Shaun Foweraker was second and Andy Millward of Rufus Wheelers third. Yeovil juvenile James Mak did well to take fourth place.
The race was marred by a crash involving six of the 28 riders and although only minor cuts were sustained it did serve as a reminder that crash hats must be worn in these events.

A test

Next Sunday sees the fourth annual Som Dor Hilly 100 km ride.
This event, organised by Yeo Valley section of the Cyclists Touring Club and the Yeovil CC, and run under the rules of Audax UK, is not a race. But the course, which takes entrants to West Bay via Halstock, Mosterton, Broadwindsor and Dottery, returning through Abbotsbury, Litton Cheney, Rampisham, Evershot and Yetminster, is quite a test.
Riders are allowed between five to 10 hours to complete the course, on which there are several control points where route cards are stamped with time of arrival.
First riders leave the Old Station car park at 9 am.



YEOVIL cycling clubs time trial expert Clive Brooks, rode a magnificent race in Sundays Poole Wheelers 12-hour event. But his final mileage of 263.5 was not enough, however, to clinch victory. That honour went to Chiltons Andy Cook, who covered a further six and a half miles.
Brooks ride was still a nine-mile improvement on his previous best and was sufficient to give him fifth place.
His next aim is to record a fast 100-mile time to secure a top ten placing in the British Best Allrounder competition, which is based on riders best 50m, 100m and 12-hour rides.
Another Yeovil rider, Dave Driver, rode the Severn RC 50-mile event on the A38 between Almondsbury and Quedgeley. And his ride was not without incident. At 10 miles he encountered a herd of cattle, which he was forced to thread his way through, and at 45 he burst past two rivals on a hilly stage


That was due to having fitted a lower bottom gear on his bike, on Brooks advice, but in the last 400 yards was impeded by a Reliant Robin.
His resulting time of 2.6.05 was enough to give him ninth place overall, as well as being the fastest veteran on time and age standards.
The seasons last Tuesday Merryfield circuit race was won by Andy Millward from Taunton’s Shaun Foweraker and Mick Benkinsop.
Yeovil veteran John Seaton was fourth, showing a fine turn of speed for one who is on his first real season of racing.
The next Merrytield event was the following Saturday’s and was a triumph for Yeovil’s Gareth Evans, who attacked from the start and established a half lap lead which he maintained for the 15 miles.
These popular races will continue throughout September on Saturday mornings



YEOVIL Cycling Clubs veteran time trial team scored another victory last Saturday.
Six Yeovil riders contested the Bournemouth Jubilee Wheeler 10 on the Dorchester - Wareham road, but the three fastest, counting for the team award, were the over forties.
Dave Driver clocked 23.59 for sixth place and John Saunders and Tony White were eighth and ninth, recording 24.23 and 24.26.
On Sunday, Dave Driver and Barry Land rode the 54 mile Bournemouth Olympic Verwood road race. It was Barry’s first attempt at a massed start race and he was brought down early in the event by a rider swerving to avoid a puncture victim.
He chased the pack, but cornered too fast on the wet road and came a cropper again. This time he was forced to retire.
Driver was also out of luck. He punctured just as he was about to launch an attack with Mendip CC junior Adam Norris. He took a spare wheel from the following service car but could not regain the leading group.
Adam continued riding strongly to finish sixth.

