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These are some photographs belonging to Les Hayter a long time YCC member, kindly donated by his neice.

Most of these include Les and his wife and spread from the mid 1920's through to the mid 1960s. Where we have information it is included, but they are in no particular order.



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Sandford 1927


Ilchester Backdown Hills near The Holman Claville
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Whitford, Devon. Hare and Hounds on Right Batcombe 1924 LH and P W Moore during a 24 hour record attempt, Zeals corner at 180 miles  
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Ilchester   B Cox and Mrs H on coast road between Chidock and Bridport LH at Cross in YCC 100
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LH at the turn in Yeovil 25 1929     Ed Cooper and prizes
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  1st Sunday run   In lieu of Dinner ,1940.
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  Timekeeper S Whitley reading out the results of an Open 25 at Ilchester. Others in photo include Mr Perry, Peggy Kerswell, 'Sink" Elkins, GAJ Gould and J Church of Yeovil CC. K Sight, J Ball, Withers (Jun & Senior) of Somerset RC.   In the Yarty Valley
043 044 045 046
      J Samways, E Bowsher, R Smith, A Webb, R Gray, J King, C Walden, P Moore, G Carnoll, E Jepson, L Hayter, R Horton, D Chapman, K Yeoman, A Suffield, B Cox, H Haywood. All members of Yeovil CC except Cox.
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PW Moore, Mrs Hayter, Peggy Kerswell, R Matthews. Yeovil CC climbing Kingsdon Hill. At the front: A Hayter and C Walden   At Half Way House after an Open
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    Doug and Mrs Evans at Lyme Regis  
057 058 059 060
Members of Yeovil Cycling Club and guests photographed at the annual dinner held at the Half Moon Hotel Sherborne last week. 31st January 1964 Champion rewarded – Mrs A Hayter presenting the Yeovil Cycling CLub shield for the champion rider to John Haylock at the annual dinner held at the Half Moon Hotel Sherborne. January 1953 Yeovil Cycling CLub presentation. Mr J L Haylock receives the Shield for the Best All-rounder of the Club from Mrs LH Hayter (wife of club Treasurer). Others in the photograph are: W Miller, FR Shorey (Time Trial Secretary), R Fermer, Owen Way (Wessex Road Club), George Perry, J Warwick, and three members of the Chippenham Club, G Greenwood, J Nunn and P Hill. 23rd January 1953 Members of Yeovil and District Cycling Club and guests at the annual dinner and presentation of awards at the Half Moon Hotel, SHerborne. Mid 1960s.
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LH with YCC Medals

Near Ilchester

    S Mathewson, Bill Cox, Fred Holland, Mrs H, Reg Parmeter  
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    Ilchester, on the bridge Fosse way Still out enjoying watching a local road race
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After the Bath RC 100 at Bradford on Avon. August 1930.

Les Hayter competing in a Time Trial    
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At this point the press coverage deminished substantially and as far as we are aware there is no one with a collection covering up to the pressent day. If you know differently please let us know.