14th September 1989

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A MAGNIFICENT ride in the North Middlesex 100-mile time trial has lifted Clive Brooks into sixth place in the British Best All-Rounder table.
Conditions were far from ideal for long distance cycling with persistent rain chilling the riders.
Clive was well aware this was the seasons last 100-mile event and an improvement on his previous time was needed to ensure a top 10 placing in cyclingÕs premier time trialling competition.
He rose to the occasion with a 3.52.41 time, seven minutes better than the runner-up and a personal improvement of 5.37.
Only four 50-mile events remain this season for riders to improve their positions in the table.
Clive should not slip lower than eighth and he could still improve his own 50 time of 1. 7.30.
He is also the best placed rider in his club, the Polytechnic CC, which is sponsored and can provide some help with expenses on equipment and travel, which can mount up at this level of competition.
Four Yeovil CC riders chose the shorter distance and rode the Salisbury RC 25 at Ringwood. '
Dave Driver was best placed, 12th with 1.2.13; Gareth Evans clocked 1.2.23; Stuart Wroot 1.3.36; and Geoff Faddy 1.9.17.
All were about two minutes slower than their recent times on a windy morning. Event winner was Bournemouth Olympics Mark Foden, 56.45.
This Saturday Yeovil CC stage their last open event of the year, a 10-mile time trial on the Camel Hill / Podimore / Ilchester bypass course. Seventy-two riders have entered including past winners Brooks and Foden.

21 September 1989



THE start of Yeovil Cycling Clubs 10~mile time trial on Saturday was delayed, a heavy storm resulting in reduced visibility through spray Event organiser Tony White kept his cool and waited until conditions were safe enough before sending the first rider off.
The wet weather also deterred 23 starts but the 49 who risked a soaking found the slippery road surface providing a fast race.
The light breeze also helped and, of the 49, no fewer than 30 returned personnel bests.
Castle Cary’s Clive Brooks, riding for Polytechnic CC, recorded the fastest time, equalling the record in 20.55m. Bournemouth’s Mark Foden, who clocked 21.29m, was runner-up.
Third was East Cornwall junior Dave Ridge, riding for St Budeaux CC, who returned 21.51m, a personal best Yeovil-based Royal Navy rider Chris Absolom, with another personal best of 21.55m, finished fourth.
Six Yeovil riders collected Personal bests: Gareth Evans (22.52m), Stuart Wroot (23.24In), Chris Frost (23.30m), Kit Goodchild (24.55m), Chris Davies (26.51m) and Rose Hicks (28.50m).
Hicks, in actual fact, improved her best time by 26 seconds.
The fastest Yeovil man on paper, Dave Driver, did not get the chance to prove it on terrafirma. He was ruled out with a puncture on the way to the timekeeper.

28th September 1989



Success for Frost as winter gets close

Yeovil Club’s racing season is now drawing to a dose with four event remaining.
Last Sunday five club members contested the Poole Wheelers 25-mile trial on the A35 in the Woodbury/Upton By-pass Warhead Area
Although there was little wind the damp, misty conditions did not suit the riders and no personal bests were recorded
The improvement awards had to be awarded on a nearest to personal best basis and Yeovil’s Chris Frost took second prize, just 12 seconds outside his, clocking 1:2.47
Veteran Dave was again Yeovil’s fastest placed eighth in the field of 72, recording 1:1.10. John Saunders was 10th (1:1.43), Stuart Wroot 17th (1:3.07)
and Nigel Letheren, struggling to regain his form after a lay-off, 1:8.18.
The event winner Bournemouth’s Mark Foden clocked 57.07, and only three beat the hour.
Now that fewer members are racing, the Sunday club runs are well supported this week 12 enjoyed a 50-mile tour of the Somerset levels on the main run, while three father and son duos made up the slower run which covered 35 miles.

5th October 1989




Cyclists slower than expected

THE Sotonia 25-mile time trial on the popular Ringwood - Bournemouth course should have produced some improved times for Yeovils slower riders. But a
strong north wind shattered all hopes of fast times and most riders were over five minutes slower than usual.
The event, termed a Middle Markers race, was restricted to riders who had not beaten 1 hour 2 mins in the last the seasons. Most open events take the fast 120 riders and on the popular courses the slower men usually find it difficult to get a ride.
John Seaton was the fastest Yeovil rider, clocking 1-8-10. Junior Jose Garcia recorded 1-3-11, and Mark Brewer, riding his first open 25, did 1-15-54.
The main Sunday morning club run took riders on a brisk ride through Martock, across King Sedge Moor, to Glastonbury.

12th October 1989



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On to 1990 and 1991